Will a Walmart Huffy survive a Downhill Mountain Bike Trail? | Skills with Phil

Walmart mountain bikes are not made for downhill MTB trails. Curiosity got the best of me so picked up a Huffy Carnage at my local Walmart. Will a Walmart Huffy survive a downhill MTB trail? ▶︎ SUBSCRIBE ▶︎ http://PhilKmetz.com/subscribe

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ara mieg says:

sounds like all this bike needs is a set of quality brake pads before flying down a mountain.

Alexander Nenninger says:

If you’re on a budget….why not buy a used bike? Here in Berlin, although mostly with roadbikes, many people do this.

Jimbob Scratcher says:

lets not forget its stock,, noone runs a stock rig dh, so pretty pointless really,, stick fox shocks on it or rockshox, hydro brakes n better tyres ill bet it gets down just as quick as any other with proper upgrades

SPFrobber says:

turned my phone off at 1:28

Brandon Friend says:

Wheres the 20-foot ledge drop test?


To slow down you can also pedal backwards.

Rollo Larson says:

You forgot to say that was the fastest time you ever went down that trail.

Patt says:

Bouncey bouncey…?…fuck we used to call it a Bronco.

pedrao420 says:

i like to climb the mountain…the downhill part is just to rest my legs for a bit befor another climb

Chris Salemi says:

voice is cringe worthy

hunter kingman says:


Michael Senibaldi says:

My friend bought a Walmart bike that had disc brakes, and it lasted surprisingly long at Attitash MTB Park

N Errico says:

can you send me the mountain bike because I don’t have one and all of my friends are making fun of me because I don’t have one so please can you send me the mountain bike

Jimmy Alexzander says:

LMAO That bike sounds like it would fall apart, which it did. Walmart SUCKS

Maxim Bryson says:

Why do you sound like you are eating gravy?

jan nielsen says:

I was out for the 10th or so time yesterday on our local singletrack (Marselisborg Aarhus. Denmark) on my entry level Cube analog. It’s a hardtail with spring front suspension. And after we were done and was drinking our “hey we didn’t die!” beer I noticed some writing on the suspension. Something about “Use only for leasure riding, do NOT use for downhill, rough terrain etc…” So now I’m wondering, am I super close to loosing my front teeth from my suspension giving out after a jump, or is it something Cube put’s on there to cover their ass for legal purposes? I have to admit that I ride that thing as fast as I dare (and often faster by mistake), and so far nothing has given out or come loose on it, and I try too keep it tight and clean after each trip. Should I pay much attention to the warnings on the fork for when I do none downhill tracks? I really like the bike, and because it’s not super expensive I’m not too scared to giving it a good beating.

Thanks for the video btw, how you fit thoose balls in a pair of bike shorts I’ll never understand.

Gixxer983 says:

Man, your brave for riding that pile of bolts down that trail.

sander soens says:

You made my day with this vid! 😉

Reynaldo Rivera says:

wondering if upgrading the parts would help. brakes, bars,stem

Bach Is Back says:

55 lbs wtfff

Best Player USA Gold says:

Could u please do another super cheap bike review???!!!!

Jared Fontaine says:

No disc brakes lol

mikey morris says:

waiting for that head tube to snap

awsome says:

Well friend you just earned a new sub. An honest review. Even though I BMX.

sixstanger00 says:

Sounds to me like Wally World employees just half-assed the assembly.

I’ve been riding on a $80 Roadmaster Granite Peak for the past year & 4 months. Been riding it weekly – well over 1200 miles on it of pavement, gravel, dirt, single track…you name it.

Only problems I’ve had are normal wear; derailleurs had to be routinely adjusted as well as the brakes. I’ve replaced both tires once – the rear because I picked up a fish hook, the front because I wore the tread down bald. I did a full self tune-up on it, and I’ve had my local bike shop tune it up once. It’s been a trooper for what I paid, given the punishment I’ve put it through.

Most of the problems I hear folks complaining about with these Wally World bikes are problems that could just as easily occur on a Trek or Specialized. It really comes down to how tightly it’s put together.

Paul Oldham says:

I remember my Huffy Ironman fondly from back in the day, sad if this was their top tier bike now.

Elijah Myers says:

Can u tell me a good brand of full suspension for under 800

Mark Taylor says:

That was sooooo funny. Tears down the face n everything. Brilliant…….

razzmatazz841 says:

Where is this trail at?

Sasian11 says:

I gotta say that’s pretty ballsy. I had a Walmart bike for a brief period, and my rear wheel fell off while pedaling downhill on a smooth street… I’d even tuned and tightened everything. I decided never again after that.

Calvin Chang says:

25kg bike and he still gets heaps more airtime than me.

Jake Sowles says:

Danny cycles!!!!

ehotto says:

save money. Live better.


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