YT Jeffsy CF – First Ride Review

YT’s new long-travel trail 29er is definitely one of the most asked-about bikes among riders who watch our channel. Here are Tech Ed Jon Woodhouse’s first impressions.


Shadow Lord says:

Ear fuck rip headphone users 0:0

un tal EMILIANO :v says:

I love your bike and I love your dog

TheOracleCyclingChannel says:

I’m torn between this and the new alpine 6

Dave Carter says:

I worry about him running over that dog. You probably wouldn’t even notice with that sweet suspension.

Henry Oxburgh says:


kangsterizer says:

The grips are pretty bad too (not just the saddle) though it’s still an awesome value for the bike – the best value for the bike that I know of for this type of bike, by far.
I’m putting a CS on it as well.
Compared to the hightower which has a more aggressive geo despite the different head angle (ie your weight is closer to the rear wheel on the HT), the jeffsy climbs better, the HT descends better, though its pretty close overall.

Shadman Hasan says:

The dog is so awesome 😀

Floppydisk Pirates says:

How tall are you Mr.Woodhouse? What do you think which size i should go for. L or XL? I’m 189cm and my Legs are a bit over 90cm from the crotch to toe.

samuel choo says:

Could I know what’s that sharp looking helmet pls? =)

Hazzardie says:

I’ve recently bought a 29er hard tail and the back wheel is 29 inches and the front is 27.5 is that normal?

VsomiViking says:

I own a Jeffsy CF comp Large. iam 177cm and i run it with a 31mm renthal stem.
Really loving it right now maybe wanting to try it with a 35 or 40mm stem

Honza Krčil says:

nice 🙂 could you please review the new propain spindrift? 🙂

Mediarahan says:


Kenneth Mullen says:

I agree with most of this review however those tyres are quite poor on any terrain that is not bone dry, lethal on wet roots but it is an excellent bike to be fair.

duean pen says:


Christoph Sax says:

how nimble is the jeffsy compared to a giant trance?

cortarelva says:

Really, really…

Julian Hermelink says:

hey bikeradar i wanna buy a new bike, alone there is no video over that bike can you make a review of that bike

Hajime Kuma says:

Interesting to see it ridden 29 front and 275 plus rear

mjs1231 says:

27.5 out back and 160 fork. now were talking fun

Glenn Pasly says:

What kind of dog is it in the video ?

Kyle Linnell says:

I’m 5 10 and bought a medium is that going to be a problem I’m kinda worried when you said you are 5 8 and could go up to the large

Yan Doroshenko says:

I was missing you, mate.

Sohaib Younus says:

Looks like YT hit the mark with Jeffsy, when are you reviewing the Capra?

Pedro Silva says:

If I had the money, I would definitely buy a Jeffsy. Just seems like the perfect bike for what I like to do.

Nuno Sousa says:

the worst bike

Ryan Burney says:

proper rubber as in the tires Gwin couldn’t stand to ride?

Tom Cottle says:

Are you sure you can’t fault it though?

EduRoboTech says:

Is that a Staffie Pup

Mark Smith says:

Could you uplift on a Jeffsy at places like FOD, BPW etc….??

Alex Collins says:

0:10 are you salty???

George Holgate says:

Please do a yt capra cf pro review!!!

TrailsNTribulations says:

These trailside reviews are much better.

Matt™ says:

I feel like when you’ve seen one bike review in each genre, you’ve seen them all… Bike is great for those that it’s great for!

Mr Poop Armstrong says:

Review the YT capra CF pro please

Aleksa Rajkovic says:

whats the hardest to corner 26 27.5 or 29?

ilikewasabe says:

a very good and fair review! that short travel puppy is so cute! wish he/she be featuredon future reviews

spider7ven says:

Which fork suspension does that dog have?

Eero Soralahti says:

How well would the Jeffsy serve as a XC-bike?

North Owl says:

your dog is so Damn adorable

Phantomx0_1 says:

5’7 what size should you order THE YT SITE IS SHITE for sizing

max fish says:

roll those bars back. wrong setup dude

TheSentry777 says:

Trail Doggo

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