2 Years Later: FM028 Chinese Carbon Bike Review

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This is my 2 year review of the FM028 Chinese carbon bike review, which continues to ride great, no complaints. The rims have been trued once but are holding up very well, no problems with cracks or flex in the frame or wheelsets.

For more information, http://chinesecarbon.blogspot.com/


Ryan Coffman says:

Thanks a lot I was making sure. I have road shifters and am getting a carbon frame

Maxime Toulliou says:

Hey Evan,

I was getting ready to bite the bullet and order a Canyon Ultimate Al or a Giant Propel with a budget of around £2k and stopped again as I started seeing other reviews of the Chinese frames. I’ve now seen a few and they are mostly good but I’m still worried I might the one idiot for who it doesn’t work out and the frame will snap on the road on a ride. Anything that could help me make my choice?


Peter Huang says:

Hey could you do another update? Is it still holding up?

Vegan Vomit says:

Yeah, mine was from affordablecyclingsports com and I’m pretty sure it’s made in Shenzhen, China. Basically a 6K bike for a little less than half.

Rasid Niezam says:

Hi Evans, I am a newbie in cycling and would like to upgrade to carbon. Mind sharing the contact for the china carbon?

vass1l says:

Lovely… Where did you get your bottle holders??

Alfred Dastas says:

Hi..may i ask how much the cost of shipping including taxes.tnx

Jim Misencik says:

Are these 50mm or 60mm wheels? In your other video, you say they are 60mm wheels. In this video, around the 30 second mark, you say they are 50mm wheels. Are these two different sets? Thanks.

DaylightDigital says:

What brand are the wheels/where did you get them?

Hajime Kuma says:

Noticed that you threw on a u-lock around the seatstays. Is that the strongest or even preferred part on a carbon frame? I’ll be commuting to work on my carbon, fortunately there’s a secure storage facility but still not sure where on the frame I should put a bike lock on it.

arthur su says:

How did you wire the cables

David Gunter says:

Thank you for the review. I’ve been contemplating a Chinese build for some time now and your review has me convinced that it could be worthwhile. I have a decent road bike that I race with but I also commute with it and leave it in my office during the week for noon-time rides. I’d like to have a second “beater” bike for such use instead and the idea of learning how to build a bike is appealing.

S A M U E L N i C K L i N says:

Did you get this off Aliexpress.

Dian Charlo Valentine says:

Can you share from which company did you buy it?

Po Zr says:

I paid $600 for a Litespeed Ultimate frame on Ebay and built it up with Ultegra 6800. Props wherever I go. As a a teen, I always used to marvel at my friends’ Litespeed’s, Bianchi’s, Colnago’s, etc. Now that I’m an old man and can afford it, I took the plunge. Some 50 year olds buy a car. I bought a Litespeed, my dream ride.

Sam Moon says:

oh man, why did that guy mule kick the other cyclist?

Dustin Lenz says:

What kind of wheels are those? Would love to see a full parts list.


kay poly says:

2k USD on a Chinese bike, are you retarded or just dumb? I mean, where is the money saved here? I personally would get you a branded bike for 1-1.5K USD and that is with carbon and a 5 year warranty you asshat.

Laufeton Reid says:

I send a part of research to south Florida cycling have fun.

Schpankme Verimuch says:

FM028 ISP road frameset models full carbon road bicycle frame/fork/integrated seatpost
US $351.00
Free Shipping

Asad the great says:

now I just wonder besides being environmentally friendly, wouldn’t it be better to spend like $2k on a motorcycle. Like decent quality honda or kawasaki used would be far more convenient.

Anibal Jesus Delgadillo says:

Talk about the ride characteristics of the bike (stiffness, flex, road feel).

John Smith says:

how much weight did thhe plastidip add?

ThePeople'sRepublicOfChina says:

Where can you buy this bike. I mean the whole thing with wheels, drop bars, frame, brakes etc.

PrivatesPlay says:

Very Nice Vids mate, your putting a lot of information in it that makes everything clear to everyone. but i’m such a noob with building bikes, and i went to your site and tried to check your bike parts pdf but it was down, so i want you to help me, i was working my ass off to save around 1750$ to buy a new Trek Domane 2.0, but when i saw your vids you really changed my mind and showed my something new, i can find somone to build it for me, but can you tell me if there is a trusted chinese sites that sell whole bike without me going through all the details and such. thnxxx in advance.

stan says:

I like the matte black scheme on your bike. A few choice pieces in anodized blue would compliment the look. I’m thinking maybe DT spoke nipples in blue. Maybe. 

mojaveman says:

What’s with all the childish cyclist elitists in this forum? Get a grip on reality people.

The Yeti Ahh says:

18 lbs? I had a 15 year old aluminum Cannondale with carbon fork and Ultegra components that weighed the same. Now I have a 10 year old Aluminum Cannondale with carbon fork, stem, seat post, drop bars, Mavic Ksyrum wheels and full dura ace groupset that weighs about 16 lbs, and I bought it used for less than $1k. Why would you consider or even risk a buying a no brand Chinese frame when you could get a used quality brand for less?

mike x says:

the cost is higher for some taiwan made carbon road frames. some taiwan carbon frames are better quality than some lower cost china frames. its often best to buy well established brand name bike frames

Ryan Coffman says:

Will any Derailleur from a road bike go into the Derailleur hanger or is there certain ones to use ?

kacper2kt says:

Reading some comments… I have Cannondale Flash carbon frame. And do you know what? It is made in China and it is the same quality as these no names. I just about logo on frame. Producing technologies are the same everywhere. No matter if it is Taiwan or China.

T Vann says:

The stupidity of some commenters is frightening. first, this is an open mold frame, no a “fake” or a copy. second, its produced by the same processes as your $8000 Colnago frame. An open mold design is typically a design thats been proven reliable, and if produced by a reputable company is every bit as competent as a name brand frame, without the huge markup that goes into advertising, distribution and sales overhead.
Are there fly by night Chinese plying cheap junk? Yes. But dont confuse them with legitimate Chinese producers using open mold designs and quality manufacturing such a Tideace, Deng Fu, Velobuild etc.

Bottom line is you can build a great bike for much less than buying the equivalent off a dealer’s showroom floor if you buy an open mold frame from a reputable Chinese producer who is offering open mold designs as opposed to cheap illegal fakes of established bike models.

Do I care if you don’t believe it? Not a bit. If you’re too stupid to figure out that name brand bike manufacturers have a vested interest in propagating the lie that all Chinese frames are shit (thats who they have make their bikes too, mind you) then you deserve to spend twice as much as you need to. Think of it as a Stupidity Tax.

Fabian Roncancio Bareño says:

Hi, how are you doing with the bike after this years? I’m thinking of buying one.

Isaac McCree says:

get a cannondale caad 10, aluminum frame but better than every low end carbon bike, super stiff, super comfortable, only about $1400 for the whole thing with a shimano 105 groupset and weighs about 16 pounds stock.

Miguel lagos says:

Thanks for the video…I see several.videos and a lot.of.people said that carbon frame are awesome…..I friend buy 2 pair of carbon wheels…he usr one pair on XC and he told me is a new and I incredible experience he love it and also the other pair he used on a allmountain bike and no problem he jumps and do everything as he used to do it….thanks

F16FALCON says:

Which website did you buy it from?

BusinessLeBron5 says:

I like the all back look versus the gold.

R Tony says:

Hey Evan,
Thank you for sharing. I just had a question about the plasti dip?? not sure if im saying it right. Did you find that it protected the bike and how did you apply it? Did you have to strip anything prior to the application?

LEO LEE says:

must got paid a lot by this company right? haha. 3 years review?? 1 year = 1days for you?

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