2013 Specialized Roubaix Expert SL4 Road Bike Test Ride/Review

2013 Specialized Roubaix Expert SL4 Road Bike Test Ride/Review


Bradley Temperley says:

Was that a 50 mile / 80km test ride?! Around the block was as far as I was allowed to go.
(I loved the Roubaix Comp with the Pave-be-gone seat post, but bought the Trek Domane 4.5 on special for AUD1000 less.)

richardmilk says:

Can´t change the bike´s geometry though, which makes a big difference to your body in long ridings, besides the difference in speed and weight.

Mr4inchSlanger says:


C Monster says:

What? Nothing about the shifters? C’mon…..

Reid Wagner says:

I have a Roubaix Apex Comp 2012. I would not give up that bike for anything. I’m an older rider (66) and like the gearing in the mid-range compared to other systems. Some times I just need a little bit bigger gear to get up a hill at a good clip without having to go to such a radical shift in gear. The SRAM Apex has that little bit I need. I don’t race; i ride endurance. This Roubaix is so comfortable. I’d like thicker tape on the bar. The Zetz inserts dampen the washboard on roads. It’s not a suspension system like Brad explains. A little more upright for me is good. Great clarity on the GoPro.

Brad Herder says:

GoPro Hero 2 – Chest mount is fantastic.

DownUnderBlues says:

Nice Reveiw Mate!

Brad Herder says:

You know – I kind of agree with you. I got a Cannondale Flash frame and set it up with a Niner Carbon fork and my wife flies on it. And is more comfortable than me.

unixnerd23 says:

I ride a Roubaix SL3. One of the best things about it is that I can run 120psi for low rolling resistance and the bike absorbs all the road noise, very comfy and fast.

Marc Kirk says:

Just get a carbon gravel bike and put 40 slicks on at 50-60 psi. That is the future.

Austin Sandi-Edwards says:

+Brad Herder are you sure your scott hasnt got assymetrical chainstays??

cyberchondriac says:

Great video quality and camera view/angle was perfect. must admit since the emergence of mountain bikes i dont ever feel the need to own another road bike, I have several mountain bikes with different set ups and tyre set ups ranging from slicks to cross country and full suspension to locked out hardtails

Mark Abela says:

Really nice review. Easy to listen too without any particular bias. Backed up by some technical info. Personally I think 28mm tires are about as wide as I would like to go.

Aden B says:

What a great review, one of the best detailed no bs bike reviews I’ve seen in a while. We can all the the specs and media release crap they put out but you gave us something else. Am currently looking at buying one of these.

Calvin Cai says:

last week on the RSVP, all the bikes are either specialized, trek, or cannondale… and i said to my friends, specialized bikes are not special at all 

Stephen O'Brien says:

Nice review- Lucky you not only riding a very cool bike but getting so much time on it- Quick look at the Secteur was good – I’m getting it next week only compact with Discs

Kyle Mayer says:

EXCELLENT review. Thank you.

Bricklinsv1970 says:

what was your flat ground cruising speeds and your top speed?

Alexander Lee says:

Your tires absorb the most of the road vibrations, just use a lower tire pressure and you will have a much more smooth ride I even took my defy 4 to a mountain bike trail.

Sarin Murlidar says:

Why are there not more bike review like this?! 

Dave Hak says:

“Hey Mike, you look great”. So funny how you buttered him up. LOL

0itch0 says:

Great video, I believe that you may be single handedly responsible for the creation of the diverge and grade gt.

juanjeremy2012 says:

so did you buy a secteur or a roubaix?? was the secteur much worse?

THEClayDUBBS says:

Really good review

Eric Kelsey says:

Ended up buying the Roubaix last week really is a nice comfortable endurance bike.

Sutlore Keng says:

this is my dream bike!! can not wait for the 2014 model, in which I am buying it! 🙂

Fabulous Sport Outdoors says:

Nice video, just tested too ..beautiful bike indeed!

Brad Herder says:

You could get tubeless tires and put Stan’s liquid in them.

Matt F says:

You’re breathing so hard. Need to ride more often.

Mr4inchSlanger says:

Do they make tires that will like never get deflated if wen on a really hard bump or broken glass

Hyung Lim says:

Where do you have your camera mounted?

Brad Herder says:

I ended up buying a Scott CR1 b/c it was significantly cheaper ($1650 instead of $3800) and the Scott is still full carbon and barely any heavier BUT I’ve been regretting it since. The frame isn’t aligned right. Waiting to see if Scott is going to do anything for me or what. No matter what bike you decide to buy, pay close attention to the quality/construction – like is the tire closer to one chainstay than the other. Gessshhh…. I actually wish now I’d bought a carbon fiber Crux.

Gino8451 says:


vlindell says:

What helmet cam did you use?
The video looks great


stupid illegally riding on a sidewalk

Akil Walker says:

Hi Brad,

I found the video very helpful. I have Trek (Alum. frame) now and thinking about upgrading to carbon, & maybe crossing over to another brand i.e. Specialized.

NOStyC5 says:

The Secteur is a good low cost alternative to the roubaix, of course it is not full carbon.

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