2015 Fuji Sportif 1.0 LE Road Bike Review – Best Road Bike Under $1000 Ever Made

First Ride I was able to hit 30mph (Proof in Video)

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Below is a Bunch if Copy & Paste Mumbo Jumbo from Performance Bike

Fuji Bikes Sportif 1.0 LE Road Bike – 2015 Performance Exclusive

If you thought you knew what the Fuji road bike line was all-about, think again. The all-new Fuji Sportif 1.1 C road bike has been completely redesigned from the ground up. It used to be that the Sportif line was all about having fun and staying in shape, with a more relaxed geometry and easier riding style. Fuji has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

The Sportif 1.1 C is now not only an excellent fitness bike, but is also ideal for gravel racing, gran fondos or exploring the fire roads in your area. The frame is still the same durable, stiff and lightweight A2-SL aluminum we all know and love, and the FC-770 carbon fiber ‘cross disc fork gives this bike some sportier handling and the ability to soak up more bumps and vibrations. Finally, the upgrade to Shimano 105 11-speed parts, including a long cage rear derailleur capable of handling the 32-tooth cassette, sets this bike a level apart.


Fuji A2-SL alloy frame is stiff, durable and lightweight
Compact geometry gives you a more upright riding position for increased comfort
FC-770 carbon fiber fork is lightweight, smooths out road vibrations, and has post-mount disc tabs
Mechanical disc brakes provide powerful, easily modulated braking ability in any weather conditions
Shimano 105 11-speed shifters and derailleurs provide accurate, reliable shifting performance in any conditions
Oval Concepts parts are durable and reliable

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MrBellerophon says:

Good review, just got one! Keep us updated of any problems. The brake pads can can catch the rotors if not adjusted properly and take some breaking in for the first couple hundred miles (so I was told). Beautiful bike, though 🙂

Sheyn Pei says:

THX for the video bro! It offers value for people like us want to buy the one. I can say nothing but appreciate you!

3Daddicted says:

Do you know if it would fit 35-40c tires?

Riding With Jahv says:

How much does this bike weigh?

Alex J says:

BTW, don’t lean that top tube against stuff

Martin France says:

I’ve had this same bike for over two years and love it. It does everything I need. I just finished Ride the Rockies (464 miles and 30kft+ of climbing over 7 days) and didn’t have a single hiccup or even a flat tire. I’ve changed out the chain twice, but no other real repairs or maintenance. During Ride the Rockies, I borrowed a $4500 Cannondale Synapse Carbon Di2 Disc bike for the shortest day and, while I liked the front Di2 shifters, I really couldn’t tell much of a difference in the bikes–certainly not $3500 difference. I’ll save that money and buy other stuff. Meanwhile, it’s time to take my Sportif out for another round of hills.

Michael Lupia says:

Great review man! I just bought this 2016 version and it’s just awesome! I liked your comments (“if you go more expensive, you’re just showing off”) and the info you shared the gear. Thank you for your service to our country as well!

Gilbert Garner says:

Hey. Great! whats the weight of the bike. Kind of a curious.

Factory051 says:

Finest bike I’ve owned. Great value specs for the price. Well done Fuji, you’re building some great bikes.

Sangrex2 says:

do the fuckin bikes seriously not come with any kind of stock pedals? at that damn price range it doesnt come with fuckin pedals?

dassa440 says:

this looks alot like the 1.3D sportif which im trying to get hold of in my size

Patrick Hargarten says:

Did you say you bought the bike on performancebike.com?  That’s where I’m looking at this bike and I’m thinking about buying it after watching this video.

Mike DeLeon says:

Man i bought this bike back in december, i love it but one thing that annoys me the most is rubbing of the front disk break when you take the tire off and put it back on, rubs while riding. do you have that problem? Other than that great bike!!

mikestu11 says:

Thanks for the review! After spending hours searching online, I think I’ve found my new bike. Can’t wait to purchase.

Frost Bite says:

Why are you trying to sell me this bike?

Michael Alford says:

I had a GT Transeo Hybrid that I really liked. I started riding with friend who have road bikes so I needed to the change. Performance did a straight trade in after I had the bike for about 2 months. I go the Fuji Sportif 2.5. I miss the disk brakes but the bike is rock solid! I love it. I also need a better seat.

Herbinator_88 says:

I’m looking into getting this too. How does the overall speed compare to your mountain bike?

Janssen Garcia Santos says:

Wow! Very nice bike! I got a Boardman about a week ago. I’m kind of having second thoughts on it. Because the parts in it aren’t as high quality (shimano) and tektro brakes. Do you think its worth getting. I see you couldn’t sleep because of how good the bike is so I take it its worth going back and getting the Fuji for myself instead? 🙂 thanks and happy riding mate!

Hans Gruper says:

get them damn reflectors off that sexy machine!!!!

justme luvee says:

this vid was REALLY helpful. I am buying my first bike and there are so many brands and variable, it’s really confusing. thanks.

jacek janowsky says:


quest 123 says:

Whats better the Fuji sl 2.5 or Fuji gran fondo 2.5..

beruk2pac says:

Hey, how tall are you and what size is the bike?

Andrew Lavallie says:

handlebars are wayyyyy to high

Alex J says:

Nice. Ride that mofo

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