2017 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod In Pieces… Racing Road Bike – ShaiBike Review.

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Cubanbees says:

do you know the max tire size front and back? 🙂 just ordered my frame…

"Mr Mate" Z says:

I got a question I’m thinking of buying a Cannondale Caad 12 in 105 groupset I was wondering are there a good bike to own and ride

perwiratempur says:

nice bike!

Norbi Pietranis says:

super m…. 🙂


Those Thin Chainstays Tho…

Naebother Pal says:

I love this bike but a top bike with aksium wheels useless. It would be better to sell the bike for a cheaper price but without the wheels… Shame on cannondale.

Big Vegan Jeff says:

wow man. Awesome comprehensive break down. Thanks for doing this.

Dũng Lê Văn says:

i have 2 question. In the video, you shown us the BB hole, where i saw 1 cable “walking” through the frame. So here is my first question: When u spin the crank, won’t the crank would damage the cable? And here’s the second question: What does the cable guide that under the BB doing there, if the cable right there is internal? Oh and 1 more thing: the “no bearing race on the fork” right there, is a very bad design, u know that? (sorry if my english is bad)

Niidea1986 says:

you are extremely happy xD

Lee Bridgwater says:

the love is strong

Noni rider says:

The only shame of all carbon frames is no mather how stiff they are once buy new one, but eventualy within 10.000-20.000 km will get softer and softer and its seems the bike frame doesn t serve to its original purpose as being super stiff frame. Its totally oposite with steel or alloy frames which hardens withing long term usage but never get softer- so my personal opinion is as well experianced mechanical engineer that if you make litlle milage on a bike yearls then carbon is good but if you do 15-20.000 km per year then carbon is waste of money. Carbon frame doesn t make you faster but legs does-its the fact. But generally good presentation.

Mark James Rebustes says:

your a very lucky man. ☺

giovanni cejaf says:

love your vids keep doing it!! Now I recovered my caad 8 and will never let it go again.

MiataBRG says:

Really slow and boring, I’ve got this bike and the video didn’t really provide any technical insights.

Christian Rodriguez says:

You seem quite excited with your new bikes, hope you enjoy them a lot.

The weights doesn’t seem that impressive to me, I expected it to be lower considering it’s the high end model.

Looking forward for the ride review!

hippyswift says:

that frame looks amazing! just the colors for me 😉

BMC Nutter says:

Hi, if one owns a hi mod Evo 2016 frame can I simply buy the 2017 fork and make my front wheel disc braking ?

MrStripeyDog says:

I like it a lot!

preacher says:

this set looks sweet:-)

abc def says:

Danielski podpowiedz jak nauczyć się angielskiego aby mówić tak płynnie jak Ty 🙂

Andrzej Sawicki says:

Reported for pornography.

taurus20077 says:

Your shoes in the background look almost the same color as the Evo (bright yellow)!

William Lewis Cycling says:

has a BMC shirt on when reviewing a Cannondale

n00bElil says:

you should make a video on how to install a hollowgram crankset on a bb30a frame and wich tools do u need to get the job done, enjoy your new bike

ArbuzowyDrink says:

When will be MTB one?

Michał Foryś says:

You’re fast 😛

Pannonian Fit says:

how tall are you?

morfeeis W says:

awesome ride, have fun till may…

Cycle Jockey says:

Sweet looking bike. Cannondale builds great bikes !

Djel says:

how can the frame weighs almost 1kg?! it used to be less than 800g :/

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