2017 Shimano Sora R3000? Hell YEAH For GREAT Budget Road Bikes. Groupset Review.

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praia2010 says:

More ergonomics levers to small hands ? Shimano could make different size levers , hands are very different in size to justify only one model to fit all.

Jiri Rozkosny says:

Will these new Sora shifters work with old 3500 groupset?

Jack Box says:

Is there a triple ? And what bike has a 27/30 speed ?

Pheandro Welsh says:

Thanks for reviewing this groupset and giving us an honest opinion!

Sheri Chander says:

Do you know of any other bikes, existing or upcoming, that have this new Sora Groupset? Thanks.

Ignacio Alejandro Fuentes González says:

Nice Video and thanks for share
How much cost this ? i have a old race bycicle and i wanna arm it with SORA package , is possible of to do ? currently the bicycle have 5 speeds and changes in the tube .
sorry for my english

Syahmi Mazne says:

Please spread the word. Shimano Sora r3000 is the best low end groupset. Very nice looking and great performance. Eventho it is heavier than the other groupset, atleast Shimano makes low budget groupset for beginners (like me), commuters and avg cyclists as well. Am not sure about the pros lol XD

Dante Malla says:

The 2015 (R3500) is already good enough (I own a set). This groupset is best price-for-value. The R3000 crankset is even better as it uses the Hallowtech2 BB system and a 4-bolt spider that looks like the 2015 Dura-Ace. Really cool!

William Ensign says:

I have been riding for only a year, so I am not an expert. I have the 2015 Sora STI with the gear indicators, and I rely on those indicators. The weird thing is for me is why these indicators are not on every Shimano.

Mikhail G says:

I don’t know, i bought new 105 5700 for 300$, now so cool.

ara mieg says:

why is the Dollar sign on the wrong side ?

German Cycling Channel says:

I build up the Roadbike for my Dad, mixed Sora R3000 Shifter the new Tiagra Crankset and 105 Brakes and derailleur and a Tiagra front derailleur. All part work perfectly, he love this bike and it is ligther than some new bikes (frame and fork is a really light aluminium frame from 2001) My opinion buy it, top Sora and Tiagra parts.

Bloody Spy says:

Now there is Claris R2000.
I hope you give a look at it too.

Michael Raymond says:

Does this Sora interation include Stainless parts? Would be perfect for use on those winter steeds if it does!

nikolaos stavrou says:

i have found in greece ideal bikes the intempo 2014 2015 2016 its sora all over and it has 3disks in front and its 24 speed ! im going to buy it .

Wagner Zoccoli says:

what about new Tiagra 4700 compared to Sora 3000?

The DarKris says:

Ribble has a full groupset for ~$220 when I last checked. I paid a bit more but it definitely saved me over Tiagra, and 105 would have required a new rear hub which would have cost even more. I wanted to stay with budget group sets but it still is a helluva lot better than my current Claris Groupset

Mark T says:

Thank you for this review. Helped me make the decision on getting the new Sora groupset (R300 shifters, 50/34, FD, RD, and brakes; used with 11-25 and HG53 chain). It’s been ~1 month now – it shifts so clean. a solid groupset. Shimano did great.

Jamie Mackereth says:

shimano xt br m785 love their build quality got the whole xt groupset

magebrin says:

Do you think it’d be worth replacing a year 2000 Shimano Ultegra with this?

LukaNyan says:

I have a 2016 sora… sucks to be me I guess.

Joel Griffith says:

where online can I purchase this groupset ShiBike?

kstudios says:

Hello, I’m riding a Bike using the Sora 2×7 by now. I want to upgrade it with a complete new group (R3000).
Do you know if there are any problems changing especially the cassette (7 to 9) or other parts?

swillia6rider says:

Why do you keep changing the name of your channel? It’s not important-just curious. I appreciate your content whaytever you call yourself!

Jason Weaver says:

I’m riding a 2000 Allez with 105 shifters and derailleurs (2×9). Does anyone know if these shifters will work with my current setup?

Lykel Macaranas says:

Thanks for doing this review! 😀 I just got this STI after watching your video 😀

saleem waheed says:

He said “Dope”!

Martin Bartoň says:

+ShaiBike Hello. I am using sora r3000 from june 2016, big fan of 9speed drivetrain. Love the new shifters and RD, but the FD is a disappointment… It shifts great, but it is very narrow, with the old one (3500 series) cross chaining wasn’t a problem (mean big ring front, 2nd or 3rd in back, not big-big), did you tried this? Installed it twice and on both accassions it rubbed…. I would love to hear your oppinion or if you tried this scenario. Thank you.

Nikola Kocis says:

where can i buy a complete sora groupset for under 300$
i looked at bike24 and ebay and everything is over 320€ which is more than 400$. please sent me some link of some webshop.

L Matthew Bowler says:

I am looking at a Synapse but I hear the bottom bracket is problematic. What do you think?

Love the videos!

Joel Truusa says:

Hi man, just ordered a new GT Grade with this new Sora groupset.
Just came to say thank you for informing us that this new Sora is actually pretty good and is worth paying a little extra to get a lot more bang per € than Claris.

Patrick Conlon says:

Sorry if this has been asked but what’s the model of that frame?

JimmyGr90 says:

Is it worth upgrading my FSA Vero 50/34T chainset that came with my Cannondale CAAD8 to the Shimano Sora R3000 50/34T one?

pkrzywianski says:

What about durability in comparison to tiagra/105 and so on?

YouTube Comment Guy says:

Bought a crappy cyclocross for 2 grand and it came with the old sora, I hate it when the shifting cables are outside

Sam Spade says:

I”ve been using the older 8 sp Sora group since 2006 on my road bike. Everything is still holding up just fine.

Kok Wei Chia says:

If anyone noticed, the shifter doesn’t really contribute to the smooth but rather, the ramps and pin on the crankset. You will notice the angles of higher end crankset have strategically located pins to the anatomy of a cyclist shifting during down peddling strokes. That is probably why Shimano purposely set different angled spiders on the higher end cranks.

ca4Gochops says:

Do these shifter feel stiffer/heavier when shifting the main levers inward than 105? are they “clunky” feeling in their action?

brad bolin says:

I love your review, and your bike is very well set up. Could you please explain to me how the cable is attached to the front derailleur. Does the cable go AROUND the metal pin under the metal plate that the pin and bolt goes through, or does it attach BETWEEN the pin and bolt under the plate? I would greatly appreciate some advice. Thanks.

mousa michel says:

i find it very expensive. i can by 105 5800 leavers with same budget and upgrade my group set to 105

scum bag says:

i have a gt grade with 2016 sora is it worth it to upgrade the claris front derailler to 2017 sora i like the 2017 sora cranks better also

kwacker45 says:

very nice its just shows the overall improvement in the “cheaper” options

Brights1de says:

can i just buy the shifters and use it on my old sora groupset? and thus the bottom bracket of the sora r3000 same with the bb of the old sora?

Samuel Sng says:

Hi could you adjust the reach for the lever on the shimano sora

Rodrigo Maero says:

I mixed up sora crankset and derailleurs with claris shifters and 8 speed cassette, just so I could have de hollowtech II cranks.. works great and is a bit cheaper (groupsets in Argentina are waay more expensive) I’d love to get my hands on those internal cable routing shifters, they look so much tidier

rednose burglar says:

Just picked up the 2017 giant contend with the full new sora love it really smooth gear changing also could you review the bike for me is it totally replacing the defy ,and what’s the difference in geometry thanks .

pkrzywianski says:

Are those components in Marin Lombard or Marin Four Corners as well?

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