5 Best – Entry Level Road Bikes 2016 (under $500) – Guide and Reviews

This is my Top 5 Road Bikes list under $500 for you. In the video I will give tips when buying a new road bike at this price and also give brief explanation for each of the bikes listed. Which is your choice? Let me know in the comments below.

Top 5 Entry Level Road Bikes List:

5- Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 ($297.35)
4- Vilano Aluminum 21 speed Shimano ($282.20)
3- Schwinn Men’s Volare 1300 ($251.99)
2- Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 ($229.99)
1- Giordano Libero 1.6 ($449.99)

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burmesebeef says:

great video. Is Schwinn a reliable bike company? i always thought of them as “walmart” bikes

brainless says:


Jeremy Shanks says:

I been riding a 26″ mountain bike Genesis v2100 with my friend Specific and we get along fine I gave $119 andhe gave $800 everybody on here are bike snobs

Jeremy Hansen says:

“hey guys stick with known brands” Names a ton of random brands with no reputation.

roadstar499 says:

depending on what type of riding you do and if speed matters or not should be an important factor before purchasing a bike…some people will just use a bike for 2 or 3 short rides a week for exercise…so even a $200 bike will be great for them…others ride very often far and competitively and they will want a much better quality cycle…


average in malaysia how much ?

Christopher Hiew Wei Jian says:

USD or what ???

Bryant 'S channel says:

In Malaysia $500 is how much

Izzy Dangerous says:

Throw all these bikes in the trash and get an entry level hybrid from Trek, Giant, Specialized, etc. Trek fx 2 is 1000% better than all these p.o.s

Theodor Zaharie says:

I’m inclining somehow towards Merax or Giordano.
I’m 6.5″ and I’m looking for comfortable bike, since my goal is to have longer stints, on flat, non-hilly, roads.
Also I would love not to have bike expenses in the next 1 year or so, after I made purchase.

So what would you recommend?

Good Day.

Fabian Munoz says:

Thanks! great and useful video!

Sitou Dien says:

I wouldn’t recommend any of these brands unless this is your budget. These are low quality bikes. If you’re buying for a child it might be worth it. If you break it, repairs will be costly and not worth it. Go with the big brands like Trek, Specialized, GT, Jamis, etc… They do have entry level bikes in the sub $1000 that are leagues above brands mentioned here.

Jason Moon says:

i got me a Giordano Libero, and i LOVE it!!!

Gamaliel Murillo says:

you should put subtitles to understand better. good video though thanks

Saad Usman says:

Looking to purchase a level entry road bike. This was helpful but I’m still not sure which route to take. What was your reasoning for the way you ranked these? What separates the Schwinn 1300 from the Vilano? I would appreciate some more insight! Great summary nonetheless 🙂

Mike Duffy says:

0:27 . “void plastic components, shows a 105 derailur” hahaha

eom1 says:

I have the finiss 2nd of the top 5. it is a awesome bike. I love it. I got it at amazon. I’ve had it for 10 months now and still in great condition. I ride it to work and workouts. I recommend this bike

Dudely Skeptic says:

Bicycles are getting expensive

fuddle128260394 says:

buy second hand at this price point!

Xectro says:

Tommaso Imola is pretty good

Nick Fanella says:

new schwinns are crap get a pre nineties one and it will work with low maintenance

MarClash says:

no diamondback here in hong kong ;(

Zonto says:

I want to start riding and have a budget of £500. All I’m going to do is ride to work, and go on a bike trip with friends any suggestions

Kenz300 x says:

Ride to work…….ride to school……….ride for fun………………..
Riding a bike is good exercise and will keep you healthy and fit………….
Cities need to do more to encourage safe bicycle use……….employers need to support bicycle use by proving places to lock and store bicycles…….speak up and encourage your elected officials to support bike and walking paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Children need to start riding at an early age. Riding a bike to school is better than being dropped off in a car.

Urban Agrarian says:


Snowden says:

Can you put clipless pedals on these

makenzie m8 says:

how fast can i go on these bikes? i got a 7 mile commute to make to work looking for a faster bike. ive been looking at ebikes and im looking in the price range of 300-1000

dhamult 007 says:

which site is great for cycle buying but not Amazon

Manuel CB says:

entry level for me is claris, tiagra those are sh**

Vlog Life says:

would the Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano fit a 5 foot person

dhamult 007 says:

I want this bike but they can’t deliver to india

MichaelLeung2011 says:

Every bike under $500 will cost your life , good luck guys

Bryant 'S channel says:

Is it safe buying a bike from Amazon ???

NotATroll says:

“I have listed the”
I don’t want you to take offense I just found it funny and it was a great video and Thank You for making it

Nepu-Tech USA says:

Difference between Vilano alluminum and Vilano Tuono? anyone knows?

IURIi ILiN says:

Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

Lewis Cutler says:

is careera any good?

dhamult 007 says:

carbon fiber is better for bike or not

Nick Fanella says:

new schwinns are crap get a pre nineties one and it will work with low maintenance

Joseph Ng says:

Thanks for the review! Do you think buying a new road bike altogether in the price range is worth it or restoring an old bike I bought for like $150? Like a Fuji

James Vo says:

I’m 5’5 will the first bike be okay to ride comfortably?

GRAM Channel says:

My weight is below 300 lbs ive been walking 2 miles per day. It starts to get monotonous so i was planning to switch it up a bit. The bikes look really thin and look like they would bend with too much weight are any of these capable to carry 300 lbs? I say 300 but its more around 250 i still want to make sure it can carry.

dhamult 007 says:

please help me if you are live in usa

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