5 Road Bikes For 400-600$ In 2018. Budget Racing Bike For Begginer.

Watch this 15 minutes guide and save days of researching. I’ll explain what MAIN FEATURES the bike for about 500$ should have and how will this affect your ride.

Wiggle Road Bike: http://tidd.ly/e5f5664e
Merlin Performance PR7: http://tidd.ly/c2c31c2b
Giant Contend 3: https://goo.gl/Sv7eSt
Jamis Ventura Sport: https://goo.gl/ybeSa1
Jamis Icon Race: https://goo.gl/2Zc95Z

I test – you buy on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2fBut9s


B R says:

What do you think about buying bicycles which are from previous years ? What is really difference between bicycles from this year or previous years. I just got my first road bicycle. Jamis Ventura Race 2016. Bicycles with similar components from 2018 are much more expensive. What is benefit of buying bicycle from 2018 as opposed to 2016 or 2015 etc ?

Bob P. Dziadaszek says:

Danny, I have gotten a Raleigh Revenio 1.0 in 2013 is this a good bike or no?

Nick Fanella says:

You can get used thousand dollar bikes at the same price on craigslist or buy an 80s bike for 50-150 and put on a new rear drivetrain with smaller gears and keep the bigger chainrings it came with in the front on and it will perform a lot better i can keep up with cars in a 25mph zone on my 71 schwinn using that same principal you just need strong legs

Michael Phothasone says:

Looking for a Cheap Road Bike under $250!! Check out this Video or Page for Bike Review! https://bit.ly/2LWBgFa

mechanic1756 says:

Excellent explanation . Thank you.

David Torrén Verge says:

what do you think about B’TWIN triban 520

Dan Lewis says:

Super informative. Thanks!

Anton Peterson says:

Danny and anybody else wondering the Shimano tourney groupset is 7 speed at the back.

Giuseppe Di Pietro says:

Would be great if you do this same video with cyclocross bike and maybe cross country on the same range of priece (sorry if my english is bad)

Ventsislav Simonov says:

Anyone can review and recommend bikes that cost $$$$$$$. Reviewing and recommending budget bikes is the real deal. Just look at BikeRadar’s last video where they say a £3000 is “relatively affordable”.

Antonio xd says:

can soneone tell me why does my bike dont make that noise when im not pedaling? is it a bad thing or no?

ErebosGR says:

You forgot the Verenti Technique (Sora) from Wiggle.
Carbon blades, tapered steerer, Sora R3000, 28C Conti Ultra Sport tires.

Bizon Creations says:

Guide is good but I think zooming in on the details would help a lot to further understand the informations of the bikes

Michael Greene says:

Danny you MISSED a REAL NICHE bike you SHOULD HAVE put on this list. I’m thinking Danny isn’t too fond of STEEL road bikes (probably because he’s a youngin millennial and didn’t grow up riding and loving them like the X-Gen. 49 y/o MAMIL I am), but sadly if you want a BRAND NEW FULL STEEL frame road bike (INCLUDING the FORK) you pretty much HAVE TO get a framebuilder to build you one, costing $2500 MINIMUM … JUST FOR THE FRAME!!! OR you can buy a PURE CYCLES Drop Bar Road Bike for $500! The frame ALONE is worth $500! Why, because though it just has generic 4130 double butted tubing with an all steel fork, the frame’s designed with HUGE tire clearence in mind, allowing installation of 32mm tires AND fenders AND it has a FULL compliment of braze on fittings for F/R racks, even has rack braze ons on the seat stays, front lowrider braze ons on the fork and F/R EYELETS on the fork tips!!! But the frame GEOMETRY is Spirtif, NOT Touring so you can race it. It has 8 sp. Claris shifers & F/R deraillers, Tektro brakes, generic square tapered compact 34/50t crankset, generic 32 spoke wheels with decent wide 28mm tires and an 11-32 cassette so you can tackle any hill. The stock saddle even looks like it’s comfy for a guy with a normal/large butt and it’s not too padded. All this bike needs is a pair of clipless pedals!!! Best thing about this bike is the VERSATILITY!!! It’s a Sportif Road, Gravel, Cyclocross AND Touring bike all rolled up in one, just by swapping out tires. It does weigh 25 lbs. but bike weight is WAYYY overated, especially considering these bikes he recommends average about 23 lbs. and he’s recommending them for BEGINNERS who are probably overweight anyway. A 2 lbs. weight penalty is a small price to pay for such a BULLETFROOF, rare, niche and VERSATILE bike!!! P.S.- No offense Danny on my perceived view that you don’t like Steel frames. I think they ROCK! Many experienced cyclists swear by them. I have my own (maybe unjust) prejudices, like Carbon forks being FORCED on a cyclist when he/she purchases a bike. My JUST prejudice, bikes designed with inadequate tire clearance for 28mm tires!

NickZaffino457 says:

Note that shipping on the Merlin is about 200 dollars

Jordan Myers says:

What about the Marin argenta comp

Emrah Akkan says:

I think Mosso bikes are to be looked at as well. I love my gravel bike Mosso Monza with Sora 3000 set.

idhoppers says:

http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/ru/ru/%D1%88%D0%BE%D1%81%D1%81%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BA-cube-attain-2016/rp-prod141424 One of the best starters roadies imo. Weight is around 10kilos with pedals. I’m from Russia so it’s like 440$. But the delivery costs like 130$ 🙂 Still, pretty good(if not the best) value for that price. Nice video Danny.

Andrius M says:

I think this is the best value for money. It usually costs around 470 pounds with Tiagra, and there’s the same model with Sora for only 400. Just out of stock at the moment it seems so not for sale in the website. https://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/EBPXRT58TI/planet-x-rt-58-v2-alloy-shimano-tiagra-road-bike

Martin D says:

Couldn’t these manufacturers hire a little person to stand on a scale?

pedro andrade says:

Strangely no B’Twin bikes on the video. Maybe because it hasnt compact? care to explain since in europe they kinda rule on the budget bike market.
sadly the giant contend models are kinda ugly. xD also they dont even have double butted frame. even on the €1200 bikes.
plsu: yay! windows 10 😀

Howie Choi says:

Do you think 1×11 Sram Apex on 2017 Raleigh Cadent 4 is not fast enough to use in Tour of Long Beach 30 mile course coming in this May? It has 40 single crank up front with 11-40, 11 gears in the rear cassette. I’m also wondering if I’ll be the only biker with flat handle bar with everyone else on drop bar cycle…

bellA assa says:

Hallo sick biker I wish you gave us a recommendations and tips for overweight newbies I end up trying and losing money buying f and changing from road bike witsh was uncomfortable and now I have a xc MTB but I still have sore hands and shoulder and neck pain in long rides do you have any tips for that???? I know that commuter and trekking bike are much more comfortable because of there big grips and saddles and upright geometry but I like my MTB and I won to make it even more comfortable ?

chutney says:

Hey good channel good info been riding on roads for about 6-7 months on an old old (1982) Raleigh with 5 speed and 2 speed cranks this has given me some good info for getting a good low budget bike so I can keep up with my buddies easier now xD

DarkPa1adin says:

please have sweetspot range in your next episode!

Phablet Fortyfour says:

That’s a lot of info and a lot of words. A summary of it or perhaps a display of plus/minus or ranking in some way might be a good way of presenting the topic. Oh and where is the btwin? Surely a real contender in this bracket?

Bob P. Dziadaszek says:

keep up the good work Danny, I have learned a lot from your channel thank you.

The Feed Welder says:

The merlin pr7 is no longer in production. Must have had problems !

fabi says:

That‘s a nice wallpaper you‘ve got

Maj Mihajlovic says:

You have steam?

Nikola Lukac says:

Hi Danny. I really like your videos and the philosophy that you use when it comes to giving people advices to buying bikes. The expensive bike with awesome 11 speed equipment is totally useless to a people who don’t have enough stamina and condition in order to use it as an advantage..

You only forgot to mention maybe Btwin Triban 520 with alluminium frame and full carbon fork, and also 3×9 new Sora shifters. Also has a gap for a larger tirrs and eyelets for mudguards and panniers front and back. And it weigths just below 10 kg. It costs 600 e in Germany but is really awesome choise with lifetime guaranty on the frame and fork…

soihavetoplay says:

Thank you this information is good a level above and very informative.. Very helpful video Bro

John Aspinall says:


Kevin Pickell says:

1,499 free shipping at Bikes Direct USA will get u a full carbon frame and fork, full Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and brakes, Ritchey saddle, stem, and seat post, Mavic Aksium Elite wheels. See the Motobecane Immortal Pro on their website. Same specs from Trek, Giant, Specialized will cost you well over 2 gran.

Paul Reza says:

How about the populo quest $300 with free shipping anywhere in the US.

Marin Križanović says:

Can you do that for 1000€?

Samuel Maina says:

What do you think of Merida RACElite 900 2013? I just bought one unused since purchase $270.

Артём Смык says:

B’twin Triban series is way better than anything on the list ,in terms of value for money

TRiTGeRizZ says:

i actually cannot quit, would have lost over 1800€,

Bruce Chastain - cycling stuff says:

nice recommendations. I was in the market for a bike like this recently as my first road bike. But I ended up getting a used early 2000s Pinarello for about $370 euro. It’s a good bike for such little money, but there were a few issues with it, in the end I’m not sure if it was better going with the used bike over the low end new bike.

Sean Lee says:

Hey sick biker could you do a video for $600 to $1.2k for road bike

J Dur says:

Getting the pr7 looks seems really good!

nathan kettle says:

Buy used. If you don’t know what you’re doing, find someone who knows bikes. Check out craigslist and bring your knowledgeable buddy. You can get a 1,000$ bike starting at around 200$ if you’re lucky.

John Hayes says:

Another great video, Danny. I’m probably getting my first road bike early next year and this provides timely information for my purchase.

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