9 beginner mistakes and how to avoid them | Cycling Weekly

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We’ve all been there, we’ve all made these mistakes when we started cycling – here’s our guide to avoiding the common mistakes
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MarkOne says:

hmm.. a gillet or raincape here in thailand = sweatbag. no thanks

Pav Bryan says:

Superb 🙂

Pumpedandy says:

You guys are hubbards

Tungsten Kid says:

Surely a solid rubber honeycombed PUNCTURE-PROOF bike tyre could be invented using modern rubber compounds?
Perhps an inventor could go on Dragons Den for funding and become a millionnaire overnight?

Hans 68 says:

Another common mistake is not checking the air in your tyres. The more pressure the less chance of a flat tyre. And clean the tyre after the ride with a damp cloth, to make sure little grit doesnt dry up in the rubber and thus causing a possible flat on your next ride. Ive heard from older guys that they used to let new tyres dry out for a few months because putting them on the rims, so the rubber is harder and less sensitive to punctures.
The most made mistake of course is not shaving your legs for the spring and summer rides. If you dont wear a bib but a normal short is ok, but when you wear a bib please for f*cks sake, standards

Kev Smith says:

Great video …pretty lady as well thx

Love Cycling Sailing says:

Great video idea! We are sharing it on our Facebook page. Thanks !

jane ries says:

I could not agree more that tyres should be cleaned and checked over after every ride, as well as the gears and chain etc. but most importantly brakes should be kept in good order and tested before every single ride.
as to the tyres, the choices are now entirely dependent on what you want to achieve and how much you want to splash on your kit. IMHO
‘older guys’ did not have as much choice as there was hardly anything affordable in shops in the old days unlike nowadays when you are spoiled for choice but at the same time you cannot be sure what you are buying and how long it has been sitting and where. the maintenance of a tyre will slightly vary according to the TPI and intensity of use.

BTW the main reason for shaving legs used to be a belief that it can singificantly affect your aerodynamics. now that our advanced air tunnels confirmed there is hardly anything measurable that we can hold on to, the main reasons for smooth legs, as the pros confirm, apart from the aesthetics, is making it easier for the masseur/masseuse to perform a regular sports and relaxation massage. i can only confirm that, as I used to work as a manual therapist and served a cycling club for some years. Hairy men, no matter how this may be attractive to some, are much harder to work on.

juan velazquez says:

can i say she is very beautiful

Groundhog says:

I get the shits when I eat bananas.

mattyy101 says:

keep outta way of motorbikes too

Al Segura says:

Camel Toe around 2:55

jane ries says:

i personally like to use a good chamois pad to keep my car windscreen smear free. those old pants won’t do.

i do not know anyone who uses chamois leather anymore, … since the foam technology is now so advanced that we can afford to get much more comfortable and hygienic pants at an affordable price.

PlanesTrainsAutos says:

She’s hot.

Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar says:

how did he pull out the underwear ? man, you are talented.

Roxic12 says:

Nice video.

Brian Cartoscelli says:

always ride steel

greatnine greatnine says:

At 0:25 that man just gave up on life

novadhd says:

Most of this is common sense except maybe keeping spare tube, but changing a tire is a pain in ass

Steve Martin says:

best video you guys have done. thanks.

M Glacken says:

1:51 Ok, if I came across Rebecca Charlton on the side of the road with a flat I’d give her my damned bike, no questions asked.

Just saying.

RogueBeef says:

anyone recognise the location with the rolling hills and stone wall?

Kenz300 x says:

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Jean Franco Cammardella says:

I’m doing the first mistake, the problem is, if the seat is too high, how can i sit and start riding?

Casey Bitts says:

‘The man with the hammer’ its called when you get stranded without fuel….

Howard Petrie says:

The saddle looks to be too high for the woman in the bright orange with white frame bike

Kenz300 x says:

Riding a bike is fun and good exercise………walking, bicycles and mass transit will all be part of making cities livable.
Ride to school………ride to work………ride for fun………..
Bike to work day should be everyday….. employers needs to provide places to park and lock bicycles and encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work. Children should be riding a bike to school instead of being dropped off by their parents. Cities need to do more to provide safe walking and biking trails and paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Speak up and ask for more bicycle paths in your community. Obesity is a growing problem around the world leading to an increase in heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Walking and biking can help improve health.

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