Aero vs Endurance vs Lightweight Road Bikes Explained

We break down the differences between the three types of road bikes: Aero, lightweight and endurance.

To help highlight the differences in each bike, Trek provided us with the 2017 Madone 9.2, Emonda SLR 6, and Domane SLR 6 Disc. All are a 56cm frame and have a Shimano Ultegra mechanical groupset.

A more in-depth look is available on site. (USA) (Australia) (New Zealand) (Germany)


Bandre Q8 says:

No gift?

Dave says:

so basically “we’ll show you what type of treks you can buy, and you also get some awful music as a bonus”

Манекен Ибрагим says:

Very bad music, worst i ever heard

bfhcorp says:

reduce music volume when you talk

ShipperS7 says:

Great content, but god, why are all the best cycling vids marred by horrible soundtracks?

Steven Kim says:

The aero looks sexy as hell…

John Smith says:

To buy all three would leave me riding naked with but a helmet and without enough calories to sustain the riding. Could always eat the cork I guess

Adriel MUtopia says:

lol get the three of them lol. I thought these bikes cost at least $2,000 and something but no, they are over $5,000…. Insane!!!!

Danny Nguyen says:

Thank you for the great video learn a lot today

Jorge F says:

GCN explain it better

Noe T says:

Domane.. She will be mine.

asa226 says:

haha ! good video .
And the last advise is the best ! haha

Retr0 says:

0:40 so saxy

GlazedGamer says:

Light Weight all day
Wouldn’t mind giving an aero a crack though

simoF6 says:

the headtube on the 56cm Madone is actually 170mm not 140MM – that size relates to a 52cm frame bike.

Thanvir Naeem says:

Lol “just get all three”

H. D. says:

Lower that music volume …

Dustin Stumbo says:

I was going to pay for college, then I got all 3! Lol

sergio urquijo says:

2:48 …

Rusty Shackleford says:

I have a Domane, Emonda and a Madone. They each ride different from each other.

Zdeněk Ambruz says:

Its impossible to understand your accent and whats even more frustrating is the really loud background music…poor decision

Gambit774 says:

Doing some You Yangs laps I see

Simon Strauss says:

it would be sweet ass to get all three xD i realy like your vidoes between, they are reealy well made 🙂 greetings from switzerland

Emmanuel H.F. says:

I understand the intention of this video… but I think you should say something about affordable bikes! I mean metal frames 😀

Adam Schenck says:

“Best solution, just get all three” – love it

quest 123 says:

Id go with the endurance

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