Aero Vs Light Vs Endurance – What Type Of Road Bike Should You Buy?

Should you choose an aero bike, an endurance bike or a lightweight, climbing bike? Find out in our road bike buyer’s guide…

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With a range of options on the market these days, choosing the right road bike for you can be difficult. Don’t worry, though, we’re here to help. So, should you choose an aero bike, an endurance bike or a lightweight bike? Check out the video, find out, and, finally let us know what bike you ride down in the comments!

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Maverick5588 says:

i liked the last bit about listening to your heart

Nathaniel Mateo says:

Do these tires bend easily?

harolds789 says:

Any chance of test of aero vs good light bike. Same rider, route etc.

Jimie Chou says:


For the budget concern, I can only get a full set of Shimano 105, mechanical shifting gear, and I have a dilemma choosing between types of my first road bike. For some reason, I’ve been heard that aero bikes are struggling when it comes to using traditional mechanical shifting gear(apart from electronic shifting gear). Do you have ever experienced any similar problems concerning the shifting difficulty or smoothness of the cable routing compared to electronic gear on an aero bike?

Your advice will really help me choosing one and give it a shot if aerodynamic bikes fit my position.
Thank you for advance!

Jimmy S.P. Chou

twstdelf says:

I wonder if you could make a similar video for Endurance vs Gravel vs Cross ? There are so many niche models out there nowadays I’m not sure where the “lines” are…

Bo Robin Larsen says:

Hey gcn

I a 27 year old male 🙂 i just whant to know . Can every One ride a Road bike ?

Im 186 and 118 kg , i love to ride (i havnet ride in 2 years)

I Think i gotta get a second hand bike
(Alu) whit ultegra or better

But Can every One just get One and ride it ?

Jordan Stebbins says:

Simon, do they make that T-shirt in a mens size?

Kyle Buttler says:

How can I understand my KTM STRADA 2000 is endurance or lightweight ?

asian cyclist says:

i ride mountain bike

Sidowse says:

Ex pro!? He looks only 25.

Colin Pettit says:


Mick B says:

Would of been nice if you mentioned the weight of the light weight bike. I’m curious to what is considered lightweight for a road bike.

Mohammed Chunawala says:

if you are fat and your weight is more than 65kg , is it possible that after some time on the bike your tires can wear out or puncture?

TheFabiusgo says:

endurance is the undermark of cheap or entry level ( giant , merida , bianchi )
light is from a good bike level ( i love scott foil , trek , colnago , pinarello )
aero is the best bike you can buy , i have one , it s so complex with brakes but the stiffness is so good ( look aerolight , canyon )

Wilf Goodfellow says:

if I have an endurance bike but want to make it more areo is moving the headset to the bottom and spacers up going to help with that?

minibus1351 says:

I have a Cervelo R2. what is this bike classified as?

Random Bike Trips says:

Can you race an endurance bike in a peloton?

harolds789 says:

Aero bikes are usually very expensive.One big difference over the rest and you need to be into serious road bike use

King Chan says:

Do aero bike good at climb?

Anime Sniper says:

I’m certainly gonna get an Aero bike but what do you suggest for it? I’ve rode a Canyon,Bianchi and venge but the venge is sticking out to me the most. Thanks

M Hayashi says:

Which non-mainstream roadbike brands do you like or think are worthy of consideration for sportive purposes? I can think of Condor, Boardman and Neil Pryde.

TheQuiltedNorthern says:

I’d always go with the aero, because nowadays they can be just as light as the lightweight bikes(save a few grams)

ivanteo1973 says:

Where is tt bike?

Random Bike Trips says:

Awesome, I have a SCOTT Solace. I want that red color scheme though.

Mitchell Begeng says:

1:48 is it supposed to look that flat?

Kaila Mayho says:

What you recommend for a newbie as their first road bike? I will be using it mostly to commute and some trails but later I want to cycle in local races later

cococosaful says:

I am really new to all of this and I am currently looking to purchase a used Fuji finest 1.3 women’s road bike. I’m looking for endurance more than anything else so if any of you can give me so advise on whether that would be a good purchase for someone just beginning cycling training that would be greatly appreciated also if it helps I am 5’5″ tall I was fitted between a 50cm to 52 cm bike and this is a 50 cm bike I don’t know if that would affect the comfortability while riding the bike

Jeff Cirelli says:

I personally went with a Cannondale Carbon Synapse(equipped with full 105). It fits in the endurance category, but most reviewers mentioned that it wasn’t the most relaxed or “slackest” endurance model out there. Like it doesnt have the full on aggressive nature of a lightweight or aero, but its still quite snappy and responsive. And I would say I agree with that based on testing as many bikes as I could before I landed on my carbon synapse.

I mean, Im not racing, Im not competiting.. Im riding for enjoyment and healthy living. So I did like the idea of an endurance bike, to eeek out a little more comfort especially for those days when I felt like adding an entra 10 miles to the loop. And Ive got to say, the bike is wonderful. Its does what I think I want it to do, almost like I dont need to make the bike do anything. going downhill, I dont have to manuever the bike, I just see the line I want, and the bike tracks how I want it too track. And when I want to race my riding buddy to that random point down the road, getting up out of the saddle and accelerating, it doesnt feel like it takes any time for the bike to respond and get up and go.

there is a reason why the Synapse is one of the bikes you’ll see at Flanders and Paris Roubaix.. its comfortable, but its still plenty capable of beasting. And for me, thats EXACTLY what I was looking for.

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