Are E-Bikes Fun? Road Bike Vs Road E-Bike

Thanks to Giant for the products used in this video. All opinions are the presenters’ own.

Matt and Simon pit E-bikes against standard road bikes to find out… Are E-Bikes Fun? (Also, are they faster than Simon over the medium course at the legendary Maratona dles Dolomites)

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Capable of putting out 500 watts for one hour, the E-Bike in this video is faster than Simon. Pacing strategy aside, we wanted to find out if E-Bikes are fun?

To answer that questions, first we needed to explore who E-Bikes are for. The E-Bike used in this video has bosses for mudguards and, like all E-Bikes in Europe, is limited to 25kph maximum. That means it has a lot of uses for people who might find it more difficult to get out on a standard road bike, and commuters.

Back to the fun part. It is fun to drop Simon on the climbs, but it’d be no fun to drag the extra weight of a dead battery around having used up all the juice. Luckily, Matt had a plan. That plan involves coffee and climbing.

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098182ful says:

I like giant

Helena Beadle says:

Thank for the information on the bike

MrBakerskate1 says:

You guys are assholes slowing down traffic

白政華 says:

Nice demo guys and awesome views…Godbless mate!

Maule Pilot says:

That is so dangerous ride single file

Dor shem-tov says:

lol most people don’t drink 3 cups of coffee on a regular day, fun video guys

Da_Greatest 1 says:

Those che trails tho! Hope u guys like being poisoned while u ride! ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ 0:41

Jeff D says:

I felt so bad for simon through this whole video. -_-

mcmilbc says:

Living in a city notorious for bike theft, this would make a great commuter given any special security measures such as locking the wheels and other components without a key or mobile.

Mr. Nick says:

At 3:50 I can see myself in the back pissed off yelling why bikers always block the road

guesswho kk says:

Cycling should be enjoyable, but no matter how you reword it, “uphill” is not. Some see it as a “challenge & reward” (reaching the peak), others sees it “dangerous” if climb speed only at 15 mph rider vs 60 mph road with tailgating cars from a chain in a single-carriage with double white lines in middle.

So I have no issue with ebikes, considering “cycling should be enjoyable no matter whatever the kinds of roads you are in” (especially in a long ride).

Why should road bike only designed to be torturous for racing speed anyway?

Yousif Mansour says:

so top gear for bikes?

Scout616 says:

If e-bikes get more people cycling that can only be a good thing

Soapy Time says:

E bikes can never be FUN

Ezinma88 says:

A really fun video. Liked seeing the pub/cafe cut-aways.

Hugs says:

Does the e-bike have regen braking. That would be useful on those descents

Niño Joseph Tan says:

I hate ebikes because you can’t most all of your leg muscle to pedal especially when you need to get fit. I say it’s only helpful for elderly people and not for young generations

liquidrock2u says:

There are flashlights that can recharge themselves by cranking a handle so what if they made it where the E-bike can charge itself just by pedaling? That could extend its battery use.

Chewynn Masurmardiros says:

My mom and i have riden together since i was in the retailer behind her. Now that she is pushing 70 a ride represents the vary limited quality time we get so spend together now. I ride 40min every day and longer some days. I slow to her pace but by the end or middle of a ride she is completely done falling asleep before the cofee hitd the table. An ebike would close the gap between our levels of ability.

Ashley Clarke says:

E-Bikes, Like going to the gym with a hydraulic lifting machine to lift the weights for you while you have a coffee.

Seriously though, if you’re elderly and it’s between riding or not riding then maybe they are a good thing, a bit like some sort of cycling based assisted mobility scooter. For sport, I think any level of motorised assistance is defeating to point. It’s not about being able to ride x distance or x speed, it’s a relative thing about pushing yourself and your own abilties, whatever level you might be at.

Hammer says:

You guys are awesome. Thanks for all this. Also, I took a quick test on an e-bike a bit ago and it blew my mind. Ridiculously good technology for those of us that want to extend our cycling lives. Fabulous videos.

SupaHotFire says:

Is this in Switzerland?

EbikesPlus says:

Ebikes are the best

Wht dsnt kll y mks y stronger says:

Nice review but no thanks. I prefer using my legs for the 100% wen I’m riding my bike. If I want to relax I use the one with the petrol engine in it.

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