Bad Ass road bike wheels – Mavic Ksyrium SLR. Cycling Is Cool! Review

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Eric Curry says:

can i use normal brake pads with it or carbon pads?

Brian Moore says:

Gorgeous wheelset!

fnakhi1 says:

I just ordered Kysrium Exhalith Pro SL. But wondering if they are safe to use. I weigh 95 kilos.

Dean says:

I’ve had my eye on the new caad 12 ultegra disc girlfriend would kill me, i have 5 bikes already ..still looks nice ..haahaa

Wallace Pei says:

Can you show a video on how to service those wheels? Can you use home made tools to hack the mavic proprietary tools?

Rahul S says:

For all wheels you may like to comment on the internal rim width and external. They have a big impact on how the wheel handles and feels.

metalehead95 says:

I can only use these tyres with these wheels?

Beard Man says:

I had a set of these, they ended up having issues with spokes coming loose. I finally had the weld pin (the part inside the rim that holds it together before welding the seam) come loose and cause quite a bit of rattling. I actually had the 125th anniversary wheelset. I had the MP3 program as well.

According to the tech rep, he thinks I was a tad too heavy for them (215lbs) and they asked that I sent them in. They ended up sending me a set of C40 carbon wheels as a replacement. I got to keep the wheel bags and tires! So I now have a set of 25mm and 23mm tires.

Overall, I miss the braking performance but I am extremely happy with Mavic customer service! The C40’s go much better with my Cervelo S3 and I have had zero issues with them. I have been and will continue to be a lifelong Mavic customer.

JC says:

would it be nice of you to weight them with and without tires too bad you didnt.

MrNait says:

What about laser depilation? I’m a quite hairy man (on my body, not my head…) with nice thick hair. Now I’m taking laser sesions on my torso, abs and upper back, just 3 sessions and the thicknes and density of hair went down 20-30%. Any opinion on that? Wouldn’t pro’s consider that?

Al Duarte says:

Ksyrium SLR climb like a goat!

Jason Lim says:

What’s the maximum  Riders weight limit for the Ksyrium SLR wheelset? Thanks

Norman Mattson says:

What’s the interior width of the rim? Is Mavic following the trend of wider wheels to better accommodate wider tires like 25mm or 28mm? Keep up the good work.

Mike H says:

Aluminum spokes? Was that a mistake?

marckdead1 says:

Can you those wheels without cassette? lol

Jesus Martinez says:

I really envy you right now. They look so good.

Dean says:

i enjoy your channel Danny , you have a new friend from los angeles California ..good job!

Keo sothearith says:

how much weel mavic ksyrum SLR

bonn1771 says:

how do you like the wheels now? since it is nice weather

Dijkstra says:

Fajnie udajesz brytyjski akcent 😀

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