Basic Road Bike Build w/ Shimano Dura Ace 9000 11 Speed Group

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Carlo Epifani says:

steel frame and enve fork looks weird

Aaron ___ says:

I purchased a 2011 Record Ace a month ago, love it!

Dav382 says:

Awesome video, thanks!

Hawkeye says:

Aweosme build

sabrina renee says:

Question: when you were putting the back brake on, what’s the bar with hole you’re putting it on called?

Guoenyi says:

That is a pretty frame!

Caoi mhin says:

There is absolutely nothing basic about this bike! Ridiculous title.

mantelles says:

Great video and thanks for the effort, A LOT of very useful info here. That little chain spanner tool to hold the chain is brilliant. I have never seen one before, and looked online and was unable to locate this tool. Any recommendations on where to purchase one of those tools??? Thanks in advance.

Paul Mayer says:

Great video! Very clearly explained and filmed. Nice build. Attention to detail seems to be a consistent theme here. As someone a little on the OCD side I appreciate that. Great work, thanks! A+
P.S. Do you use this bike as a commuter/touring bike, or do you race it at all? The components are certainly race-worthy, but overall it has an urban/cafe bike feel. Seems to have the potential to be a nice all-rounder, just wondering how that panned out, 2+ yrs later.

Andy Manley says:

White saddle black bar tape combo fail!

Wigan Cyclist says:

I like that frame!

sabrina renee says:

Great video!! Thanks!

David Okon says:

Nice Build. Can i get details of the list of components for this build?

Ariff Arshad says:

Hi, what is the name of the thing you replaced for the downtube shifters?

John Denning says:

You sized the chain incorrectly and it’s triggering my autism.

northy Land says:

no need for dura ace unless your pro.. or rich..

Santos Garcia says:

Amazing. Thank you, this was a huge help

Kevin Sykes says:

Wow that is a badass but elegant bike you built. Now I will be searching for an old frame kind of wondering what year that is I’m guessing it’s probably early to mid 70s??? Right now I have a trek 1400 which is pretty much the tubing shape of an old-school frame however it is Aluminum and I’m basically was wanting to build it the same way you will yours however this Frame is too big for me it is a 58 cm frame where I would need more like a 54 and I hate to put money into this one for that fact. Also I did want to say great video excellent editing

Daniel Alcantarilla says:

Best video about how to build a bike, congrats!

Lyxander Rojas says:

Rim brakes on a carbon wheel?

shinrips says:

All carbon 5-7 nm,, pretty much

Alek Alek says:

frame name?

Kirk Walchek says:

Really excellent instructions…gives me confidence for a build I’m attempting in a couple weeks.
Question: In the beginning the fork post was longer than necessary but by the end it was the correct length. What did you do there? Did you have to trim the fork post?

John Louie Bernardo says:

The brake cable housing that goes into the shifter is there a ferrule of cap ? Or is it just the cable into the shifter ?

Nicholas Broussard says:

How did you install an 11 speed cassette on a vintage Raleigh International?

Skuleng U says:

That’s like saying “Your basic Ferrari F40”. But it is truly wonderful to see Dura-Ace on a beautiful steel frame. Thank you for making a video on this rolling piece of art.

lee guankiat says:

I get very excited whenever I see a bike being build. I just bought a second hand Sedona DX women bicycle and gave it a full service. Now my GF is able to cycle 3 hrs nonstop with me and her average speed increased by 2km/h.

JohnReviewer112 says:

It is basic people… Basic does not mean cheap… Tis a basic bike build, simple old school frame with external routing for easier, basic assembly.

Mauro Fusco says:

this was very instructive

Josh says:

great video. You explained this much better than a lot of ‘pros’

Miguel Lopez says:

Very well explained and filmed! Helped me a lot! Thany you 😀

bolderiks says:

I understand it, and if I understand it everyone else does. So, Dura Ace is basic, Campagnolo Super Record is the next level.

Martin Wright says:

This was very helpful! I didn’t get the guide for the front d. Can’t seem to get it right! Very frustrating! Any advice?

ramserran says:

I enjoyed your video. I just bought a new bike and learning more about bikes everyday.

Dom Bautista says:

this was great. Is that an older Raleigh that was restored or is that a newer one? i have a late 80s Cinelli i want to do a newer groupo on for kind of a retro modern bike. thanks for the inspiration.

alfredo sanchez gutierrez says:

Amazing video

Fred West says:

Headset and Bottom Bracket already in, the hard bits really.

jerrymartin79 says:

Outstanding walkthrough. Thanks!!

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