Best Bikes £2000-2750 – Top 3 – Bike of the Year 2016

Cycling Plus’ annual search for the best road bike has come to an end. This year, it’s been split over four different price groups, with this one looking at bikes priced at £2000-2750 (or US$2800-3800).

Bikes tested in this category –

Vitus Vitesse Evo VRi
Trek Emonda SL8
Scott Foil 20
Wilier GTR SL
Merida Scultura 6000
Look 765
Lapierre Xelius SL 600
Genesis Datum 20
Focus Cayo Disc 3
Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc Ultegra
Pinarello Gan
Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1
Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 8.0
Boardman SLR Endurance 9.2
BMC Gran Fondo GF01

This video contains paid product placements on behalf of Witter Towbar Systems, Giro, Altura and Bell.


Elliot Huntley says:

This is bull shit a bunch of idiots and mamil’s

renzcec says:

tcr advance pro or advance 1? 🙁

lpoolck says:

What bike rack make/model was that which was in the opening credits carrying the 4 bikes?

ken Wiebe says:

have a question about bike wheels, in places you describe them as heavy, is this heavy as in weight or, rolling resistance or both? Have a set of campagnola zondas on my Trek, they arren’t all that light but they roll so much better than the stock wheels.

Alex Pavlov says:

Bike radar needs to get hosts that are same age group as target audience, and not retirement age.. Look at GMBN hosts for example.

High Carb Cycling says:

No giant tcr! 🙁 lol

minidini10 says:

I’m sure it rides fine but I can’t get over how ugly the Lapierre is: the triangle leading into curved seatstays, that fork point, and a huge seatpost clamp.

I would love to see a video review of a Canyon Aeroad. For all the praise it gets, it’s hard finding an English non-sponsored video review.

BennyOcean says:

Just wondering why no Specialized bikes have been tested in this group (and the others?) thanks.

Mato V says:

why are yoo always riding on small ring
its horrible

dinos dav says:

00:27 : “Welcome to Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Sills71 says:

You posted this video saying the bike of the year is coming next week…   2 weeks ago….   no bike of the year video yet…

janney36 says:

still no canyon :/

adriboff1 says:

I don’t always agree with you guys, but love listening to you talking about cycling! Really enjoying it so far although somewhat surprising top 3. Thanks for helping people choose new bikes each year!

Ubon94 says:

he said great comfort level lol..

Abdur-Rahman says:

gotta wait for $1000-$2000 one

Pinetree1984 says:

Shimano 105 and a total weight of almost 20 pounds on a bike that costs 2.500 quid is quite a shocker IMO. I don’t know how the BMC is so loved by cycling plus. For that price you could get a ROSE XEON CDX-4000 also with disk brakes but Shimano Dura-ace and weighing around 16 pounds!! Makes no sense.

Elliot Huntley says:

No giant

CDXXIX says:

How is the Bianchi Intenso 105 Hydraulic Disc?

John says:

Every year I look at the “bike of the year” and even from this video, all you guys look for are comfort levels / handling from the bikes – but road cycling is not all about comfort tbf, there are other aspects of the bike that comes into play.

You might as well call these videos “Best endurance Bikes xxxx” “Best endurance road bike of the year”.

sal5493 says:

I don’t care what is what i just saw BMC slr in flesh that bike look beautiful .

inferno4001 says:

+BikeRadar Thanks for the info. I was aware of this test. This partially helped me in deciding to buy the GT grade. Looking forward to all the best of test from you guys… I was actually talking about the higher end model of the GT grade. There is a big difference between the 1000 euro version and the 2300 version of the GT grade (obviously). And since this video was about that last price category, I mentioned the carbon version with the 105 groupset (the Ultegra version is more expensive, but (almost) not worth the additional money….. Ride on!

Officer Baron says:

No Giant?

deepinder cheema says:

I have been riding bikes since 1968 when my dad pushed me down the hill in Aston Park. I remember a time when we were grateful for a drink of cold milk and 12 minutes of cycling per year on Dickie Davies World of Sport. How times have changed in the reign of Elizabeth II.

inferno4001 says:

Missing several absolute winners; where is the GT Grade carbon 105??

Peter Šori says:

So .. best bikes for that money are road bikes? ….

jlebrech says:

3:15 what a load of crap

Birk Hansen says:

I do really like that you (from 0:23) do play one of the theme-songs from Pro Cycling Manager 2015 😉

Yukitaka Iriyama says:

nice to have “best disc road bike of the year” selection

Charles Rush says:

Colnago still makes the best fitting bike for me. I would never switch to another brand no matter what hodge-podge  tech designs and claims are stated. Some of these bikes like the three you just showed us look like some idiot designs which were implemented just to be different therefore I can’t believe the performance claims. I still enjoy watching these videos of new bikes, they always give me a good laugh.

ian docena says:

Great but wheres the Specialized Diverge mates?

Aaron MP says:

good job BR! I always enjoy your videos, your youtube channel and website are one of many I use to keep myself informed and up to date about cycling. Thanks!
By the way, I’m 40, and the comment below about our group of age and the convenience of hosting this videos is completely out of line: I don’t know if a younger person could give a more experienced and more professional comment just because they haven’t riden so much than us.

Champ Phetiam says:

waste of time, if you are going to do a video of top three then just put the winner in this video

Rob VGV says:

Where is ridley?

Juan Lopez says:

Just a question, why didn’t you test Scott Addict 20??

250 watts says:

E bikes are the best, normal ones are for dinosaurs.

ken Wiebe says:

Bike Radar and Warren Rossiter, by my estimation are the definitive bike testers. Any bike that I have ridden that has been tested by Bike Radar and Warren, I have agreed with their assessment. Any time I am interested in a new bike the first thing I do is go to Bike Radar and see if they have done an evaluation. Well done boys.

Schmidteren says:

Who won?

methunshow says:

What the guys that really test the bikes can’t talk?

They Live We Sleep says:

Will there be 700 – 1200$ range??

nightfly222 says:

I wish they go into more detail how they made their choices. I like know to what criteria where use get this point. You tell us what you like about the top three bikes but how the hell did get there and why where these three bikes better then the rest of the list. On top of that list seem quite short I can name lot of bike could not on that list. Just not enough information for me. How much of your decision is base on personal preference.

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