Best road bikes under $1,000

BikeRadar’s US team check out the best deals on road bikes for under $1,000. They explain the key testing criteria before revealing the winner of the group test. If you are after a new bike for Christmas then this video should help with your research.

See the full group test at


wgv wgv says:

maybe things changed within a year but i bought a brand new giant defy 1 and its fully 105. Seems a much better choice.

Rejor111 says:

This video is quite a few years old, they need to make a new one. 

My advice? Look at previous year models for bicycles. Here in Japan actually, I recently saw a bicycle from last year with full ultegra Di2 groups for about 1200 USD. Too bad it was 5 sizes too small for me. xD

But seriously, look at previous year models. Giant and Merida make good ones. 

Also, don’t forget the value of a good frame with less-than-ideal components. Some bicycles out there sell carbon frames that the higher end versions use, they just have lower-tiered components. This can make it a great bike to ride and train on, and replace the components with higher-end versions as the originals wear out.

Joshua Bouillon says:
Taint Smash says:

I got a Fuji Roubjax all 105 for $1000. The Alex wheels bite balls so I replaced those. Now I have a 2016 Specialized Roubaix on back order here in Lakewood OH, that will set me back $2500. Was going to get the Specialized Venge but the LBS said it’s so stiff that it’s uncomfortable. I’m done blabbing.

Zraupp10 says:

Trek DS,

Cruiser Bikeden says:

Give me a used Trek 1000 Aluminum for under $500 which holds it own with any of these tested….

manuel belteton says:

don’t waste your money and those bicycles spend $2000 on you will get shimano 105 11 speeds and carbon fiber if you don’t have the money just work for a couple weeks more for couple of months get something good for you yourself you only live once

hillclimber440 says:

IN 2007 my Caad 8 came with 105 and semi aero wheels for 1150, nowadays it seems you need to spend 1500 to get that but with lower tech wheels, but at least your getting a BB that is 10% stiffer. LOL.

Mr76K1976 says:

I have a 2014 trek crossrip, cyclocross, but pretty much the same as a road bike.. i ride it bc its 4 to 5 times faster than walking.

Quality of Life ! says:

Interesting video, I myself ride a entry level Cannondale! Check it out

PaulTehGr8 says:

every bike under 10000 is trash trust me I bought mine for 8000 and im not happy with it

NorceCodine says:

Bianchi Via Nirone – Italian design under 1K

chousiself says:

Best road bikes under $1000 :Canyon, Rose, planet x, Radon, Direct X mission completed

Eldwurm says:

under 1000$ cyclocross bike?

Tyler Kilburn says:

The Allez line is amazing.  It is such a great value and has the Specialized geometry –  Fits like a glove 😉  No need to blow on $2000+ since training makes you fast, not the bike.

AftershockPS3 says:

Too complicated for buy a road bike
Expensive expensive and expensive

Clorox Bleach says:

I will never be able to enjoy those bikes due to my balls being too big 🙁

Lykel Macaranas says:

it says sub $100 on the thumbnail :/

Jean-Silviu Dupouy says:

I have the Specialized Allez Elite 2014, it’s an awesome bike! You can see it in action in one of my videos 🙂

유목민 says:

These are trash

jose bejarano says:

Fuji roubaix? Ridley?

John Johan says:

Guys im looking for a bike and im a bit confused since im not expert in the technical side of bikes. What u suggest between specialized allez elite 720£ , cannondale saad 700£ and gian defy 2 750£ ? All of them are under 1.000

15thsquadron01 says:

Amazon does not ship to Hawaii.

Antony Yang says:

I can buy a Shimano 105 5800 with $1000, but not popular brands. But who cares? You can’t buy a road bike with good gears and popular brands, you gotta choose one.

Paulo Moniz says:

Sora?? Low ass gear.

For 1000Euros you get a CANYON road bike with full shimano 105 (11 speed).

the Man says:

The first guy sounds like Obama..

CycleTech TV says:

Are you able to do a more recent video for this budget?

happydragon5077 says:

Two weeks ago I got an end-of-season 2015 Specialized Allez Sport for $1045.00 Can (Under $800.00 US) with Wellgo pedals and 2 Bell plastic bottle cages….taxes included. I’m happy I chose a popular model…I didn’t see this video before….I had a choice of a Trek, Giant and Cannondale (But they were 2 cm larger than I preferred). This video mentions they tested eight models….they didn’t mention the others, and what kind of components they had. Would’ve been better if they at least shown those bikes.

Seabass says:

i like the porn music

RockStarsLoveSnakes says:


Moon Pie says:

Did I miss something what were the 8 bikes?
I only saw 3.

xophaser says:

got a fuji cyclocross for 1100 with all sram apex gear set. Currently, Shimano Sora gear set bike are priced in the 600-800, Tiagra 800-1000 and 105 are 1000+ at performance bike. I seen sora for over 1k and that is a joke for that gear set.

Master firearrow says:

I have the Felt f85 exclusive, got it from wiggle for about £550

w8mpx says:

thats not bad 1,000 dollars for a bike but paying 8,000 dollars for a bike it will feel like pedalling on rocks without the saddle , but only with the seatpost Ouch

Ryan Godage says:

Reid Falco elite full 105 group set rolls like a dream 899 current price, unbeatable value for money

What The says:

What about a Merida or a Giant? Um shouldn’t u mention the 2 biggest bike company’s in the world…? Good advice but failed on the product info. Also Sora gearing for $1000? Get outa here.

Dave Bishop says:

How to adjust tiagra

es333es says:

Im riding allez sport 2013.

jamma246 says:

Say that I spend $1000 on my 4 mile bike commute to work. How many minutes faster will that be than on a $400 bike? 3 minutes, maybe? To me, even $1000, for 99% of people is totally over the top.

ti0chema says:

Fuji Roubaix runs arounds 1000 USD with Shimano 105 11speed drivetrain…

Emil Ram says:

# card Molly.

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