Best Road Bikes Under $3,000 [with a twist]

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In this video I will outline a different strategy to researching and making a purchasing decision for the best road bikes under $3,000 Australian/AUD. It’s a three step approach that should leave you with the best possible solution for your bike riding needs in 2018 and beyond.

Shopping Online vs In store:


J. Medina says:

I think the forks on this were just recalled in the US.

69pslim says:

Dude you are so on point with this topic, I have two custom built Allez Sprint bikes and I saved so much money going this direction. My local bike shop are some true life savers when I need sales and Assistance or maintenance. This Allez Sprint frame is a true carbon killer.

Craig Olman says:

You can get an Allez in the US for $1800. They don’t come in carbon?? They do come with DT 460 wheelset they retails over $400.

galifinaki says:

be aware: almost all shops have a relationship with just ONE brand. Nothing wrong with Specialized bikes, but go to several shops and test ride Giants, Cannondale, trek etc before you buy. They all have entry level road frames and can have different dimensions. LBS are great but don’t buy the first thing a salesman gives you.

David tnsca says:

Se ve interesante el video pero los están pasando en Sudamérica y todo está en inglés y reduzcan por favor

kierenkd says:

Completely agree. I bought at my local bike shop and they chopped my seat post for me there & then. Had I bought online I would have needed to buy or borrow a saw.

thelbp says:

i have the unfortunate situation that my “small” city does not have a single good bike shop. i bought a simple bike to help me lose weight (and i got to my goal weight!) last year and they sold me the wrong size just because it was the size they had, i had horrible support and they wanted to make money with overpriced crap repairing the bike i bought with them (with my luck i bought a bike with a defective rear hub). and the “best” bike shop here actually repairs your bike but they are really small and specialized into mountain biking.
I went this vacation to my parents house and decided to look at some bikes while there, and i was surprised by the support in every bike shop i went, they lent me an allez to ride with them for free and they organize group rides every week with van support if you need, i didn’t buy a bike just because they didn’t have my size and there was not enough time to order one.
at least now i know a loooot more about bikes. still crap at repairing it.

Marcos Fredrickson says:

This is silly. You don’t even have to spend even a tenth of this for a good bike.

Jonathan Wait says:

If you’re an experienced cyclist, you don’t need a LBS’ services. You could have gotten ultegra if you got components online. I love the frame!

J.W. Stillwater says:

It’s just hard to justify a local shop when direct to consumer is such good value for money
This is an alloy bike for ~$3000, when there are carbon options for that price

Samuel Perez says:

3000$? With that amount of money I would’ve both the **CAAD12**. Easily beats some Carbon frames in terms of weight while being a fraction of the cost.

Probably the best Alu frame money could buy.

Ianis Caratti says:

love my custom allez sprint

Mark Zhao says:

I like your attitude towards the relationship with your LBS, but as an experienced rider such as you claim youself to be, you should have known better than not checking the geometry before buying…Allez Sprint is one of the most aggresive bikes I’ve seen or ridden.

Sills71 says:

learn to do your own work and buy on line…. LBS sucks.

Sam Sanders says:

Hey, I have a allez sprint comp 105 and I got it for 1800$. What made you opt for the significantly more expensive model

spyderspic666 says:

I dunno what bike shop this guy is shopping at but here in NYC, you wouldnt get half the service this guy was talking about.

baconfromhell666 says:

I just bought a new road bike, and those cost vs price points..
Nr. 1 My old bike is crap, and can’t really sell it for anything, and rather have it for backup anyway. Also, sell your other bike, so you only have 1 bike? What?!
Nr. 2 I’ve done my research and knew what I wanted, so didn’t need custom parts.
Nr. 3 I’ve worked on my own bikes for years, so any tweeks or changes I can do myself.
Nr. 4 I still get warrenty when buying online. Store may not be close by, but it’s still there.
Nr. 5 there’s tons and tons of forums and videos if you ever have any question.

The Vegan Cyborg says:

Also, you might want to mention if your lbs has a team and you join it, like I did. You might gain access to year round discounts at that shop to support your long term cycling journey. That’s what I did 6 years ago.

Bradley Morris says:

Awesome video. Can totally relate to this subject as I just went through that exact scenario. In fact the bike I purchased was the specialized allez Sprint versus my more expensive carbon fiber Trek domane disc. I have already started upgrading with deep Carbon wheels and Aero bars and will be upgrading small things such as brakes, but the bike is truly mine, even though in the end it will cost about the same. Your video was very spot-on and well put. Keep up the good work!

The Xardas says:

I got my frame with 35% discount on line, got my components with 35-50% discount on line. Paid my LBS $150 to assemble everything and got light tuning twice for free cos it was included in assembling price. I saved over 1k and didn’t pay another 8.75% tax on top of everything. Sorry but I don’t think my good relations with LBS owner worth $1300-1500.

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