Bike Dealer Camp 2011 – GT Bicycles 2012 GTR Road Bike

Patrick shows us the top of the range 2012 Team GTR road bike, a completely new frame designed from the bottom up that improves on the previous years model.


Pedro Almeida says:

hey 9kevin, why not try to ride a 7,000 dollars bike? you’ll see the enourmous difference for a 500 dollars bike. Indeed the more important partof the system is the rider, maybe you re in much better shape than your neighbour, but try to ride with someone at your level and you’ll see!

Inna Leonoff says:

you don’t need a ferrari or a lambo but if you’re rich and cars is you’re hobby it’s ok if i was loaded with cash i’d get a bike that costs that much even though i’m not pro because it’s my hobby it’s cool to have something real nice

9kevin says:

I might get negative comments, but is ridiculous to pay 6,000 dollars or 4,400, for a bike. RIGHT, if you are not a competitive rider. I just don’t get why. My neighbor has a Cervelo, it cost him 7,000 dollars., people 7,000 dollars for a bicycle, and he is not a competitor, I have a Raleigh that cost me 500 in deal that I made, and I go as fast as him, sometimes I have to reduce the speed to ride with him, what a waste.

Jesus Christ says:

@TurkiyeCumhurbaskani Thats cheap compared to some Trek road bikes. Some of theirs are 6000.

Cornelius Maximilianus says:

$4400 holly shit, I pass

Quezacotl says:

I dont understand why some people with alu-bike compare to another people cf-bike and says i ride faster than other cf owner.
Or dont see any difference except the ridiculous price.
They should try or own a cf-bike first and then make a comment.
Its just like: why i should go to the pub to drink a beer. Buy at the supermaket and drink it at home, its cheaper.

Inna Leonoff says:

pretty bike

KINGatLIFE says:

Gimme… Gimme… Gimme!!!

Inna Leonoff says:

shame they lost their contract with jelly belly could’ve made it big in the road game

Arnel Abad says:

Hi, I’m looking for derailleur hanger for my GTR Series 3. What number should I order? The #96 did not fit

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