Boardman Road Team Carbon Bike Review (First Ever Carbon Frame Bike Thoughts!)

A review and chat about my experience with my first ever carbon framed bike, a “Boardman Road Team Carbon”… SPOILER… I like it!
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Matthew Thomas says:

Hi Dan, it might be worth looking into DZR shoes. They are cycling shoes for clipless pedals, but they look like normal shoes. Really comfy to walk around in off the bike. It’ll make a massive difference to your riding too.

Philip Burns says:

Decent choice for that price range. Get in the Lycra… just not on camera… and you’ll shave off another couple of minutes.

Mark Dell says:

Nice bike Dan and thanks for the video as others may have said how do you avoid punctures? I would have thought the Boardman carbon trail bike may have suited you on the towpath? Just sayin and not criticising
Glad you are enjoying it mate

Andrew Williams says:

I was just wondering Dan what engine is in a canal boat do they still use the old Perkins Engines

sim6699 says:

Guess a performance bike is like a performance car, and needs better brakes to match the performance.

dead pool says:

Did you not consider the Boardman cross bike ??wider tyres a bit more comfort on bad roads and paths?

Gary Dean says:

hopefully this bike can forgo the need for you to own a car! owning a car is such a damn hassle.

Lime 23 says:

Looks a cracking bike mate. Glad your loving it. Put some gorilla clear tape a long the chain stay mate it will stop the chain smacking against the chain stay on the bumpy tow paths. Also I put it on the down tube from the bb to the forks to stop stone chips. The gorilla clear tape is really strong and you won’t notice it but will save your frame getting damaged. I am the same mate it takes me ages to justify purchases.

Andy Outdoors says:

Bad in wind, lighter bikes!!! Just my experience Dan lol will massage you soon, racer vs electric mountain bike and interviews with Dan and Andy Outdoors

Mersey Merlin. says:

Excellent bicycle. I would advise fitting a chain stay protector.

Andrew Williams says:

Look into tannus tyres for your bike as well they might suit you they might not the suit the style of riding I do they’re like a solid rubber there but I know I’m safe I’ll never get a puncture

John Williams says:

Had the pleasure of riding the towpaths from Llangollen to Chirk a few weeks back on a road bike I couldn’t believe how good they are around there.

lostinthekerf says:

Looks like a great solution to your commuting. I’m sure you do this but as an avid walker it is nice to hear a bell or “on your left/right” at least 50 feet (15 meters) before passing from behind from cyclists. Us walkers can have our heads in the clouds and it is quite startling to have a bicycle zooming by on the trail. It also lets dog walkers know to keep leashed dogs close to them to prevent close calls and accidents. Keep it bike worthy : )!

Martin Trezise says:

Great bike Dan. Hope you are not storing it on the roof. At that price I’d be taking it to bed with me!

Stephen Canal boat says:

Dan, loving your new boating and biking videos with terrific views along the canals and roadways. Stephen (Canada)

Anthony Sturgess says:

Hi Dan that’s a nice bike did you look at cyclo x bikes

Ian Fenwick says:

Try putting 28 mm tires better ride on your type pf terrain

alasdair geddes says:

Get clipless pedals- you will see the difference that they make!

Stephen Kite says:

Yes a very nice bike Dan , very light frame and faster but you should have got disc brakes for all the money you paid , they are much more efficient than calliper brakes . Keep it bike worthy 🙂

Netty Voyager says:

did i ever tell you how i found you on here same as your name is one of my favorite aurthers books i was looking for his latest and you popped up his new book by the way is “Origin”.

little lamb says:

Dan have you thought of getting a cateye for your bike to record speed and miles ?

Rich H says:
! so many potholes 2018
but, if there are any particular ones anyone can identify, that website will send a report on to the relevant authority.

Maxboon Boon says:

it is a nice bike 😀

The legend 27 says:

Nice bike don’t leave outside this time not even for a minute


great video! have you ever released where you work or what industry?

smokeybarr says:

Might be worth investing in some more robust tires if you’re doing quite a bit of riding on loose ground. Punctures might be an issue with road tires. Also do you ever bump into the ‘Cruising the Cut’ bloke?

Extraordinarily Pumpkin says:

*The Thumbnail:* It’s the *circle* of liiiiiiffe

wrenne d'angleterre says:

Nice bike, Dan. Amazing time saving. I use MTB clipless pedals and reckon they also improve speeds. The shoes however are a hassle, as I have road shoes with MTB cleats.

Lancashirelad says:

Hope you’ve insured it against theft. Those front LED lights are very bright, you may wish to consider angling it down slightly so as not to blind oncoming car drivers.
How will it be in winter with no mudguards?

Sylvia Page says:

Glad you like your bike. I have a Brompton folding bike which I love. It only has 6 gears but that’s OK. It’s very convenient when travelling but it seems heavy to me when everyone says they are light and portable. I’m going to check the weight and compare it to your new bike. I know what you mean about bike prices. I’m still recovering from buying my Brompton but when I took it for its last service there was a bike in the shop for £8,300! Crazy money for a bike. I’d want 30 minutes shaved off a 34 minute journey for that cash. Thanks as always.

noakeswalker says:

The increase in speeds everywhere seems miraculous Dan ! Toe clips- have you tried old style toe clips and straps, but keep the straps in a loose loop ? I’ve done this on my mountain bike since it was new in the ’80s, and find it keeps my feet from sliding sideways or forwards, but my feet aren’t locked in place at all, and I can wear any old footwear I like – including walking boots if necessary :o) Don’t ask me what my old Raleigh weighs – it’s a _lot_ more than any of your bikes :o)

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