BRAND NEW Orbea Orca – First Ride And Full Details

Orbea have updated their Orca! Si is privileged to get a first look at this incredibly light bike.

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Orbea are about to launch the 5th version of their Orca road bike, first released in 2003. It’s been used by a host of famous riders at the biggest races in the world. This latest update it lighter than it’s predecessors, so light that Si didn’t even want to fit a bottle cage!

It comes in a disc brake version too, some of you will be pleased to hear. It’s also stiffer and more aero – Si gives you all of the details in this first look video.

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Geoffrey Soupe’s Tour De France Orbea ▶︎
Matt rides the very first Orbea Orca ▶︎

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Einar Erlander – Lonely Star

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Jason Ford says:

Looks like a Trek Emanda.

Andrew San says:

Why is there a mermaid in the back grown

Grant Edwards says:

Looks just like a tcr frame

Alan M says:

Is a pro stick to good to prop this bike up?

B Lamo says:

One sick looking bike!Love the paint job too

Jesus Martinez says:

no! I liked the chunky design of the old orca, it looks generic now

koko lores says:

Looking forward to another ‘How do ride/look like a pro’ video. It will have to contain the suggestion to attach weights to your bike to make it UCI conform.

LisaPet says:

1:18 – “O R is the beginning of O-bea” …. yes, O-ka.

Charles Bronson says:

20% stiffer frontally 😉 4:47

Ujjval Chauhan says:

Perfect video, except for the naked mermaid statue in the background 😛

Emmanuel Foret says:


Pedro Costa says:

It looks old school?

Milan561165 says:

It looks a bit cheap for some reason.

menace50 says:

The lack of bottle cages, for some reason, makes an otherwise beautiful bike look a tad strange…

Richard Cancino says:

Simon Richardson is always an innovator of grammar. “Bonkersly” I predict will become an Oxford dictionary word within our time and we’ll have this young wordsmith to thank!

Daniel Cano says:

Hi GCN! when are you going to announce the winner of the Orbea Orca (last week’s competition)? I really want it!

Drew Labat says:

Is that a standard paint job? It’s hideous..

LiveLeak says:

Orbea’s are pieces of carbon crap. My brand new Orca came with off-spec bottom bracket cups, and the “Eco-friendly Paint” they use chips off from debris like no other. Inside of the frame has messy leftover resin and messy carbon pieces sticking out.. Currently trying to get Orbea to replace the frame but they’re telling me it will take 2-3 months!! I just gave up and bought a Giant TCR Advanced Pro, absolutely perfect from the factory.

David Yu says:

When is the bike available?

vivoslibertos says:

The color scheme is ugly – prefer the previous one or the frankentstein van halen one.

simon A says:

the paint sucks. I wouldn’t ride it if it was the most comfy/fast bike ever

renzcec says:

hey guys. can you review some giant bikes. tcr and propel :). appreciated it !

doublecheese1 says:

Hi have you guys ridden/test ride the Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod Team 2016, the 56″ frame is 6.30kg without the pedals and this new Orca reminded me of the Cannondale as they look similar.

enter4me1 says:

So … Oral is Orbea Aluminium ??
Sounds Sexy…. 😉

richiedelf says:

Love it!! Comp?

Daniel Liu says:

What kind of tires are those?

edinborogh says:

awesome review! thanks

Conor Verbruggen says:

It’s starting to become noticable when a video is sponsor-oriented (not a good thing). Please don’t let GCN become a bike-company advert channel. If you do bike reviews for one bike company, you’ll need to do them for (at least some) others too.

Keep up the good work besides.

Zack Sia says:

The effort of Si making a pun is harder than his effort to climb that hill with the NEW Orbea Orca, I guess try harder next time Si-ORal =)

Juan The One says:

I think Si was pretty stiff looking at it

ThunderMan says:

Thanks, GCN for your videos. I always lean quite a bit. Can you do a video on 23mm vs 25mm vs 28mm tires? I understand that the wider tires tend to improve handling but do you sacrifice rolling resistance and/or overall speed on the road?

Clydesdale Cyclist says:

those seat stays look fragile. Pencil seat stays always seem more likely to fail in a crash. I don’t understand why mini V brakes mounted behind the forks haven’t become popular for aero and braking power

Dave Carroll says:

Did I hear Si say he hopes the disc version doesn’t get ridden in the pro peloton?.

Joel North says:

The first aluminum called the ORAL. I just about fell over. Thanks Simon! Definitely saving up for this one!

mark mccall says:

I prefer the look of the last Orca, personally.

Ironoutrigger says:

Ok, I gave you a thumbs up on this even though most of the video was irrelevant to me. Things I would like to know are from a builders point of view. Will this be offered in a frameset, if there is a frameset is it electronic compatible,  bb shell spec, can I use an aftermarket seat post, did Orbea do anything cool to make a build job go easier? Most everyone makes a sub 15lb bike with more than adequate stiffness now. So what does Orbea got this year that is going to make my next bike build go silky smooth? Oh, on a different note, I have a question for your Ask Us Anything section of your show. What is the absolute dumbest thing I can buy for my road bike? There is a question you can have fun with. lol

Justin says:

Hi Simon, it’s me, your long lost brother. Please send me the Orbea Orca so that I can cycle to reunite with you 🙂

Cathal Brannigan says:

Hey GCN,

I was just wondering if there was a reason that you guys never feature/ride Cannondale’s. Can you not buy them in the U.K. or something?

Angry Vegan Cyclist says:

that paint job gives Scott’s a run for their money.

Mark Munro says:

Simon, You can come up and ride my bike. Its 4.9kgs. That will then be the lightest bike you’ve ridden!

Emerick Ngo says:

I checked out the music as listed but did not find the same music as heard in 0:33 seconds, did you guys credit the wrong band?

Robert Markle says:

Why can I see today’s video (Aug. 2) on my ROKU (where I can’t enter the contest) but I can’t find the video or the contest on the website?

LaughingSaint66 says:

Amazing how light what are u using to hold it up?

spudzillav2 says:

I don’t know what’s stiffer, this bike or my penis while looking at it…

Andrew Rymer says:

Extreme weight saving, leaving off the cable end cap on one of the brake cables.

zellfrainbow says:

Orcas are NOT killer whales… they’re sea pandas!

Bruno Vasco says:

the ORAL joke was beautiful. the bike looks awesome,
I would like to see this paint scheme with brighter colors..

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