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The B’Twin Triban 540 is a bike on a budget without cutting corners, and a quality frame paired with a superb spec make this bike a blast to ride. | Subscribe to Cycling Weekly here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CyclingWeekly1?sub_confirmation=1

B’Twin has always offered exceptional value for money, but it takes more than that to feature in the Cycling Weekly Editor’s Choice awards. For that top honour a bike needs versatility, great ride quality and a killer spec – these are all things the B’Twin Triban 540 has by the bucket load.

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Prastt says:

where was this filmed?

Euros Williams says:

If no money was taken, why is the video in partnership with the manufacturer?

Muhd Fahmi says:

I have it too but its the 720 af version

Jesus Rodriguez says:

I wish these were available in America.

Aventanario says:

We do have a different version the Triban 540. It comes with a Tiagra Groupset, Red and Blue Paintjob, and Shimano RS11 Wheels instead.

Youngboon Lim says:

You have no idea how heavy the frame is. Sounds like a piece of rubbish just like polygon.

rednotchilis says:

I have this bike as a winter hack. Word of warning, replace the tires ASAP, as they have no grip. Like I’m talking tyre spin when you push off easy to begin riding. Dangerous.

Youngboon Lim says:

Ugly ass frame with a scam price tag good for nothing. I rather get a discounted Merida.

大車釭 says:

I have to say that the braking system of this bike is awful. The braking cable got rusty with in only about one month and the brake it self doesn’t works well. I have to spend 600RMB(about 100$)to exchang the whole braking system.

Bruno Zub says:

For the north!

Fergus Jones says:

Got that bike, ridden 10000 miles in the last year on that bike, won races on that bike. A tenth of the price of most of my competitors bikes, and never had the slightest issue with it. Couldn’t ask for more really.

mark hancock says:

nice to see cycling weekly testing a bike a these price point,just what most people would choose as a starter bike,or winter hack.

AnTeallach2011 says:

Christ. What’s with all the flapping around out the saddle? You look like you’re having a seizure

Ozan Temel says:

What was the music played at background?

Gerhard Wanninger says:

B’Twin Triban 540, “Editor’s choice in partnership with B’Twin” (@0.09)? Sounds like a very independent choice…

Vishal Kumar says:

We are getting Tiagra groupset, Non Huchkinson wheels and Instead Btwin Wheels and Tires. For ₹60k or 900$
What do you guys reckon, should I buy ?

Lee Grant says:

Hi folks at cycling weekly I literally have £800 to spend on a road bike so next year hopefully I will be doing the London to Paris bike ride A couple of my friends have told me to go to Decathalon and pick up the ultra 900 just wondering do you know much about this road bike if you do can you get back to me as soon as possible I’ll be very very grateful yours sincerely Lee Grant.

Mejar Tomlinson says:

that feeling when you beat guys with pinarello, sworks and cervelo with a freaking btwin

Bruce Chastain says:

nice. I love everything decathlon does. I was going to get the 540 but I ended up getting a slightly higher end used bike for the same cost.

Diogo Carrano says:

Now I kinda regret buying a 2018 Specialized Allez e5 with Claris and realizing that in the same price range I could’ve bought the Triban 540 with full Shimano 105…fml.

Cycling Weekly says:

A few people have asked for more information on our Editor’s Choice and how it works.

The full Editor’s Choice list is on our website at http://www.cyclingweekly.com/editors-choice-2017, and contains more than 65 products that we have chosen as the best from everything we’ve seen over the past 12 months. No money has been asked for or taken to influence that list – it really is the best of the best as chosen by our editorial team.

Once the list had been chosen, we offered brands the opportunity to have a video made to highlight their product’s inclusion in the Editor’s Choice list. Videos are expensive to make and this isn’t something we could offer for free. The opinions in the video are the opinions of our editorial team, but money did change hands to support the creation of the video, and we always include a notice to that effect so as not to mislead our viewers.

It wasn’t possible to buy entry into the Editor’s Choice list – this opportunity was only open to products that had already been picked by the editorial team as the best of the best.

Will says:

Might be worth holding your purchases on this one, the 2019 version could potentially have disc breaks and tubeless tyres for the same price.

koen miseur says:

Askium Wheels? It’s AKsium!

Mohamed Metwally says:

Can I fit a 700×35 tires on this bike

Zainal Jamil says:

How about a review of both the Triban Ultra 500 & 520 AF GF?

JD says:

I love my Triban 3, it’s a fantastic bike.

Blizzbee R. says:

That is a Zig-Zag climbing style !

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