CAAD12 – Hottest Aluminum Road Bike of 2016

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The Cannondale CAAD12 105 was named 2016 road bike of the year because it is an incredible combination of lightweight, speed, and value all in a beautiful package. There has long been a belief in the road cycling world that aluminum bicycles are a dead technology. The CAAD12 changes all that. This bike is fast, stiff, and handles beautifully plus – this is the kicker – it’s amazingly comfortable. The performance you get from a Cannondale CAAD12 is shocking and the comfort is even more so. Test ride a CAAD12 to find out for yourself!

The bike I’m riding in this video review is the CAAD12 105. That means it has Shimano 105 components. 105 is a level that’s at the lower end of their performance range. You can get the CAAD12 in a variety of configurations from 105 all the way up to Dura Ace or Sram eTap. The Founder of Bikes and Life – John Antretter – actually has a CAAD12 Black Inc. That’s their highest level of this model and is not only super high performance but a thing of beauty in its own right.

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deane9050 says:

hi the frame weighs a mere 1050g and is as stiff and compiant as there come. Nice review top bike for the money.I ride the caad 10 and is a wonderful ride.

singletrackftw says:

So true, my caad12 ultegra is as smooth as the smoothest carbon road bikes out there… Even smoother than some.

Adilson Amaro says:

Thanks for this awesome,honest and very pro review !!

Ben Braceletspurple says:

The wheels are laterally weak though, it’s been disappointing for me riding with my rim breaks touching all the time. Counterwise, the wheels are light and have good bearings. Only disappointment. The 105 CAAD 12 is completely underspeced. Wheels, tires, crankset, contact set(handlebars and seat,) and fork are all weak and unrefined garbage when compared with the main frame. I first thought the black Inc might be a little over-speced, but I was wrong, every lower level isn’t milking the most out of the frame. The seat post and stem, weak and not complaint. It’s pretty much like buying a carbon frame with lower spec kit, except it’s probably stiffer than the majority of endurance road bike carbon frames at all tiers. Carbon track bikes and tt bikes are stiffer but that’s about it. Absolute rigidity of the frame puts the parts it’s on to shame. I’m happy the frame is beefed up for the 60cm and not just taller. It legitimately feels stronger. Sadly the front fork is very weak. Wish it just had an aluminum fork at this rate, but most bikes at this price have poor forks.

Simon Rano says:

Huge flaw (deliberate) on this bike : if you want to change any chainring you have to get the whole cannondale crankset spider for 250 $. No other crankset is compatible yet

Ramen Rider says:

so what’s the weight of the bike including pedals?

Vinay Basavaraj says:

Is this an endurance geometry?

mauricio espinosa says:

se nota que es muy buena bicicleta y esta muy bien montada para ser aluminio me gusta mucho esa cleta

Robert Cook says:

BTW, are you still riding your Brompton? I have a Tern Link D7i, (2016), which I like very much. (It’s actually my first bike and first time back ON a bike in 35 years.) It rides great and is really sturdy. However, the compact fold of the Brompton captivates me and I aspire to one day get one.

rpmbxdj says:

Nice video Peter.. And good luck in London!

wldct69 says:

bought this bike and subbed

Chase Rogers says:

As others have said, get a decent set of wheels and possibly change out the saddle, and you’re down to about 16.7lbs. This is an amazing bike regardless. Probably better then my current Madone and previous Giant TCR.
Smooth and fast! Yup, my next bike for sure

Marty the cheese says:

connondale vs Trek Domane which is better, iam in the market for one

Dwayne Randolph says:

Brother man, please… Whenever you ride test ride a Cannondale bike again, please remove those reflectors. Beautiful bike indeed. I’m building my CAAD 12 as we speak ! The black inc. addition.

Renz Bryan Encarnacion says:

i think i like dis bike alum but……

darren lau says:

18pounds thats like 9kg and i think its quite heavy for a bike priced as that point. but if u compare it with other alu bikes like the giant tcr slr 1 it weighs in at 7.8ish kg. i still dont know which is a better choice to make pls help bikes n life tcr slr or a caad 12 thanks have a good day 😀

Bike Curious says:


myshihtzudontstink says:

You can’t appreciate this bike until you swap wheels and tires. With a decent set of wheels and tires this bike is super fun and fast.

HydeMyJekyll says:

These bikes still weight 18+ lbs? Damn, my 2002 CAAD7 58cm with two cages and pedals weighs about 18.6 lbs. I wonder if the ride quality is that different with the newer bikes to justify buying, since almost 15 years of development has resulted in exactly zero weight savings…

Gianna Giavelli says:

how does the 10 or 8 compare?

Jessy Bellmann says:

You don’t think the reason it’s 2 lbs heavier is from the groupset and the wheels compared to your Giant Carbon frame ?

RBastien says:

WTF? Aren’t you the NYCE bike demo. guy?

Chris Hewitt says:

it’s ALUMINIUM not ALUMINUM. It’s a chemical element so you don’t get the choice to spell it any other way. If you could let all your fellow americans know this I’d be grateful……. :))

Brian Harris says:

I love my CAAD 12. Great bike.

DosWheelsBetter says:

I enjoy how you ride and give the review. That is unique.

Justin says:


Sunny Scaper says:

a truly overpriced bike.

Sam Geyer says:

sweet bike. however, that stem ruins the whole thing..

Stan Miller says:

Have had my Caad12 for a month now…wow…this bike rips the hills and keeps pace with my friends gazillion dollar carbon fiber bikes. I will add Dura Ace components when these hit the wall. It’s just that good.

Rocky says:

Very fast, suited to lovely smooth tarmac roads but a pain in the arse on bad roads . Too stiff

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