Cannondale CAAD 10 – An AWESOME Alloy Racing Road Bike? Test And Review In Iceland.

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Bosco 2002 says:

I think I will be buying this bike over this weekend. I am 175cms (1.75m) and inseam is 86.5 cm. Which size would be fit for me? I would be using the bike for long miles like brevet and light long distance touring as well. Any modifications you recommend after the buy?

Richard Mourdock says:

very helpful video.  The saddle with varied density makes sense… breaks the monotony.

RBastien says:

Awesome review. It makes me want to get a CAAD 10

Edson Rozario says:

What´s you height?
I have a bike like yours…
And i have 1.78m height and 82cm inseam.
Caad 10 105 2015 size 56cm
But, the bike this size i feel delay reaction and more confort.

Keyboard Dancers says:

Excellent retailed review.

Valentin Radu says:

Hi, please help me out with a bike fit, I’m 182cm tall (barefoot), will a 56cm CAD10 frame be ok for me or should I go for a 54cm? (haw tall are you)
p.s. nice reviews

Eddysneddy222 says:

Hi!! I am 172 cm, will a 52 fit me best?

352pro says:

Very well done. Exactly what I was looking for. You just convinced me to push the “Buy It Now” button on eBay. Cheers.

preacher says:

Your english is really clear:) Will be next episode in Icelandic laungage? :V

klarkolofsson says:

I like the MTB pedals.

nightfly222 says:

Excellent video nice review of the CAAD 10. I really enjoy how detail your video is. This will help me with my purchase of the CAAD 12 105 in early spring. Just find out about YouTube site, keep up the good work and thank you.

Rudra Murthy says:

Dear Cannondany, for endurance, which one of these series best Synapses or CAAD, reasons please

Gianmarco 77 says:

Nice review, how tall are you?

Adilson Amaro says:

Great review !!! Sure , it’ll be my next bike. I really want to ride one awesome aluminium road bike. It’ll be more fun riding both, carbon and aluminium. Thanks again for the review.

Ricardo Luiz Turatto says:

Nice video! 
I got a 2014, and also love the bike…

matt lll says:

these are really good training bikes both caad 10 and synapse models. outstanding performance and really comfortable to ride.

Michael Cole says:

I bought the SRAM equipped Caad 10 and I love it, its a 56cm and it’s light and comfortable. Mine is similar in color, although its yellow with black. The wheels on mine are different, Fulcrum Racing 7, they seem to be pretty good so far. I have done 2 rides on it so far for 50 miles and it shifts flawlessly even on hills. I’ll be tacking on many miles on this bike over the summer.

morgan gaines says:

Excellent video review and cretic of the CAAD 10 thanks a lot for taking the time to make this great video. Cheers.

Paul W says:

Nice review, I liked this bike, but I noticed external cable routing, would be much sleeker if the cables were internally routed.

openbruno says:

hello cannondany! Finally my caad10 arrived! I am pretty amazed with it! But I have some questions. Mine came with white cables, tektro brakes and the saddle hasn’t the active feature although it is the kapa evo STNL. Are there different versions of 105?
Excellent review by the way!

Philip Parsons says:

I’ve owned my Caad 10 for two years. It’s a good bike but….. my BB30 bottom bracket could not stand winter conditions and kept seizing up. I had to fit a Praxis Works Hollowtech converter to use Shimano cranks. Also, the rear mech hangar snapped due to metal fatigue; never had this happen before. These problems are curable but I would never buy a BB30 bike again.

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