Cannondale Caad10 Road bike review with Williams wheels

This is a review of my 2011 Cannondale Caad10 with the Williams system 58 carbon clincher wheels. It’s a sweet bike and I wanted to show it to you all.


Neale Musgrove says:


Liked this video, full of useful stuff.
Currently looking for a cannondale 2014 bike atm
Found this video here…
Cannondale | Review | The Lowest UK Price

Cheers again

juanjeremy2012 says:

what a dumfuck for not getting carbon

Dan Dicristina says:

hey if you want to check out my bike search felt bike

CyclingSam says:

My wheels came with special ceramic brake pads that help dissipate the heat. I know SwissStop makes carbon brake pads that a lot of people like. I still love the Speedplays. I just have the chromoly and they work fine for me. Its up to you though.

Jonathan De Bruyne says:

i think he’s trying to say you bought yourself a very nice bike even though you were a beginner back than


Looks Bad A**

juanjeremy2012 says:

why would you put $900 wheels on an aluminum bike? how cum you didnt just get supersix?

Max Morrow says:

That is an epic bike!! You just need to flip the stem and take out the spacers

Dan Dicristina says:

nice review man sorry for flooding your vid  you got a killer nice bike for what it is  you should consider getting a Garmin edge 500 or the  Garmin edge 510 if you want heart rate plus power and other features like speed cadence  also check out my bike its a felt z series with ultegra 11 speed and ultegra carbon peddles and  Renyolds 50 mm carbon clinchers with power tap I also have Mavic axioms for training wheels

Lincoln Crooks says:

Nice and Sleek. Good job

55dadams says:

In response to the comment from juanjeremy2012 asking why did you put $900 wheels on an aluminum frame:  Well Jeremy, although this bike is aluminum, it is as light as some carbon bikes on the market.  Also this bike is designed with a very stiff frame, yet very light and impressive.  Because of the geometry, the transfer of power from the pedals to the drive train is explosive.  Also wheels make all the difference in the world on a bike whether it is aluminum or carbon, or what have ya.  Therefore just because it is aluminum has nothing to do with why you would or would not choose to put on a certain wheel set.  Might as well say since that is aluminum you should downgrade to less than Shimano quality components and put Walmart components on the bike.  I happen to own a Caad 10 and it is fast as hell even with the stock wheels.  I would not mind having a set of those Williams wheels myself.  I think they are awesome.  Put the right wheel set on this bike and you have one hell of a race bike.  Also it is no different than people who want to spend $3,000 on rims for their cars or $3,000 and more on car stereo systems, or $8,000 to $10,000 on custom paint jobs on cars.  Why does there always have to be somebody wanting to criticize someone out there.  Let the man be proud of his wheels for cryin out loud without making negative comments just because you don’t agree with what so and so does.

PlayTrbo says:

do you like the flat top head tube?

sanyukta Lele says:

i am planing to do a 850 km ride in 36 hours in nov 
planing to get a road bike i dont want a TT bike cause every thing in india it gets way expensive compared to usa or Europe
i have been racing on track for long time now i dont race any more got more over on road
so after reading all the stuff i have boiled down to cad 10 or allez elite as getting a carbon bike on my own in india is risky no warranty on bike n stuff also no to mention crap expensive 
so will you be able to suggest  
i am very good on flats sprints and TT but not so much on a climb 
i already have a bike giant scr0 which is very good on climbs

chousiself says:

amazing wheels, but only for expedition usage

55dadams says:

That is one sweet ride!!!  I have the 2013 Cadd 10 4 Rival – 56cm frame.  I purchased the Jet Black/Yellow model.  I too was hit by a car on my 1995 Cannodale SR 500 road bike a year ago.  The guy’s insurance took care of me very well.  They did not screw me over, as I too am a claims adjuster.  I could have gone with a carbon frame, but I am just as happy with an aluminum frame.  I ended up spending about $1800 for the bike, which retailed for $2000.  I have the stock wheels that came with it, nothing fancy by any means.  However they work just fine for me.  I have had the bike up to 36 m.p.h. and handles very well. Put a set of aero bars on it which helps going into the head winds.  Also I do not race, but ride to control my type I diabetes.  The black frame looks awesome, especially with those Williams wheels.  You definitely made a wise investment.  If you get a chance, shoot some videos of it rolling down the road.

Tafari says:


Joseph Bennett says:

Great review man. I currently ride a CAAD 8 and I’m very much a novice rider trying to become a more serious rider. The CAAD 10 family will most likely be the next bike sometime next season. Good work, enjoy!

Samuel Wong says:

Please do a williams system 58 review!

Justin Vaughn says:

Great review!

Cruzbone107 says:

Great review! I’m looking into getting a new Caad10 3 and I’m happy to hear about the feel of the bike.

bri3 fetz says:

Great review !! I’m a 6’2″ build guy around 215 and have the synapse 105 alloy . Was thinking about getting the cadd10 4 ? Was wanting something lighter and faster. Your thoughts thanks ??

littlezit2 says:

ah fuck off you wanker! bet you don’t even have any bikes dick head

Charles Rush says:

Cannondale’s suck. Just another cheap brand like Giant, Fuji, and Pacific now. They left Bedford, Pennsylvania and all their quality professional employees to be just another Chinese manufactured product. The folks that designed and built these bikes and made them a quality bike don’t have anything to do with it now and all that goes in to them now is what’s our bottom line going to be.

CyclingSam says:

In the video, the handlebars and stem are set up how my bike shop had it. Later on I got a full fit and I now have it set up much more aggressively.

A. C. says:

I get to throw my leg over my Caad in a week. Got to meet her today, still paying her off. Can’t wait to see how she feels. 

Dylan Weightman says:

Aaaaannnnd mute

CyclingSam says:

Stem is flipped, fork is cut, and I took out all the spacers except one. I am not as flexible as I would like to be so I don’t quite have it slammed.

Dan Dicristina says:

o yea the felt z series has a bb 30  bottom bracket  and its very stiff

CyclingSam says:

Sorry, I’m not following???

johnny m says:

excellent review. i ride a pair of older cannondales and am deciding between the caad8 105 and the caad10….would i really notice the benefits of the 10? tough choice.

Sir Janos says:

Great video, lucky man, the video at the end showing where you ride is amazing, what a beautiful view you see during your rides.

littlezit2 says:

try talking sense, jesus I think you left school before they could teach anything, not too late for you to try some evening classes or something, retard.

CyclingSam says:

Test ride them both. The CAAD10 is a really special bike though. I now have over 5000 miles on mine and I love it even more than when I first got it.

perwiratempur says:

Your stem… It is pointing up…

cdupright says:

Awesome bike, and it wont shatter in a crash, AA all the way

CyclingSam says:

The CAAD10 will defiantly be lighter and faster than an alloy synapse. Keep in mind that the position on the CAAD 10 will be much more aggressive than your currant bike and that it is more of a crit racer than an endurance bike so it will ride very differently than the synapse. If you are shopping for a new bike and you want something more like a race bike, I would defiantly test ride a CAAD10. The CAAD10 gives a lot of performance for the cost.

Ben Johnson says:

bullshit, chainstays do not flex at all. It is only the seatpost that gives you flex ! Thats why they use round seat tubes even on their time trial bikes now…….

juanjeremy2012 says:

someone below said this frame gets flexy over time. has anyone found this to be the case?

Dan Dicristina says:

nice bike man  I had a cannondale  then I got a giant tcr c 3 and from that got a felt z series  with ultegra 11 speed and  renyolds carbon clinchers with a power tap I race

Ol71 says:

Ultimate crit machine! Definitely put the bars down.

catomojo says:

Hahahaha u just started cycling in the beginning of summer and u got urself a CAAD10 4 now????

littlezit2 says:

and why would someone be an idiot because they think carbon is better? ask yourself what do the pros use? I have both and can say with confidence that carbon is far better for stiffness and comfort. Perhaps you should be considered an “Aluminium is king” idiot ?

paradox963 says:

Nice review, the only thing I would swap out would be the computer, you need one with cadence, it is such a big help.

mikey hanson says:

Great video man, I’ve watched it several times. I’m curious though…isn’t there special brake pads you need for carbon wheels that will help you stop better? I just purchased a set of Mavic Ksyrium Elite S for my 2012 Cannondale Synapse carbon bike and made a HUGE difference! Your video is what got me interested in the speedplay pedals and after doing some research they look to be the best as some teams are even using them now in the Tour De France. Should I get the chromoly or stainless?

Names says:

gay… obviously

CyclingSam says:

Thousands of miles later and I love it more than the day I bought it.

littlezit2 says:

its you that knows nothing, keep it shut unless you know what your talking about! retarded gimp.

Andréas Remis says:

I am thinking about either getting a Cannondale Synapse or CAAD8/10 as my entry level road bike. Any suggestions?

maginext says:

How has the speedplays held up so far? Have u had to replace them? Im intrested because i love the mech, but heard they wear out sooner than most other clipless pedals.

Just Dec says:

Great setup!

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