Cannondale Slate – The Future of Road Bikes

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The Cannondale Slate is likely to become the future of road cycling. Why? Because it combines a lightweight and stable suspension platform in the front end with high performance road bike geometry and hydraulic disc brakes. This adds up to a package that is not online incredibly fast but also extremely comfortable and safe thanks to the suspension fork. With a Cannondale Slate you can go on road – or off road – and enjoy the same bike equally. Now, I’m not saying to take this bike on extreme mountain bike trails or dirt jumps BUT you could totally take it off road and use it to explore and find new roads that you hadn’t thought possible to ride on before.

You can test ride a Cannondale Slate at a Bikes and Life store near you and make sure you’re fit properly with the professional relaxed attention you need to make the best choice in your next road bike. Find a store near you here:

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holdtheonionsplease says:


experiment54 says:

the future of bikes is heavier and augly (not a type)

Charles Rush says:

Cannondale screwed it’s USA base by laying off all it’s employees in the American based facility and moving manufacturing to China. It was suppose to make the bikes pricing better and more competitive but nothing changed in fact prices went up. I will never own another Cannondale. I’d buy the MASI VIVO TRE before considering the Slate anyway.


Great vid, nice bike!!!!

Ravi C says:

Put rack mounts

bikesundays says:

great video !

Eric Feldkamp says:

This brah’s pedal stroke is so pro. (2:12)

Retr0 says:

who would’ve thought that the future for road bikes is heavier bikes 🙁

Windom Morris says:

I’m sorry but this bike is DOA. It’s not for “everyone”- it’s a bike for no one.

shafro1 says:

Hey is the test bike the size you would choose if you were going to buy one, or would you go a bit bigger?

Mugtree says:

Really interested in this bike

chousiself says:

now that i’ve seen the future of road bikes i decide to live with the present one and ignore Cannondale and its bikes

Alejandro Umali says:

Is cannondale slating this as a cyclocross bike, or a category of its own? And what’s the suspension travel?

Man hong Yim says:

Hi Peter, I need some advice from you .which bike would you choose for steephill and touring. tern verge tour or montague paratrooper pro? thanks

Collin Kisiel says:

Nice reflectors

Renz Bryan Encarnacion says:

great presentation sir

vagabondroller says:

Nice review! Your review of the Brompton convinced me to buy one a few years back, now it looks like you may have just cost me another chunk of change.

John Bicycle says:

Good review. Thanks.

Jose Aguilar says:

looks great.

Brett S Kennedy says:

Jesus, take off the reflectors before filming!

Len B says:

Hey Peter, I’ve been seeing your videos and finally subscribed. I love your unbiased delivery of your reviews. I have a Slate myself and it’s the perfect commuter. I’ve ridden it on single track and some hairy situations going downhill with loose rocks both big and small and the 42mm tires and lefty kept me alive! Mountain bikers were surprised I wasn’t in hospital. Ive put a 32t cassette and I can climb so well now. Anyway keep up the great work mate!

Gabriel Trainer says:

Hey Peter! I couldn’t find the Slate on your site. Could you share the specific link? Buy the way. Which tyres does this model on the video have?

Marco F says:

how can it be the future of road bike if it isn’t even a road bike ! It is a gravel bike, a bike made to go on bad roads with gravel and holes without flat a tyre

misamisatv says:

Isn’t two better than one??

Phucklord3000 says:

fork looks like shit and over priced

Aleks Balaban says:

The future of road bikes? It’s just a normal hybrid bike geometry with compact handlebar and extra large seatpost. Last couple of years lot of people have been making similar on their own, converting their hybrid bikes to something similar to road bike. Now the companies seem to come up it would be great idea to commercialise that.

NewbArchitect says:

nice review, im liking it, not sure wife will let me have this one though…

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