Cannondale SuperSix Evo Dura-Ace – Road Bike of the Year 2018 Contender

Our annual search for the best road bike is over, and the Cannondale SuperSix Evo Dura-Ace made it into the final 5 but also won our Race Bike of the Year award.

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kiliann Labrosse-Girard says:

After how many hours does it start to make cracking noise?

Alex Godbout-Simard says:

Mine came out of the box at 7.07 kg (without pedals of course) size 54. Cassette is Ultegra which is an other non dura-ace component. I had to change quite a lot of parts to get it down to 6.8 kg. Your claimed weight of 6.6 kg for a 58 is very surprising.

Evan V says:

2:18 Why are the brakes not closed?

GNX157 says:

If I got this bike I’d put the Bontrager Isocore Carbon handlebar (comes standard in the Trek Domane) on it.

CnE says:

Cannondale still haven’t discovered internal cable routing.

Sills71 says:

BB30? No thanks… I dont like creaks. A Shimano crankset w/ Shimano rings would shift better. All you have to do is pull that idiotic BB apart and you will never buy another Cdale.

AlexJRAshman says:

its not a fast bike…

Rejor111 says:

Only thing that really keeps me from pulling the trigger on a cannondale is the BB… everyone that I know that owns a Cannondale always complains about the creaking and how annoying it is to have to get adapters to upgrade.

Great bike, but I’d rather be able to upgrade a bit more easily.

Conor Verbruggen says:

BB30 tho

arnold scheer says:

creaks on a bb30. I have three bikes with a bb30 never had a creak. People telling about creaks on a bb30 are sheep copying comments of the internet. Yes bb30 can have issues but that is not any different than any other bottom bracket. Also the criticism of quite some commenters is hilarious. Most commenters with bullshit criticism propably never owned a cannondale supersix and wished they could afford one. Stop your bullshit, if you don’t like a Cannondale and like your own bike more that is fine but stop commenting like it is shitty bike. There are no shitty bikes (no matter what brand) in this price range

Ani Marvel says:

I have a question are road bikes only for sports or can you use it for ur everyday life

Jordan Graff says:

One of my buddies said it best when on a ride in the Rockies the other week… “Put an Italian name on your bike and nobody would know the better”… And that was after we switched and I rode his Colnago C59 and him my SuperSix Evo (non himod) For the money there aren’t many bikes that have the sex appeal AND the capability out of the box than the SuperSix Evo (any model too) Take a base 105 and put some nice carbon clinchers on it and you’ll be laughing at guys with 5 grand bikes all day imo

Daniel Simpson says:

Love your vids by the way , plz do s review on the Marin Hawkhill 2/3

osn 3205 says:


Niidea1986 says:

“Dura Ace, best mechanical groupset” …Campagnolo cries in he corner “but I have 12 speeds”

Dũng Lê Văn says:

At 2:22 Is that really what i’m looking at ?? I mean, just look at the housing !

Tomi Saaranen says:

That cable routing looks really not good though

Greg Van Stravamart says:

good god, why drop your bars then raise your hoods like a six shooter.

Ethan Credo says:

Is that a syncros water bottle cage with tools and pump?

blingn007 says:

Does this editor have a strava? I would love to see if he actually rides

SpartaMou5 says:

Loose the duraace for ultegra, put the change in wheels/pm. And dont wear LeCol unless sponsored 😉

Jonathan S says:

Cannondale to their engineers: “Make sure everything is proprietary! We don’t want customers customizing and easily repairing our bikes!

JogBird says:

the final 5 are prob made in the same giant factory

Jean Pierre Provost says:

the best for sure

Ljubomir Lazovic says:

I am not here with an intention to criticize but a few things are painfully obvious; you (the presenter) are a weekend warrior at best. Imho you are not even remotely relevant to review a touring bike, let alone a race bike like this one. Admittedly you always imply that more people are involved in making a final impression but you still stand in front of the reviewing team and, I believe, dictate the overall outcome. Although many other reviewers, even pro athletes, admit to ”having to sell the product” and are just regurgitating manufacturer specs and descriptions to sustain their carers, so I’m not sure how any of them are better than you but still there ARE objective, unbiased reviews done by road cyclists out there. I’m sorry if this sounds to harsh but that’s how i look at these, most of the time. I believe people are much better off making their own judgement after demoing bikes rather than having an idea implanted in their head by a salesman and sticking to it like it’s written in a bible.

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

osn 3205 says:

love you guys

Andrew Hoffman says:

Do Cannondale make a disc brake version?

Step Forward says:

Not my pair of shoes. Awful looking bike. No…. thanx….no

jaebiz says:

I love the Evo. But I brought a CAAD12 Black Inc. and spec’d it to this bike except for some key modifications: a set aero CF narrower bars, an SiSL chainset, ceramic speed rear pulley, ceramic bottom brackets, and the latest Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels. Weight without pedals is currently 6.48kg. While my bike came out to be about $400 less than this NHM Evo, which I’ve ridden, there is an added ‘snap’ to the CAAD12 that this Evo doesn’t have in direct comparison. (And there was little difference in ride quality. Either frames are world class, but even after riding the EVO, the 12 is a revelation.

Fabio Hering says:

Does anybody knows if cannondale supersix evo can ride with 28mm tyres? Thanks in advance!!

Ronit Debnath says:

Please mention the BB30 bottom bracket. Please its so creak prone….Buyers should know that. The frame is stupendously good as is the handling but … the bottom bracket….And the fact that some customers’ bb s dont creak doesnt mean others’ dont. It does for many and doesnt for many. Risky buy.

adriboff1 says:

As a Cannondale Caad 12 owner I would advise anyone who is thinking of buying a Cannondale to steer clear of them. The creaking and clicking will drive you crazy! I’ve taken mine back to the store more times than I can remember! The cranks have been off so many times. It’s been sent to Cannondale who said it was the internal cables rattling and said they’d sorted it. 20km later, click, creak, click. I’ve just paid $200 for a c-bear BB for BB30a. Hopefully, once this is fitted that will be the END! Cannondale, you should be paying for the new BB because yours is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!

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