Cannondale Synapse Review – Endurance Road Bike

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The Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra Di2 is a lightweight and comfortable endurance road bike. The frame geometry is specifically designed to be a middle ground between aggressive race performance and upright comfort. That means you have a slacker and taller head tube as well as special shaping to the frame to reduce vibration and increase the dampening effect of the carbon as you go over bumps, gravel, dirt roads, etc. The Cannondale Synapse is intended for riding in any sort of conditions, on anything from smooth roads to gravel trails – and maybe even a bit of single track! Where ever you like to ride this endurance road bike is ready to take you to the next level.


CJL999 says:

oh noes, front/rear big rings…wouldn’t do that with your own bike

Joshua Visda says:

how much is that super nice bike?

Robert Mikkelsen says:

I saw a synapse 105 carbon at my local dealer which I really liked, color was perfect for me. No other bike there came close in aestetics for me. It doesn’t have disc brakes though. Is rim brakes good enough? I live in Bergen, Norway which gets a lot of rain. But I’ve heard with the correct carbon wheels and brake pads. Its virtually no difference between them. Your thoughts? Also they only had the 56 cm left. I’m 180. Is that a good size for me?

Monique Foy says:

Hi, I’m trying to decide between the Carbon Ultegra Synapse Disc(2017) or Rim brake version(2016). Having issues deciding. I’m getting a deal on the 2017 and it would be a difference of $200. I don’t know if its worth it. Can someone please help?

Truthseeker says:

To be honest, I’m tired of all the “good” reviews. Meaning, every bike, the review is the same…comfortable, great…blah blah. At the end, you don’t really know which bike is better and what to get. I want to know the weight. When I spend a lot of money, at least I want to know the weight. Most videos don’t do weight and all reviews are praises. C’mon, let’s not be PC and compare honestly like a defy against this. I don’t want to hear both are great, I already know that !

xxxxsmfxxx says:

diverge or synapse….. what’s the tyre clearance like?

experiment54 says:

your click boxes dont work.

Stefano Mancini says:

Love the video and I love my cannondale synapse 2015. Just wish I had bought the disc brake version but I find there’s not a lot of choice of wheels upgrades with Disc brakes yet.
Witch brand is that red that jacket you are wearing ? looks perfect for winter!

kidagave1 says:

I just got fit today at my local bike shop and bought the exact same bike for 4K. It was the last one from Cannondale in a 56 cm. can’t wait for it to get here. I’ve been riding a Trek 5200 for 15 years

Tom Dewsbury says:

Great review .. I have this very bike though with wire gears .. starting to regret that .. any way my club tend to do a little off road and as I  have gatorskin slicks on the bike, mud and snow is not good .. what tyres were you running .. I was looking at a cyclocross bike as the shop I go to was horrified I took it off road but looking at your video makes me rethink ….

darren lau says:

hey I hope you did do more mid or beginner level bikes like some caad8s it did be nice for some of us who finds those more affordable 😀 have a nice day

Zachary Gruber says:

does anyone know about the difference between the synapse ultegra 3 and the ultegra 4 (obviously other than the price).

Mark David Londoner says:

How can i get one please i need one

ELebron77 says:

23 years since I’ve ridden a bike…You make it look easy while reviewing them. Once again…Great shots! Great bike!

Tim Dent says:

I have a synapse and love it, I have done some very big endurance style races on it … 2 peaks challenges in Australia, 240klm with 4000m of climbing over 12 hours in one day. Cant fault the bike. So I can safely vouch for the review given. All day comfort with good performance. I was riding past guys on very expensive race bikes with race geometry, who after 200klms were not looking at all comfortable. Im now getting into more gravel type riding and am very happy…. I wont have to buy a gravel grinder to do it .. I already have one!!

Daws430 Overalls says:

great review! Looking at the exact same bike also a Scott Solace… any unbiased advice?

Jonathan Wilkinson says:

Great video. Entertaining, informative and fun 😀

Sergio Tomasso says:

From what I read endurance bikes seem to be slightly slower then a regular road bike. But how about cyclocross bikes?
WIll still be better to get a endurance bike that can fit wider tires to handle rough roads, or with same width slick tires on a regular road the CX bike faster then the endurance bike?
Can’t seem to find nothing about that online.

inferno4001 says:

Great video! I’m with red’s comment. The defy (pro) models look insane too!
Any chance of doing a video about them?

lukeN says:

Nice video. Very professional! I bought this bike today, awaiting delivery to store so I can pick it up:)

Red says:

This channel is becoming my favorite YouTube Bike channel! Torn between the Cannondale Synapse and the Giant Defy line

peaceismyshelter says:

Are you running the stock tires on that bike on gravel and snow? I just purchased the carbon 105 series no disc brakes, should I upgrade to armadillo 28cm tires?

mkx4321 says:

great little channel

John Medina says:

great vid! i have a synapse I bought back in 2014, love it.

David Clayden says:

What size frame are you riding in this video? I’m considering this bike and, like you, am 6’2″ with a 36″ inseam.

Jean-Philippe Martin says:

Great reviews keep them coming. One quick question: How would an aluminum fram of the Synapse compare to the carbon frame?

Michael Taylor says:

So funny, my first bike was a Univega Gran Record with 105 group set. Great video!

GunsCarsBikeCigars says:

how are your eyes not GUSHING in the cold temps w no eye pro?

Tom & Mary Stewart says:

I have a Synapse Carbon Ultegra Di2 and basically agree with this presentation. I upgrades to carbon wheels and tires, a 23 on the front and a 25 on the rear. I don’t take it off road. I enjoy all the features. A very fast comfortable riding bike.

Jose Aguilar says:

love my synapse!

Random Bike Trips says:

Those are size 25 tires? Are size 25 tires ok for off road/gravel riding?

lojano1974 says:

What size is the bike?

Dominicana11uP1nU1 says:

Awesome review! you need to review more on bikes and maybe even some reviews on bike components, if you can. Keep up the good work.

ARISTOjuan says:

its a really nice bike but i just saw the price and i would probably get a heart attack if i buy it and gets stolen lol its $5,698 :0

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