Carbon vs. Steel bikes – Rutland Cycling

In this video, we take a look at the performance and comfort of both carbon and steel bikes.

Staff rider Wiggy puts the Scott Solace Carbon Road Bike and Genesis Volare Steel Road Bike through their paces.


MrNewlife1968 says:

You can’t really recycle carbon, so it’s not great for the environment.

Angelo Losavio says:

Whats up with peddles dude?

Camille Clerc says:

clip is real

Alberto Calderón Queimadelos says:

Road bike, platform pedals, I’m out

ApocaIypse666 says:

I stick to steel i can pass it on my son and then my grandson and so on EPIC

Olly Page says:

What if you ride your bike through a fireball (such as say might happen in a pitched battle between warring clans of cyclists with differing pedal affiliations)? Does carbon melt or catch fire? Hey, can you just light a carbon frame? OMG!

晴れの国OKAYAMA says:


Phacharawut Kanchananakhin says:

Carbon all the way…

vietpong says:

50kg rider on baby smooth roads, it’s carbon. 100kg rider on crappy roads, it’s steel, with loads of carbon. Eees simple no?

Tracey McNeel says:

I am thinking about developing a 29er Mountain bike to be used like a road riding bike; I prefer bigger tubing for myself as for a roadie.  I feel more secure and get more of a solid ride on this type of frame verses the thinner tubing that of a road bike. Is it better to go alloy or Carbon for this type of Mountain bike frame matter of riding? I also would like to keep the total weight of the bike between 21-24lbs. Please explain reasons.

Haralabos Lukatos says:

carbon fiber bikes is strong as steel bikes?

xXhunter47Xx says:

The steel is real.

massimo formisano says:

Si potrebbe provare con l’alluminio che costa molto meno del carbonio ed è molto reattivo. L’acciaio molto durevole ma purtroppo va in torsione e non reagisce agli scatti. Il carbonio costa troppo è quanto spacca lo fa di colpo, molto pericoloso.

Andrew Hoffman says:

For a short, zippy training runI’d go for the carbon but for a home/work commute I’d prefer a steel. Top of the heap, highest quality Titanium frame with disc brakes. Lightness and durability.

mike x says:

ive got a carbon road bike and it feels and sounds like thermo plastic used on vaccum cleaner tubes

Gerald Davis says:

Will you give me a bike for free MR Rutland

Arthur Thompson says:

A good chromoly steel frame is very light and the ride is smooth as glass…. nothing better!

Cjango Freeman says:

Are you a comedian or is this a joke? No semi serious rider ride those kind of pedals. Even a 80 year old lady, on a Sunday trip to the the church, rides clip-less. A traditionalist riding a TIG welded frame, right.

Andy7846 says:

I just knew people would mention the pedals lol, some of you roadies have serious issues.

I have a full carbon road bike, quite highly specced, I ride regularly, do sportives and guess what? I use flat pedals!

Surely the most important thing is enjoying the ride.

JV says:

Lol at road bike and platform pedals. GTFO

Jarrod Osborn says:

Why not one of each?
Also, steel is fast.

Mark Markson says:

Clipless pedal fans= Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Ruben Alsaker says:

Steel is real, but it isn’t very fast

Rafael M Amarins says:

I just saw a Scott Addict review on flat pedals. I didn’t take any drugs today. I’m confused

The Oliver pickard says:

no clips?

Alex Paulsen says:

You don’t need a modern steel frame to have a sub-10kg bike. I used a Columbus SL based frame from 1996 and got a total weight of 9.7kg without even trying. No carbon required.

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