Carrera Virtuoso Road Bike Review

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GRU GRU says:

Cheap skating cunt 

Sort Of Interesting says:

Yeah, the mango is the rainbow ending to the bitter event!

Kerri Hickman says:

Hmmm I’m too nice on here to say what I think of the thieves!

Delphinius Lessons says:

thanks found this really helpful. Just bought mine for £269 down from £579 at Halfords because of this video.

Dain Wareing says:

Mine got stolen aswell. After only 3 hours

Sort Of Interesting says:

Haha thank you, it means a lot!

Daniel Moore says:

I have had this bike now for 2 years if anyone has any questions about the bike or good upgrades to make feel free to ask me

MrTomuk93 says:

Not the words i used when my bike got stolen but your videos are too cheerful for that 🙂 nice vid 🙂

Sort Of Interesting says:

Personally I would say yes something like this would be perfect. Just by it being a road bike you will find the difference and speed over a mountain bike amazing! Even my current single speed bike is incredibly easy to ride on (most) roads just because of the tyres above all! And if you do get really into it then a bike like this should keep its value quite well should you want to sell it and upgrade in the future… Hope that helps!

Sort Of Interesting says:

Haha, brilliant!

Sort Of Interesting says:

Haha true, glad you are enjoying your bike too!

Jon Dixon says:

I’ve just bought one of these for commuting and evening trips with my Dad so glad to see a positive review….I always wanted to live on a boat, how much cheaper is it than renting a room? I take it there are mooring costs and stuff?

luke patterson says:

Quick release wheels are my pet hate, it just lets thieves steal it easier, I always use multi locks on my fixie two on the wheels and one on the frame

Christopher Jenkins says:

I’m looking for a first road bike in order to take up cycling and I have no experience really at what seems to be an expensive sport. Would you recommend this bike for a first rider? It seems reasonably priced and looks good. How many gears does it have. I rode a road bike once and I found that in top gear I was still having to peddle quite fast in order to go at any considerable speed. Just the model I think.


did you find the tyres ok or worth upgrading? now selling for £220 at Halfords. Love the videos dude keep em coming

jalaluddin48 says:

So sorry for your bike. I’m really interested in this bike, but I hope you get something so much more better at a bargain. Amen 😉

jack tuite says:

the wheels make that bike pretty sexy ngl

Andrei Andrei says:

They stole my bike too! Nice review by the way:)

Sort Of Interesting says:

Haha thanks… well like i say onwards and upwards!

Abdul Rahim says:

i got mine for a bargin at halfords for 225 pound they put the wrong price up

Mjo .G says:

i <3 u

DownHillCol says:

I wondered what happened to this review you did as I was looking for a new road bike and remembered that you had a video out but couldn’t remember the name of the bike so I went out and got a Triban 3 instead and that is a fantastic bike much easier in the roads than the mountain bike 🙂 and it was one of the last batches if the red ones with the carbon forks, shame that your bike got nicked at least now it will be easy to identify your new bike because of the colours!

Daniel Charles says:

So gutted for you fellah, definitely gonna buy this though good review cheers!

mark Wallis says:

you can pop the wheels of in seconds so can theefs 😉

Sort Of Interesting says:

Yeah, I think basically any road bike that is relatively light and in good condition is more than good enough for general use by everyone and the Carreras fit the bill perfectly without a ridiculous price tag… but still expensive enough… especially when stolen!

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