Cérvelo R3D Ultegra – Road Bike of the Year 2018 Contender

Our annual search for the best road bike is over, and the Cérvelo R3D Ultegra made it all the way into the shortlist of contenders.

Read the review – https://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/category/bikes/road/product/cervelo-r3d-ultegra-review-51912/

This video contains paid product placements on behalf of Le Col (https://lecol.cc) and MET Helmets (https://www.met-helmets.com).

Huge thanks to Mercedes-Benz, Brittany Ferries and Life Cycle (http://www.life-cycle.eu) for making this video series possible.


JogBird says:

the stupid bbright makes all cevelos a nonstarter

They Live We See says:


BornAragorn says:

Your video Blue Screened my PC, wtf???

yas96225 says:

Ok, so the wheels are not the most expensive? But is there actually something wrong with it?

If we confuse price with quality, manufacturers will not lower prices.

So please stop that, and instead point out what’s the issue with the wheels (if there’s anything).


Is there subliminal advertisement in the beginning of the video? @0:05. pretty sneaky way to get me to buy a Mercedes. Curious, what did the other viewers see?

roland H says:

the cabel routing into the frame is awfull

redetrigan says:

I know BR needs sponsorships, and really it’s better for editorial independence that they get them from car manufacturers than bike manufacturers, but that Mercedes shot is so conspicuous it cracks me up every time (see also: Jurassic World)

Réno Pijnen says:

Cannot help but dislike the description of a bike as ‘it having won [insert big race]’. This big race was won by [insert rider] on this particular bike. Without the rider the bike doesn’t do anything. The rider is the engine. Indeed, the bike can make a difference, but it does not ‘win’ races.

Gabriel Trainer says:

The big guy strikes again!

Michael Dolan says:

The trouble with these generic, subjecitve products reviews are: (a) no disclosures as to whether this channel and/or the reviewer have any conflicts with the vendor i.e., which way are the $$ flowing; (b) no metrics that mean anything i.e., does a couple of grams difference in the frame weight actually matter for any normal rider for any reason. If not, why even mention it as an “improvement” for the bike; and (c) no double-blind comparisons where neither the rider nor the vendor knows who is riding what. As illustrated in this review, the reviewer is waxing eloquent about Cervello, based upon his knowledge of Cervello. What would his opinoin have been if he had not known what brand he was riding? A better approach: Provide 3 comparble bikes with their identifiers removed, 3 riders selected at ramdom from a pool of bike reviewers and the reviews displayed side by side from each rider in applicable categories. Otherwise, these reviews are entertaining, but objectively meaningless. Sabermetrics.

Erwin Meulman says:

Nothing new on this Chinese bike, only more not interchangeable and vendor locked components.

กฤษย์กร สายศรีแก้ว says:

Very faster

Travis Morgan says:

Seems to be on the same level or in the same category as the Team Machine series.

P-O Wide says:

As always a really interesting review, beautiful bike!
Mr Rossiter at his best!

Andrew Lord says:

Love this……alot

Cédric Driver says:

I can tell from experience that this bike is really amazing

lanceoa says:

Handsome frame, poor build with the wheels and bars…

Jim Wocha says:

You don’t buy a Cervelo for value for money! Better wheels would be nice but make it more like 4k!

They Live We See says:

why is FELT missing a few years now from major spotlight both in cycling magazines and grand tours??

กฤษย์กร สายศรีแก้ว says:

Good job. is beautiful.

Nazar Ik says:


Andrew Hoffman says:

Chinese Government with One China policy don’t regard Taiwan as a separate country as QANTAS recently found out. 80-90% frames made in Taiwan – 5 frame makers . I think Bianchi send theirs back to Italy to get painted.

Andrew Hoffman says:

I was told recently that BMC are actually made by Merida. Is this true?

TYPE V3 says:

So how would the R2 fit into this equation? I know its on rim brakes with a heavier fork but the frame is still the same, right?

j zachary says:

I test rode this bike. It’s very stiff, not compliant and will beat you up. I also test rode a BMC Team Machine, a Cannondale Supersix EVO and a Specialized Venge Vais all were more comfortable and faster.

scotthunter4 says:

Better going with a Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0 Disc which comes with a better wheelset and Di2 for a similar price

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