Cheap Bike Vs. Super Bike | What’s The Difference?

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How much difference is there between a Canyon superbike with the latest Shimano Dura Ace R9170 Hydraulic groupset, and a bike bought from Ebay for £90?

Matt and Si compete in four challenges: climbing, descending, braking, and time trialling, to see how big the difference is between the two bikes.

Although the differences are pretty big between the two bikes, its not to say that you can’t have a great time on a cheaper bike.

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paisa007 says:

My Schwinn varsity does just fine. Its a bit heavy but looks awesome and is hella fun.

Badian Sietemil says:

I want to say two things: My cheap bike is a Cannondale from the nineties. I enjoyed watching the clip.

Seth Louis says:

“like chalk and cheese”

JSavic says:

I live in the UK and I have given up on cycling.
Too dangerous – car drivers hate you and the roads are all pot-holed.

NCKYG2X3 says:

can you put your pouches away

Julio Alberto Rey Ramírez says:

I’m not trying to point something bad, but just saying, the “cheap” bike you used is one of the intermediate-good bikes used in my country :p

Dan weirdo says:

So like why am I feeling like there raking the cheap bike over the coals when someone can only afford cheap shit

Ainaruth says:

Braking depends on brakes’ force, weight of the bike and tyres grip. Yet you neglect two of these aspects and think just by investing in great brakes, you can overcome the huge difference in braking distance.

Lewis72 says:

What’s happened to Raleigh recently ? They used to sell a range of carbon roadies but now their most expensive bike is £1500.00. Team Raleigh has also seized.

My 1985 Raleigh Road Ace weighs less than this Raleigh !

Ru SH says:

would love to see this test done with 2 bikes of the same brand from the same year. Cheapest bike vs Most expensive bike.

Also, it would be fun to see the highest end frame vs cheapest frame with the same kit load out. (same shifters, brakes, wheels, crank blah blah blah)

Cory Lewandowski says:

And that’s why I’ll stick to racing in running events and riding on the weekends. When a dentist can show up on a rig that costs as much as my apartment stuffing their fat rolls in their spandex and pass me, it doesn’t count as a sport anymore.

blueckaym says:

Super bike vs Cheap bike?!
C’mon what about stop measuring your … bikes, and work together towards the … Super-Cheap Bike ? 😉
Disclaimer: I’m just messing with you 😛 This was great video, and great comparison!


Instead paying high prices for light bike, you should get slim .

Britishfever456 says:

Perhaps the title of the video should have been cheap bike vs expensive bike. You make a big deal of the £90 but didn’t say how much the expensive one was?

Thomas Shaw says:

Come to the Lake District lads, get yourself Up Hardknott pass and Honister, good rides out.

Tom Robinson says:

I thought the Raleigh won on coolness, especially if were overtaking some flash wheels on a big climb..

golferchin76 says:

A Dogma F8 with 9150 groupset feels very different from a 2017 S-Works Tarmac with Etap, when climbing, out of saddle microbursts, lo cadence high tempo strength intervals, acceleration and braking and all that.
But, train hard & smart and ride consistently otherwise all these are expensive toys for slow fun rides.
But then again, a lot of us just want to enjoy riding nice stuff. So, do whatever you like and try not to get into the cheap vs. expensive comparison, it’s not healthy and unproductive.

Dan weirdo says:

I’m sure u can get a cheap bike and upgrade better brakes

DSBSB says:

20:45 – has the lad on the right stolen a loaf of bread, and hidden it down his shorts? Or is he wearing Huggies Pull-ups, back to front, under his shorts? Because it’s definitely not part of his anatomy, unless his scrotum is attached to his hips?!

area51r says:

nice banana hammocks guys.

Rfael Fernandes says:

Your cheap bike is an expensive bike here in Brazil ><

Martin Jenkins says:

Don’t have to worry about the cheap bike getting nicked. So it’s 10-15% percent slower? Who cares.

DiscGolfer93 says:

Jesus the Balls on that guy…

brandon Knapp says:

Wouldn’t it be best to use the same environment for both bikes, same course, same rider, same wattage output and see which is better?

Yuri says:

Oh, hey, i sell super bikes!! thats it.

Jeon JungKookie Manoban says:

Fixed Gear is the best

Dan weirdo says:

Fuck it something is better then nothing

Clarence Chin says:

Waaaahhhh…. That’s funny, hahaha!

C says:

If you just want to have fun or exercise (cheap bike) if you are a professional or want to make videos and money from biking ( super bike)

jake beckley says:

11.95 kg, cute, i have to climb up a 11% gradient hill on my commute from work that is about 1.5 km long, i do it on my 13.4 kg full suspension mtb XD why do i torture myself

Miguel Moncloa says:

This is like comparing a cucumber sandwich to Sunday roast!

mateo lefevre says:

Cold offer wrist chart earnings God industrial pleasure cholesterol.

Andy Simpson says:

How much would the Raleigh have cost when new?

Alexandr X says:

а перевод то где

Dan weirdo says:

Show up to an ultra cycling marathon with a rusted bike haha

Knut The Great says:

It’s just a bit of fun, I guess, but the test is unrealistic because the cheap bike is way too cheap and heavy, with touring tyres (just about), and probably the worst brakes around. 11.8kg? WTF? It makes it a non-contest. They might as well have used a flat-bar or hybrid bike, coz they would’ve got similar results. It’s a silly comparison because a very cheap alu bike can easily be about 9kg, with much better brakes and tyres, and slightly more aero wheels, like some old Shimano R550s. I know because some of my bikes are like this. 🙂
Such a comparison would’ve been fairer, and shown how little the “super” bike would differ.
It’s like when people do aero wheel tests comparing deep rims to 36-spoke, shallow box-shaped rims: pointless, because shallow rims like that have all but disappeared. 🙂

Todor Tashev says:

10:55 OMG! I got so scared for you, cause I thought you’re in the wrong lane and the cars will hit you in a second. Driving on the left side of the road freaks me out.

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