Chinese aero road disc bike- 2,000km Review

Yoeleo R6 Aero disc bike available here….


Kevin Kurniadi says:

Hey oz really happy to see you review the yoeleo bikes. But if you only can choose one. Which bike will you buy? Canyon Aeroad or Yoeleo?

Maraz Ali says:

Bought a set of clincher from yoeleo. You made my decision to buy from china. Last week had a crash but maaaan wheels are still true.

Kyro's House says:

Great stuff mate, brilliant update!

cannon1156 says:

BTW Descending not Decending 🙂

easyx9mm says:

Giant propel aero bike with ultegra is also great buy, here in USA retails for $3700

Stuart Dryer says:

I had a problem with my front Yoeleo wheel but they replaced the rim. So I am ok with them. I would consider their frame. I wonder how their rim brake version is?

A1vee says:

Hey ozcycles – i did experience some rattling on my canyon (same group set) – I found I had to tighten the screw that holds the ‘top cap’ above the levers. In my case, the screw had come loose and the cap was rattling. I had to pull back the rubber hoods to get access to the screw from memory. Hope that helps.

Richard Kaz says:

Don’t like the strip, white and red, they are not parallel, although it could be an optical illusion I don’t think so ie on the chain stay, top tube, seat post, seat tube, down tube, forks and head tube all should have been parallel with each other it wouldn’t have been hard.
Then the point about predictability it is subjective it is what you become a custom for a given frame it doesn’t suddenly change from one corner to the next or part way through a corner unless the frame is about to fail. Other than that, the only time it would differ is with right hand or left hand turns is the frame has not been manufactured correctly.

David George says:

Really interesting video Ozccyle, do you think this frame is their own design or a copy of a well know brand? The Chinese do copying like no other nation, hence the question.

Anton van Bosch says:

Hi Oz cycle, can you maybe explain the axle sizes as there are some options to choose from when selecting a carbon rim, and on what does one base ones choice? Thanks for the review, good insight.

Rob Brown says:

When will you be doing a review of the canyon you did a build video of?

christopher ford says:

any chance you can do a video on how to clean your chain after its been waxed and also a long term review of the waxed chain please thanks.

Paul Winkfield says:

Thanks for another awesome video! I have a GT Grade, it’s cables super long, I purchased tools & parts to shorten, but haven’t done it, too much fun riding it! I wait to see your cable video!

RadioSnivins says:

You’ve taken in-depth to new heights.

Iñaki vicuna says:

Have you serviced the BB and if so, checked for water insertion? The FD cable has no seal


Great bike it looks very nice i have a question i notice that you have left the inner cable guides in the frame when you pull the cable through the frame do you remove the plastic inner guide cable or do you leave them inside? i say this i removed my cable guide and i am getting poor shifting now ??

Roman P says:

15:53 Re: front disc side – it’s mostly about thermal capacity of the disc itself. If one does a lot of hard breaking over relatively short period of time not allowing for enough cooldown then 160 would perform slightly better. 20 mil in extra force during initial breaking is less noticable but it’s there.

Jérémy Drouin says:

Pillar spokes!?! My giant p-slr1 are made with sapim spokes and I can effectively push the rim into brake pads. I think I will buy a new 88mm rear wheel, the brake coating is flaking off anyway. This is making me a bit nervous, I will have to descent the mont mégantic in a month, there is a 120 degree turn and the 90 to 20 kph was scary last year…

glenny oc says:

Similar to what Canyon are doing regarding customization. Price is still cheaper with yoeleo. I’ve just done a fresh build with another Chinese brand. Aero disc very similar.I bumped the dura ace 9170 shifters, the rest is ultegra and I find the profile not too bad tbh, better than the non series had before. Not sure if the 9170 are smaller than the 8170s but the hoods fit snug and no rattles.

JC_Velo says:

Almost finished with winter?! Heck, we’re getting close to end of summer here 🙁

Earl of Lemongrab says:

I thought my LBS messed up my Ultegra lever hoods but it seems to be a “feature”. Those flappy bits are super annoying and unacceptable at this price range

TheCrossroads09 says:

Can you get them without all the logos?

Goran Koprivnjak says:

Hi Oz,which wheelset from Yoeleo would you recomend for 90 kg rider,if any,need them for racing,i got the zondas,and i would like to go with carbon

cannon1156 says:

I notice that your seat cl;amp is pushed all the way back on the top of the seatpost and the seat is also jammed all the way forward on its rails. This was always my concern with this frame. The fact that it is at the extremes on setup to achieve the correct setback for road racing. The larger the frame the worse this problem becomes.

Road Bike says:

A heck of heartfelt presentation sir. Until now I was aware only about French B’twin in this range of price with similar components. Now you opened another door for me. Thank you!

Arnedo Louis,art says:

May I ask where did you buy your yeoleo bike??

Crypto Que says:

After years of riding sport bikes, I haven’t found a line while riding a bike I couldn’t take or correct at speed. As you said look at the line you want to take, stick your knee out counter steer a bit & lean. The bike will go where you want it too.

Kim Roberts says:

“you can’t have a climbing bike and a sprinting bike in the one bike” says the guy who just said this bike climbs perfectly and is a super stiff sprint bike! Pick one mate – either you can have both or you can’t.

Ritsard Salazar says:

awesome review!, Still cant afford them (even a pair of tyres) LOL!

Yang Guan Tang says:

As good as your Aeroad?

Andrew N says:

The bike in the link will cost 6875 USD in Sweden thanks to the import taxes!. Thats why I dont buy chinese carbonbikes, even If I would like to.

WalrusRider says:

the focus hunting is driving me nuts Steve. Maybe leave on manual next time 🙂

Alfie AKA Ronaldog says:

DA levers 8900 and 9000 I have rattle. I put a blob of thick grease on the loose bit and it solved the problem

Ravin Premji says:

Great recap. The timing of this video, “just missed by that much”, I am a huge fan of Yeoleo, after you did their wheel review a few years back, I bought a set and have been riding them since…I did not go for the sapim spokes and they are solid…still true since first run. They are great support and service. Reason I say “missed by that much” is because I was looking to build from ground up an aero bike (3T strada frame was my first choice and its US$4K , frame alone, ouch), and settled on something totally different (Specialized Allez Sprint DSW, similar to the one ridden by Ride Adelaide). I wish I had gone this route as its at least 30% cheaper than what I ended up doing. This frame is very close to the 3T strada, and can easily be built up as a 1X I see. Excellent and very practical review on your part. Continue to feed us enthusiasts and tip and tricks on bike maintenance. If I am ever down your way, I would like to join you gentlemen on a ride and the first pints on me. Cheers Rav

Zrs says:

Rave review! Yeoleo should sponsor you. Haha

Roman P says:

Thanks for sharing. Can you do a quick side by side comparison with Canyon Aeroad? Especially little things like general design around maintenance and repair concerns.

Goriaas says:

where do you live excactly in Australia. And do you guys get more rain in winter?

Downpour is the same throughout the year pretty much where I live(Austria) except for the snow and salted wet roads in winter(great for bikes….)

JC_Velo says:

This frameset looks like a great choice for an off-season/winter alternative bike if you don’t wanna scratch up your ultra expensive name brand bikes!

MrBJPitt says:

I couldn’t help but cringe at your description of cornering during predictability. Your technique sounds awful. Do yourself a massive favour and get yourself some riding technology. Learn about counter steering and forget about this changing lines mid corner by head or leg movements. When you do this, what you are really doing is pushing on the bar and counter steering. Well you are when you are relaxed. But if you stiffen up, no head or leg movements will work. This just happens to be when you scare yourself by riding too fast for your ability. Leading to failing to navigate the bend, and usually straight into that object your eyes are now fixated on.

Regina Blitz says:

I got the same levers, the cowls were flush until I pulled one of them back one time, now thats flappy with gaps for sure, might hit it with a hair dryer try get it to contract again. Will listen for the rattle, not certain about that.

Shane Porteous says:

Been meaning to ask everytime I see you. I have an 11speed casette, nad my old wheels are 10speed hubs. You know anyone that can either file the hub or machine the cassette?

remote control says:

Good review. Always wondered if they were any good.

JogBird says:

great review

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