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The C60 is the top-of-the-line road bike from one of the most famous names in cycling – we’ve tested Colnago’s latest superbike. | Subscribe to Cycling Weekly here:

The C60 comes with a historic brand name and quality craftsmanship, with looks and ride feel to back it up. It’s a really nice machine to ride – fast on the flat and with good handling both up and downhill. But it lacks the more modern specification and aero features of many of its competitors at this price, so ultimately you’re buying into the Colnago brand and its mystique, along with the chance to choose your own specification, as much as the C60’s design features.

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CycleFor GreaterGood says:

So the question remains: Is it Dura Ace or Durache’ when Shimano is on a Colnago?

kingsmeadow says:

that stupid dubstep music *wobble wobble wobble*

Craig Paterson says:

The rider looks constantly as if he is about to fall of one sketchy patch of ice

Robert Connell says:

I cannot believe the idiots on here who don’t have a clue about passion,and workmanship!
Soon there will be no option,but poor-quality,far-eastern frames,which only use 2 layers of carbon,where
as Colnago uses 6 layers,and is built to last,as well as been made with someone with passion,and pride
in his work,and not someone whacking out junk!
I came back to cycling after five years,and wanted the best,all 100% Italian-made bike,that I could get,
and firstly I had to research/investigate the market,as there is a lot of lies going on.
When I went to the Cycle Show,over-rated Pinarello claimed they were 100% Italian,with Bianchi being
upfront by saying made in far-east,then painted and finished in Italy.
Eventually,I found Colnago who straight away said that the C60,was the only carbon 100% made in Italy
(Cipollini too?),which is great,as I wanted it,as they had an awesome stand-out paint job,too!
How long they continue to make some Colnagos(C60 & steel frames) in Italy is hard to say,as Ernesto is
85 years old,and family members are not interested,and their Taiwan partner(Giant),not into hand-built
top-quality frames!
Their other carbon frames are junk,and made in Taiwan!!!
Anyway,I found a very friendly artisan dealer of 30 years(Maestro-Uk),who has vast knowledge,and is also
not selling through the official distributor,but buying from the EU,with a full Colnago guarantee,and a lot
cheaper,plus he includes a seatpost,which main dealers charge another £250,although they come with
Obviously,It has to be specially ordered,as there is over 900 sizes/paintjobs,but nothing different to buying
a Rolls-Royce,etc.
For the kit to go on it,there was only one brand “CAMPAGNOLO”,and there was only one groupset which met
my requirements “Super Record EPS”.
The cycling market is very tough,but Campagnolo are still going,and thankfully still making their top-end kit in
How people can buy ugly,boring Shima(NO!),and put on something that is a piece of art,is beyond me?
If you can spare nearly £4000 for a bike frame,why skimp on the groupset?
I also can’t stand “Dumb-Asses”,who make the sad excuse,that you can’t get Campagnolo,in every shop,but you
can get Shima(NO!) very easy,and that it take’s 7-10 days,to get Campagnolo!
Where is he living,as virtually everything is available with next day delivery!
I live in Somerset,where there is not one Campagnolo dealer/repairer,so will have to travel,to get my dream bike
maintained(no different to owning a Rolls-Royce/Ferrari,etc!).
This make’s it,very exclusive,and not common,like the “Saddos” who have Shima(NO!).
If you spend serious money,on a bike,what are you paying for,if it doesn’t stand-out from the crowd?
I had to drive nearly 140 miles to collect my bike(3 hours-wow!),which took nearly 5 months(with Italian holidays
included!) to make,but well worth the wait!!!
The other kit,I have fitted is Deda Alanera integrated handlebars,Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 tubular wheels,2x Campagnolo
Super Record bottle cages & bottles,and Selle SMP Full Carbon Lite saddle.
I could not make 100% Italian,as LOOK make the best pedals(Campagnolo stopped making pedals,although quality French-made!),and Vittoria Corsa tubulars are the best,although made in Thailand,for Italian company!
To say it stands out,and will get people jealous,is an understatement,to say the least.
All my local Italian restaurants having been waiting to see it in it’s glory,too!
Lastly,When buying top-end kit,you need to look the professional,too,with top-end cycling kit,which must be 100% Italian-made,
and also stand-out,too.
Luckily there is numerous companies that tick the boxes,with Parentini(bright orange Mossa jacket being a favourite!),Santini
(although they have started making their winter gloves in China-sent back!),Nalini,Giordana(not Castelli!),etc.
I also like Spanish brand Etxeondo,which is hand-made in Spain,and X-Bionic which is Swiss,but made in Italy!!!
If people don’t buy CAMPAGNOLO,there will be no passion,and the bikes will be so boring-imagine F1 without Ferrari!
Shima(NO!) are a massive company compared to Campagnolo,yet Campagnolo still punch above their weight,and still out
design,and engineer them everytime!
There’s a saying”Shima(NO!) wears out,Campagnolo wear’s in!”
Campagnolo is also fixable/repairable,unlike Shima(NO!) which is not eco-friendly!!!

Nigel Flynn says:

Really Cycling Weekly, a review!!! More like footage of some poor bugger pulling faces because he didn’t want to be riding a bike in the rain. You do yourselves and the bike a disservice.

David Fischer says:

“Pushing hard through corners” — shows rider going slower than my nan with a broken hip.

JaytheB says:

That sounds more like advertisement than a review to be frank

Jensen Healey says:

Wow, riding a review video while it is chucking down icy hail. That’s dedication.

Hanski Trimmer says:

I have C60 and it’s a great bike. Since I got it I lost all interest in any other bike, it’s that good.

Francesco Criscuolo says:

Sad bike

Arthur says:

Nice bike, but probably the grimmest settings you could have done a review in lol. It doesn’t make for very attractive content honestly.

Conor Verbruggen says:

Pfffft FAKE!
Everyone knows Colnago riders don’t ride in the rain

Mike Taglione says:

Good video, beautiful bike, historical brand, but let’s not forget Eddy Merckx went to De Rosa to have his bikes built, and Ernesto Colnago “went after” Merckx for endorsement. My apologies if I’m wrong; nevertheless, credit where credit’s due.

Matthew Worner says:

got a c60 a few months go, best bike have ever had – all round balance and performance – not even looked at my other bikes since I got it

Iadyboy says:


MidtownSkyport says:


BikeIt UK says:

Nice they have kept the originality of the Colnago star shaped frame from way back in the day. Great paint work sure its a lovely ride.

Paul Engel says:

1:52 definitely pushing hard through corners with your inside foot making sparks

rikkiola says:

3:16 Bet that lorry loved you filming a video while he was following you

Jogie Glen Mait says:

it’s a colnago so it’s good

bante kneckes says:

Shame it didn’t come with campa groupset.

Matthew Wong says:

Classic weather huh.

Jon Burnell says:

Shame about the rain. Bikes such as this deserve better than English weather.

Pumpedandy says:

Hands down the best bike ive ever ridden

Bruce Tumblin Jr says:

A C60 without Campagnolo Record or Super, who does that!

jazznroll5 says:

…the most suitable title for this video would be: “The terror on the face of an old man braking carbon wheels on a rainy day”….

Mitchell Steindler says:

I’m sorry, but there’s nothing super about this bike, other than the paint jobs… But not this paint job.

adriboff1 says:


JogBird says:

need campy super record

RizaOtaku says:

should i get this for my first bike?

M Lee says:

Pressfit bb, NO thanks!!

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