Cycling 101 | Choosing Your First Road Bike

Bananiac’s guide to choosing your first road bike. Should you buy carbon fiber or aluminum (alloy) frame? Should you get an aero, climbing/traditional, or endurance road bike? Should you get a compact, mid-compact, or standard crank? What cassette should you get? All are answered in this video.

Popular aero bikes:
• Specialized Venge/Venge Vias (Carbon)
• Giant Propel (Composite)
• Canyon Aeroroad (Carbon)
• BMC Timemachine (Carbon/Alloy)
• Pinarello Dogma (Carbon)

Popular climbing/traditional bikes:
• Specialized Tarmac (Carbon)
• Giant TCR (Composite)
• Canyon Ultimate (Carbon)
• BMC Teammachine (Carbon/Alloy)

Popular endurance bikes:
• Specialized Roubaix (Carbon)
• Giant Defy (Composite/Alloy)
• Canyon Endurance (Carbon)
• BMC Gran Fondo (Carbon/Alloy)

• Compact Crank (50×34): Ideal for climbing
• Mid-Compact Crank (52×36): Good for climbs and sprints
• Standard Crank (53×39): Ideal for flats and sprints

• 11-32t: Best for massive climbs
• 11-28t: All-round cycling
• 11-25t: Mostly flats with a few hills
• 11-23t: Best for flat and sprint courses

• Giant Defy 1 Road Bike 2013 – 1 Year Review & Specs

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John Castro says:

Aluminum isnt stronger than carbon fiber :/

thormusique says:

This is great information, thanks! I’m just about to buy my first road bike in about 15 years and really looking forward to it.

jonathan frazier says:

It’s generally considered a bad idea to mark your seat post once it’s been dialed in for you because your legs get shorter over time and that marking will be irrelevant in 6 to 9 months.

Rudney Taala says:

im saving money about a year now and dreamed for a road bike hoping to get this coming december what would you advice thanks..

Edvinas Kazlauskas says:

How do you know if someone is Vegan? As soon as t
hey have a chance they will let you know 😀
Same in this video 😀

hebrews11vs5 says:

Hey Bananiac, nice video. I am toying with the idea of upgrading from my 9.4 KG 13 year old trek slr to something light, and cheap and hopefully a bit aero. I would like to be under 5 KG, what is the most economical way to get there? build it from the ground up? and since in practicality my rides are basically like avg slope of 2%, aero is actually more important than light weight, but the thing is I am a bit light, and have a bit of power, so I want to capitalize on that and storm up a hill. Is a light weight bike with say envy 7.8 or zipp 808, still a very aero yet light weight set up? In other words, how much do wheels make the bike ‘aero’. say my budget was 3000 usd, what could I pull off? thanks for your thoughts.

mike x says:

titanium is the best for being durable and you can leave it stored out in rain and cold weather for ever and uv exposure and it wont corrode or rust at all or be effected

Narendra H.S. says:

Im thinking of buying a Tarmac or F10 Pinarello, Can you suggest me which is better?

edinladen says:

Heya! I learned a lot about the video. Thanks for the tip! I am looking to get my first bike – an endurance bike as suggested by your this video. Just a question, I’m only 5’7″ and I was wondering if there’s a certain size that you can also suggest? I want to make sure if the bike that I am getting is the correct one for me. Thanks!

Rothnacum1 says:

Granville G-Racer 6061-T6 advanced.. is what i ride.

Sniper Pro nerf mods says:

hmm, very helpful, i also live in florida, above miami and below orlando

rogc97 says:

i live in a city where roads are crap (full of holes and not smooth), what type of bike do i need?

Jáy Klepács says:

Walmart $99 special is a good start. Just make sure it has snow Aluminum frame and rok shox so later you can always upgrade the wheels, tires, tubes, rims, cranks, gooseneck etc for cheap and now you have a dream bike

Adalgisa Mercado says:

Is he wearing lip stick

hassler cubana says:

Rosa Intimo vs. Canyon CF 7.0 SL
Which one should I get?

Vossfcn99 says:

I’m still using my dad’s Hercules Sensazione Comp (1998) and it works perfectly..

ronny9842 says:

Love this video. Subscribed! This guy speaks english lol, great breakdown of these concepts. I get it now

Eagle One says:

Specialized Tarmac Expert 2016 love it.

Wuscher says:

I really don’t know much about bikes but also don’t have the time to get into the details. Can anybody tell me if this bike is decent in value / price since it attracts me and I think about orderiing it.

Nick Name says:

Lol the helmet part was funny as hell

Arjun Gulati says:

how is montra for road bikes

TYler SChecter says:

I am 13 years old and for my birthday I purchased my first road bike which happens to be my first specialized. I ride the allez jr ( I am really short for my age ) and my helmet is the small giro advantage 2.

Larry Earp says:

Hey man nice video I just shared it with a friend of mine who is about to buy his first bike me myself I mow head I’m 60 years old and I’m still riding I have specialized roubaix love it at least I sold it now wish I had it back

Ivan B says:

Which Specialized Tarmac did you buy? They seem to range from $2k to $9500

Sassy Q says:

Here is my guide to buying your first road bike…..
Get a second hand bike for £200-300 because you aren’t Mark fucking Cavendish and a £2500 road bike isn’t gonna make a blind bit of difference

Phillip Cardoso says:

Durianrider copycat.

Enea Guerrieri says:

Name of the initial song? thanks ☺

3150Scotty says:

Look to buy my first road bike l am think about getting a giant

Jeffrey Blechman says:

Thanks for the GCN link. I’m a newbie to biking and this helps

Carlos Guzman says:

just starting to ride but,I dont feel so much like a beginner with all the good advice you give.Thanks for the imfo.

Jose Olvera says:

Great video. I just got my Trek Madone 9.9 and i love it. With enve wheels.

imprezagtr says:

Why do people keep saying aluminum is stronger than carbon fiber? There are plenty of videos and researches showing well made carbon fiber is stronger than even steel. That’s why airplanes use them. This is common knowledge even from 2 years ago before this video was posted.

Jake says:

what’s your strava username?

Charlie La Mothe says:

Thanks. I really enjoyed the video

goy4ever says:

Yo I have a Cannondale CAAD just customized my cassette. Still need a little adjusting but, really like the change. I am thinking of getting a specialized roabaix

juan sanchez says:

is the shimano sora a good set to start?

Larry Dodds says:

Very helpful advice. Cheers!

TJS MIND says:

Great video. Very informative!

Anish Patnaik says:

***Not a sales post***
Looking to buy an Entry level Gravel / Adventure bike..(Not cyclocross)
Which would be a better option
1) Specialized diverge-a1 2017
2) Marin gestalt 1 or 2 – 2017
3) Others (please suggest)

Qamaroul Irsyad says:

As a broke college student, Ill buy a chinese $100 used road bike.

Mohammed Elbahrawey says:

What about fat bikes as a road bike ,is it a good idea ?

Mohd Solahuddin says:

Tq. I really hard a hard time deciding canyon aeroad or endurace cf. Yeah, now i know that. It’s okay to go for a esthetic.

mike murrey says:

I have a specialized mountain bike I’m going to make it into a combination road bike endurance bike I LOVE THE FRAME ON IT I’ve put over 5000 miles it in less than 2 years i wrecked once good thing it was aluminum frame

Ian Snyder says:

I used to ride 160+ miles a week, until I suffered a lumbar injury at work. That was in 2010. Haven’t ridden since then. Having gained some weight and with my blood pressure way out of whack, I’m gonna have a second go at this. When I got hurt, I didnt think I’d ever ride again, so I got rid of all my gear except my first road bike, “Frank” (for Frankenstein): It’s a steel Univega frame with Mavic Open Pro wheels, Campy hubs, Campy derailleurs, and a Shimano crank. It’s a great bike with quality components that looks like a POS, and I love it. People who’ve seen it have always said “those parts aren’t supposed to work together.” But they do. I’ve had it for 15 years, and now we’re gonna start over. What is old will be new again. Just got my wheels back from the shop after having the hubs gone over, and as soon as I finish cleaning, recabling (love those old school Campy downtube shifters XD), etc., it’ll be time to get my old, fat, broken ass moving again. So now you’ve got a new, old, fat, broken subscriber. With an ugly bike. 🙂

Svinjska Polutka says:

you look like Milorad Cavic

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