Diamondback Equipe Road Bike Review & Overall Thoughts

Here are my overall thoughts, concerns, my experience, and my full road bike review of the the Diamondback Equipe. I have had this bike for 6 months and raced it hard, ran it through dirt and rocks and really got it dirty.

LOOKS – I LOVE the stance of this bike with deep wheels, but the all red is not my favorite.

COMFORT – Pretty comfy for a full on race bike, but the bars feel a bit strange.

PERFORMNACE – The Rally team won two stages in the tour of California on it, beating Peter Sagan so……yeah it performs.

PRICE – I think the full sticker price is steep, but seems like you can get it for half off pretty much everywhere.

OVERALL – The rear stay has very little room for wheels, so with that in mind… it is a pretty nice bike.


I GET NOTHING FOR THIS, I AM NOT PAID FOR THIS. But if you want to try out a diamondback, go to https://www.diamondback.com/partner and use corp coed”VEGAN”

follow me bruh


Magnifire says:

When you uploaded your mountain bike unboxing w awhile back I saw your code and thanks to the VC I now have a diamondback mission 1!

Peter Laskiewicz says:

Dude, we missed your videos!

DJ Ranoia says:

Would you put a clear lizard skin bra on this or nah for the bottom tube

nathan ong says:

chop steerer plz

Ben Adrian says:

Excellent, down to earth, real-world review. Cheers dude!

Matt 4114 says:

2:01 is that a fork lol

on2a says:

Always loved the look of that bike in your videos

Eagex says:

Do you have any bike for a beginner which doesnt cost so much?

PlantTheSeed says:

Just curious. Why did you choose the Diamondback say over Trek, Specialized, Cannondale etc? Nice edits. 🙂

They Live We Sleep says:

why do some people prefer a size or two smaller frame with a longer stem??

Andrii says:

But why, WHY don’t You cut steerer tube? It will look so much better.

Steveo H says:

LoL “I couldn’t win on a motorcycle” cracked me up…love your vids, keep up the great work!

Dean Johnson says:

great review! 2 questions — 1 when did you change the BB ? 2 – Why did you change the BB ?

Hawkeye says:

Looks sweet

JuJu says:

1.56 dude u need a flipping swiss knife for mail opening .

Bosco Cheung says:

The rear stay is a big problem as the wider tries a the trend. AND I AM OUT OF US.

Jacob Gorman says:

Add stage one of tour of Alberta to the race wins.

Achim Edes says:

True vegan – opening the bike box with a fork!

Chad Ashton says:

Just got a DB mountain bike…the Release 3. For the price it can’t be beat. Sure…it’s a little heavier than some other bikes….but so is my wallet after getting the DB. DB does have some QC issues but I think once they get that ironed out…they are going to be a serious mainstream bike company.

They Live We Sleep says:

I’ve noticed you prefer the saddle being far forward on the seatpost, i like that too it gives me more open hip angle and less hip flexion

3rd World Cycling says:

Planning to get the Vitesse, searched online a tuns for Disc Road bike with non-compact groupset within the 2k – 2.5k range and they’re a rare breed.

They Live We Sleep says:

R.I.P. Dork Disk

Jason Smith says:

Diamondback gives a really nice discount to Lyft drivers I can get this frame with 105 for under $2k

Coach JG says:

intro Music is fiiiiiiiire

Chris Peltzer says:

OK, I really don’t to be that guy… But you’ve had that bike for a year and you still haven’t cut that steerer tube? Crazy

simon A says:

They should have named themselves something else. Even Bruh would look better on the downtube than diamondback

dieseliulian says:

‘Sssssexy’ is probably the best way of describing this bike. With 5 ‘S’s!

Dan Fisher says:

Hay dude you’re 6’2″ which is the same as me. What is your inside leg length and saddle height? Just for interest?

Adrian Alvarez says:

Nice bike! Thanks for sharing your review

pato0114 says:

Hi. I’ve been trying to become full vegan. However I’ve been doing crits here in the uk but keep coming down with low energy and feeling sluggish. Any advice on vegan diets?

G_cord says:

To make the bars feel like they hook under more rotate the bars down and move the brake hoods up, it feels super nice

Alex P says:

For 4-5k you can get a Trek Madone 9 which is much more aero…..just saying.

mrcain says:

4/5 review for all 4/5s 🙂

Mike Barber says:

That tyre clearance issue is ridiculous.

123456bmx says:

Good tip for fiber grip: Grease the hole not the pole!

Doyleyburger says:

Best looking frame iv seen. Shame about the clearance.

Ben Cohen says:

great vid, I wanted to get this bike, but they dropped it off the site D: maybe it was because of the terrible clearance and they’re fixing it soon! at least I hope 🙂  btw, the description says “corp coed” not corp code.

Jeremy Sweeten says:

Rear Tire Clearance: WTF?? Question on the HED wheels – are the plus (+)? If so, the wider internal rim width will plump a tire up or out. HED suggests running a narrower tire on the wheel, knowing it will plump. IE. I have HED JET PLUS. I run a 23mm wide tire, but on the JET PLUS, it fills out to 25.2mm. Something to think about. IF this is not the case for your bike and it simply cannot accommodate a simple 25mm tire, then WTFancy, Diamondback!!?!?!?!? (PS> I’ve been researching DM road bikes all season. I think they are amazing!)

Jenner Lim says:

Nice bar tape

Mike Springer says:

Dope review thanks man

james grainger says:

Diamondback? I thought that was like a budget Walmart type brand. Didn’t know they made race rigs

Nelson Queralta says:

Dude your intros are always so lit. #Dab #bruh

Dan Moreau says:

For the bar issue have you tried angling down bar and lifting up shifters? You might have to redo bar tape but it’ll give you more of that “hooked” feel.

gingerbreadman cervelo says:

Powerboat hammering it….

Dejected J says:

What size is that Frame? I’m 6’2″ and my Felt AR3 is a 61 and my seat is barely higher than the handlebars. Did you go down a size to reduce weight?

William Aaslund says:

love that special bike box opening tool ~2:00

Jason Stroman says:

Awesome review, But what is the intro instrumental playing through the video? Anyone Yuh!

David Sweet says:

How can you do a bike review without mentioning the weight? I know it’s an aero bike, but every gram counts!

Opie Vlogs says:

Thanks for the code VC!!! I just signed up and there are some great deals on the MTB’s right now.

John S says:

I’m just rambling, but my sweet spot used to be $2800 for a bike; however, now it’s closer to $1500 so I don’t care if I ride in the rain and not worried about any damage. For VC, at his cat 1 level, I think he did the right thing at around $4000: BUT, for 90% of cyclists I really recommend to save your money!!! Buy something like a CAAD9/10/12 with Tiagra/105 and use the saved money for race fees, traveling, coach, skin suits and time trial helmets, and 100 dinners with the new hot girlfriend…….whatever….

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