First ride and review vlog: Campagnolo 12 Speed Groupset

Dave got to test the latest version of the all-new Campagnolo Record and Super Record groupsets, with all those multiple 12 gears!


Tommy Wiseau says:

they need to work on making a working 11 speed groupset before trying to re-invent the wheel

drifter says:

this guy’s accent gets on my nerves

Ziggy holbrook says:

hey nice vid i loved it btw this aint a scam ahah i do shoutouts and if you give me one and sub to me ill shout you out and you will get bout 40 subs cheers ziggy

Joe sixpack says:

34-32 is the smallest gear? Get with the times Campagnolo, people with an FTP under 300 want to climb mountains too without grinding. Far easier to put out 250w at 90 rpm than at 50 rpm.

Especially if an ordinary rider is on a 100 mile ride in the mountains, low gears are necessary. There needs to be a gearing combination with a cassette having more teeth than the small chainring. IMO, a 46/30 crank is the answer, but a 36t cassette would be nice too.

Niidea1986 says:

People looking for performance at a price point go with Shimano, people looking for style go with Campagnolo…people with no standards go with SRAM.

Daniel Baker says:

My first thought is I don’t need 12, but who knows..

jun macalintal says:

why are you riding on the wrong side of the road?

Darek80 says:

12th speed that is crazy. I don’t need more than 10. Because I ride on pretty flat area I don’t need disc. I love my caliper brake – they are cheap and work very well (if you use good breakpads). BTW I still love campagno gruppo

David Fellows says:

You could’ve shown us the RD shifting through the gears.

Tommy Wiseau says:

those brakes look plastic and shit

MKTech says:

I’m not a fan of that “forged carbon” look on the cranks, it looks like they are dirty or were dragged a few miles behind a truck. That aside, the rear mech is pretty impressive looking, for a second I thought they had a clutch on there. It looks like Wolftooth links have become the new standard for mounting the next generation of wide range dérailleurs.

BikeIt UK says:

When you thought they just simply couldn’t fit anymore on…Wow! These chains wont look out of place around your neck soon! Will Shimano follow?….. I think so Thanks for the vid all the best Andy

bianchi1885 says:

Campag, RIP.

Ted lastname says:

MAN where was this 44 years ago!!!!! To be young again.. BEEN a CAMPY man for many many decades..

Vinay Basavaraj says:

Love your accent mate.

John Trussell says:

I’d love to use Campy at some point on a build, but the goofy and non-ergonomic shifters with the thumb are just ridiculous.

They Live We See says:

Campan-yolo, to pronounce hard G is a sin

John Farr says:

Yike…if you’re going to publish videos like this get a gimbal for the follow bike. So hard to watch.

Kari Kepala Gajah says:

Cant wait for the 15 speed groupset!!


Ask an average performance cyclist for gearing ratio design rather than a bussiness man or pros, 50rpm up hill?? After 10 hour epic ride? People need a bigger cassette, fuckin bigger come on!

Bad Motherfucker says:

Campagnolo shouldn’t make groupsets. Wheelsets is the way

David W says:

Why not carbon derailleur body instead of their technopolymer?

relikvija2 says:

talks like DelBoy

TheGrassyou says:


Bass Florida says:

They make some beautiful wheels but the groups have become dog butt ugly and cheap looking.

Patryk Pudlo says:

Sram red e tap disc is No 1

Flying Lap Productions says:

Rim brakes…mech gruppo…
Soon to be extinct. Waste of time and money for a high end maker. Btw…background music is shite mate.


gonna stick with claris

fracturesjg says:

Cool video, nice one!

paul alcantara says:

i think campy should pirate the r and d department of innovation…just add sprocket.i agree looks cheap. specially the brakes set.

TheSoulTwins says:

I have been a Campagnolo devotee all my cycling life – and would never ever ride anything else. [I am presently riding my third edition of Campag Super-Record}. But I have to say that this new 12-Speed group-set is unbelievably disappointing. It looks really cheap and nasty – from the cranks, rear and front derailleurs, brake/gear hoods and utterly hideous brake calipers.
The graphics are horribly downmarket and the overall impression is of an entry-level group-set rather than top-of-the-range. It is simply nowhere near the standard of the previous Super-Record group both aesthetically or in quality. Sad day for Campag.

sandydenny4ever says:

It’s always Campy for me. Mass produced soulless stamp metal mass produced Shim, well, it nearly turned me off cycling with my first racer, and I will never go back.

Konrad Stankiewicz says:

With all the respect…. not really asking for deep research of accents or PhD in linguistics but you could at least Google pronunciation of before setting out to test it… CampaGGGnolo…

Kosio Varbenov says:

i’m not even a die-hard fan, but come on, please pronounce campagnolo correctly!

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