Frog 70 Kids Road Bike – Review

In this exclusive video, we take a close look at the new Frog 70 Road Bike on it’s first delivery!
The bike will shortly be available at Rutland Cycling.

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MrDumyman - Minecraft Og Mer! says:

Realy realy realy realy realy god video

beast mod on says:


Pelle Stam says:

Jeo is saying really the whole time

Craig Littler says:

That’s a really nice bike mate

Crazey badger says:

that looks like a cheep bike

Craig Littler says:

That’s a really nice bike mate

Aku Erhomaa says:

road cycling is for pussies mountainbiking is more fun and challenging

Phillip Reynolds says:

What’s proper gears?

Thomas Green says:

Same i cant wait untill i get mine and cycle around london with mu uncle

Lina Dmax says:

How much the frog 70 road bike

Impro23 Gt says:

guys how mich is that bike

Nerdhiddeninplanesight says:

And it’s like really really really good

AmR64 says:

From 1 to 100 how aerodynamic was that bike? I’ve got a Scott speedster Jr. 24 and that is 85… Im thinking because of the big Seat and the breaks at the tops. Just asking, don’t get angry if this may be a bit annoying!

Garrett Benson says:


Andrew Kim says:

I think that the Fuji Ace 650/24 is better than the frog and it is cheaper.

App Killer says:

Really Really Really

Andy Green says:

Frog bikes are great but why no mudguards? Britain is wet, if he rides it to school he’ll get there covered in muck, oh and the cables pulling through a little bit of frame tube is fiddly and pointless.

Daniel Savine says:

really proper bike that…..gonna order one in the morning for my daughter n I really hope that she notices its got all proper parts on it not like these other kids bikes….proper, proper.

Ben Ennis says:

he really likes saying really

Alex.j180 says:

How many times is he going to say really?!!?

Dominic TrA says:

oh really yeah really ok really.

tcthomas7 says:

I want one. I’ve already got a 73

Jack says:

Can’t wait till I get my road bike !

Lawrence Gladwell says:

Really good review. I really like it, I really will really get one for my really real son.

Xp Music says:

really really really

Jaden Wise says:

It’s not even that good


Back when I wasn’t a teen my friends used to call me a champion at bicycle racing

Crazey badger says:

I have a 2,000 dollar road bike. I love biking and I do a lot of it.

Valentin Merino says:

stop saying really !!!!!!!!!

Robsta511 says:

You really really really really really really really really really really really really really like that bike… Like really

Joshua Lim says:

He said really 27 times.. It’s funny how the man says “proper nine speed, proper bearings, proper” so dos that mean the average kids bike is improper or fake?

tmmtohru says:

He really, really, really likes it. Really, really!

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