Genesis 700c Men’s RoadTech Road Bike vs GMC Denali 700c Men’s Road Bike Review

The 700c Genesis RoadTech Mens Road Bike is built around a lightweight aluminum road bike frame. You can stop quickly with the alloy calipers and brake levers, and the high-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims look as good as they perform. Shimano shifters allow you to shift without taking your hands off the handlebars, providing safety and confidence. A Shimano derailleur completes the drive train for quick and smooth gear changes, and the gearing offers a number of different speeds. The racing seat is comfortable for fast racing or slow riding. The 700c Genesis RoadTech Mens Road Bike is finished in a beautiful red and black paint. The maximum weight capacity for this bike is 250 pounds.


FrAn_dR0iD says:

Nice vid, purchased one of these 2 days ago. The tire width is 32mm can I swap them with some 28mm GatorSkins??

Shiwei Luan says:

What is the tire width, plz? I want to put a tire liner. Thank you.

Zerobladetion Wot says:

Lol your bike still make in China even the gears. Don’t know what your talking about it still very good for the price.

Agent Smidt says:

How do you assemble the front wheel for the roadtech?


thx for the review. I love this bike!

Beach Life says:

love your accent

Lennysunday says:

@worldmechanics what size round is the seat post?? i want to change mine ..

John Flurkey says:

How do I find or buy this bike? It is out of stock at Walmart and Amazon with last price of $129. I have been searching my area on Craig’s list since with bikes with only a couple in a 200 mile radius. I like the interrupters and aluminum frame it looks like i could replace my Huffy Bradford. The frame is too small on my current bike and I need the drop handlebars to relieve nerve and circulation issues in my llittle fingers.

Rez says:

Damn he’s dogging the shit out of the GNC LOL. Excellent review definitely considering buying this bike

Jason S. says:

Get a name brand bike, I’ve had Walmart bikes before and they will never last the test of time, just cheap garbage with cheap components.  I bough a 2001 Specialized commuter bike from a friend for 100.00 a 2001.  still looks brand new and it’s held up perfect.  I ride 22 miles round trip to work everyday on it.  Also have a Giant Rincon MTB that’s awesome and a 2001 as well. same deal.  lets see how this bike rides and looks 14 years from now. yea yikes!

fredo says:

How is the climbing on the bike? Going uphill?

kyrkland says:

did u assemble it yourself? or did walmart do it? do the stickers and logo come already on the bike or did u do them yourself?

jmfdizog says:

best budget road bike you can buy from WalMart is the Schwinn, but it’s $300

tapori03 says:

Great review. Planning to buy the bike.
What is the minimum height from the ground to the top of the seat? 

willem newhouse says:

7 speed not 21. Speed is measured in cogs/gears in the free wheel on the back

Cmore Funnie says:


Raymond Cote says:

hey so did genesis change the names because im from canada and the one i bought is the same one as the genesis but the name is different. on the lower bar it spells supera haha

Haralabos Lukatos says:

what size is the cassete and the crank in this bike. Also what size in mm is the rear dropouts

Ronnie Buchanan says:

That bike and the gnc are both junk… buy a surely look it up

Товары из Китая (Made in China) says:

Where I can buy it& Please take me link

bijhua says:

buy a second hand Scott s50 or s60. same price but a whole different machine from the frame to everything. or get a second hand trek or anything else really.

RealRazeen 2016 says:

why are there like four brakes?

TiconderogaX says:

This is a shit review. The Kent is a piece of shit. It’s heavier than the GMC by about 2lbs (as advertised). And while I did like the top brakes, the shifter was a dumb design and it shifts horribly, and the crank is junk. The GMC has the Shimano gears too, better tires, and a better shifter.


Thanks for the wonderful review. I was waiting for more videos from you on this bike as a follow up experience. Anyhow, my question is pretty same with a little twist. I am also around 5’7″-8″ and my inseam measures around 31″, So would this bike be for me?
The twist is that I live in Canada and Canadian Walmart has the worst bike selection ever – they don’t have these models or any road bike for that matter, so I can not go and try either GMC or Genesis both in 20″ or 22.5″ model. I am thinking of ordering it through my relative in US and take a gamble on the size of 22.5″ cuz I too  like Gen. better than GMC. Please guide me with the size- it would be much appreciated. God bless U.

Reggie Miller says:

I am about 5 foot 7 right now and I am 14, but I don’t want the GMC as this bike seems to be the better one, but only comes in a 22.5 inch frame. Do you think it will fit well?

Brent Campbell says:

You didn’t even show the gmc. I tried both and gmc in my opinion is better. If you’re going to review show both products so you don’t seem so bias…

artkor says:

Good review. Is that bike a good size for a 6’1″ person?

Beach Life says:

excellent video, i found it in your walmart review. can you tell me how much this bike weighs? i cant find this information anywhere 🙁 thanks

I Forte Si Daja says:

Yeah right, double brakes, and good luck with shifting your gears with that.

buddyroach says:

how much did you pay

Andrei Lim says:

Hi can I ask how you change the gear on this bike I didn’t quite get where the shifter is in the video. Is it a STI shifter cause that’s the shifter I would like to try. Thanks please answer my question! Lol

Alacranito2012 says:

Nice video. Thank you for giving your review of this bike. I’m thinking of buying it so I really appreciate you taking the time to review this.

Kimsan Tan says:

hi thanks for your video.  i check the walmark online it come with
Derailleur: Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shifts
i think you are right the double brake and stem shifter are more practical.

Zerobladetion Wot says:

Frame is to big for me 22.5 i wanted it but, i got the GMC one frame is perfect size of 19″

cjtron says:

Hi, Great Review, and I was wondering what frame size it had…  Sadly to learn its big for me ;p    

 Would anyone had a second suggestion to this bike for  5’4″ person?   
The Gmc would fit me but I don’t want it … ’cause of what was already stated.

Vinson Chen says:

What is the diameter of the wheels on your bike?

Barefoot says:

Do somebody know if it is possible to add fenders and a rack on this bike?

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