Genesis G500 Road Bicycle Review

Genesis G500 Road Bicycle Review


winningcirclemedia says:

walmart bikes are soo heavy and just for 50 -100 more you can go to a pro shop and catch a deal. These bikes are heavy, like 30lbs and I think people who dont know the difference would think this is a good deal.

My Something Random says:

There is one with a carbon fork but you pay about 100 more dollars for it and I didnt feel there was much in weight savings. I would go with an aftermarket CF Fork which would be better and lighter.
This one was the all Aluminum

My Something Random says:

At a cheep price yes. Havn’t found one yet that was less expensive with all the fetures and proper Sora shifters.

My Something Random says:

Thanks for the clarification. They are sora like with the thumb shifter button and brake lever.

NeitouSama says:

My Roubaix 3.0 weighed 3lbs lol…insane how much heavier those wallyworld bikes are

Johann Bertram says:

Is this the best road bike for the price?

Johann Bertram says:

Ok, thnx 🙂 I will consider getting this bike. (All I can afford at 13 years old)

sbs553 says:

“NeitouSama1 – My Roubaix 3.0 weighed 3lbs lol…insane how much heavier those wallyworld bikes are”  Funny, everyone else’s Roubaix 3.0 weighs 21lbs……  You must have a “special” model.

NeitouSama says:

Just FYI those are called “Sora” shifters. If you’ve ever ridden a shop road bike…you’d know that. xD

Ty Ramrod says:

Sweet i saw this at my local walmart does this one have a carbon fiber fork?

VanKind says:

You bought this rape job?..

Gascoyne Guy says:

I have a 2013 Paris Roubaix how much you say it weighs?

The Maddpenciler says:

Hi – I just got this bike by way of a barter deal – the back tire was flat – my question is do you know the size of the rim/tire and what size inner tube should I get? Thanks.

CyclingSam says:

*they are 2300 Shifters (lower than Sora).

- - says:

i have a 2009 Genesis Corsa 4400 road bike, with full Shimano Tiagra group, costed about 500 euro’s to buy. frame looks similar, but has a bit better components. i guess it’s the same bike, but it’s sold only in european stores named Intersport. Bike declaration says it’s produced in Austria…but i think it’s only assembled maybe in Austria.. product of china like everything else. it serves me great…for about 10 000 km/year.

CyclingSam says:

Sora is now set up to shift like all of the other Shimano groups; however, it is a 9 speed. 2300 has now been replaced by Shimano Claris which also shifts like all of the other Shimano groups but it is an 8 speed. Claris has already started to show up on bike builds and will probably be the group of all entry level bikes in 2014. The days of the Campagnolo knock-off button are over.

Johann Bertram says:

Are there spacers under the stem?

tron81 says:

Hard to believe a budget bike is $400. Woah that’s expensive.

ttechnoholic says:

where can i buy this bike?? please, does anyone know?? walmart had this bike a while ago… on the website it’s no longer displayed and if i google it an old walmart page displays this bike as “OUT OF STOCK ONLINE”  does this mean they discontinued it? any help is much appreciated.  

Andrew Lavallie says:

for Walmart that’s pretty nice but road bikes under 500$ aren’t very good wuality

Jeremy Gilmore says:


deathlegionair says:

The 700c roadtech from genesis is cheaper and is suppose to be good for beginners, will be getting it hopefully, i use to use a mountain bike so on road hills were horrible. I got amazing speed for basic handlebars, it was 21 gear and with my pedaling, it got speed.

My Something Random says:

Actually, for a 24lb bike it is a pretty good deal. The closest i can find outside walmart is about $200 more

Cole Coonce says:

A good bicycle is one that encourages somebody to actually ride it. No matter your skill set with bikes, this brick will be an absolute exercise in frustration. It has cheap, heavy components that will break before you get your gloves on. It is garbage, and garbage is no fun to pedal. The components are a joke and are among the worst ever manufactured. The novice rider will get fed-up and stop riding. One is far better off taking that $400 and combing Craigslist for a used road bike with decent tires, components, wheels and seat, rather than this p.o.s. which will first become a garage sculpture and then a rusted “first-$100-takes-it” item at a yard sale. Also: 24 lbs. is a lot to schlep up a hill. The only bike you should buy at Walmart (or Target) should have training wheels.

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