Giant Defy Review (Giant’s Endurance Road Performance Bike)

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In this video, I review the all-new Giant Defy Advanced 2. Giant’s entry-level endurance road performance machine.

So this is Giant’s upgraded version of the Defy in 2019. Notable changes in the new version of the Defy versus its predecessor include:

1. The Giant De-fuse technology – which helps reduce road shock and vibrations. That was once only in the rear of the bike, now sits in the handlebar system too.
2. Giant have changed cable routing to make it more seamless throughout this endurnace road bike.
3. Giant have made some advancements in the carbon fibre construction to apparently make the frame more compliant and stiffer.
4. Giant have increased the ability to get some gurthy tyres in there. Now up to 32mm.

I break this road bike review up into two parts – The bike itself, and then the riding experience. I then wrap things up with my opinion on what type of rider I believe this bike best suits.

This Giant Defy comes with: ever so reliable Shimano 105 and the braking performance, including disc brakes. You’ve also got plenty of gearing thanks to an 11-34 cog on the rear.

The wheels are some of Giant’s own, being the PR2 Disc’s, and last but certainly, not least you’ve got De-Fuse technology in the seat post and the handlebars. Which are essentially engineered tube shapes that are optimised to absorb road shocks and vibrations.

Specialized Roubaix review here:


TomEnduro says:

Love my Giant Defy Advanced 2.. Did 200km with over 50km of gravel, some single track woods and it didn’t miss a beat!! Love it!

Brad DeMarco says:

Nice video, your 2 assistants stole the show. How would you compare the Defy to to the Roubaix you reviewed?

Gravel Cruncher of Europa says:

I have an old giant aluminum frame that I renovated and it has a particularly high bottom bracket, a very long wheelbase and clearance for 46 mm tires easy. Thing that makes it curious and fun to ride is it utilizes racing geometry in the head tube, 71.5 deg., snappy.

Olumoroti Osibo says:

Another awesome review bruh

JJ Henters says:

The advanced pro 1 is a massive improvement over this spec, the carbon wheels make the bike all day long, and the obvious upgrade to full ultegra components including hydro’s is a good investment. Just wait for the end of the season sale and save 33% because then it makes it a GREAT spec bike for the price and you can do everything including race on it, I never understand why anyone would pay RRP on any of the big brands.

PaulHD MTB says:

Thanks for this review… if I had it to do all over again, I would have chose this bike or the TCR. I’m stoked on my 2019 Tarmac ED… but that price tag vs GIANT… just unreal. Do you think the GIANT sizing steers a rider one size down? Everything I’ve seen regarding GIANT RB and MTB reviews has most riders going a frame size down, vs say Santa Cruz, Specialized or Trek.

John Q. Public says:

I believe the Team Sunweb Defy is modified so the headtube length is the same as the TCR. It’s not the same Defy you buy off the rack.

mamado elfateh says:

How much please and whats number for 189 cm

Daniel Moreau says:

Hey. Thanks for the review. I’m currently in the market for a bike and this is in a strong lead for what I’m looking for. I’ve mostly done mountain biking (full squishy) and want to add more road riding into my time. Currently my “road” bike is an 15 year old GT Avalanche mtb that I put combo tires (slick center and small knobbs on sides) for my road riding. So, I have a question if you don’t mind. My only concern is the brakes. I know that the bike comes with the Giant Contact hydro/mech brakes. I’ve tried to find reviews on this setup specifically, but cant really find anything. I know you said in your video that the brakes were great, but could you maybe add a bit more detail? Do you see any problems with them in the future, or think they will last 2 – 3 years before having to upgrade to full hydro’s. I’m used to full hydros as my full squish has slx on them. Thanks if you can respond. Cheers!

Colin O'Sullivan says:

Cam got the defy advanced pro 1 and as a winter disc bike it’s the business

Mughees Ahmed says:

I was hoping you would go in to more details of The Conduct Brakes. How good a design they are? How do they compare to a proper hydraulic disc setup?

Chris Hopper says:

What I didn’t like was the attachment on the handlebars to convert standard levers with cables for hydraulic discs.

JMS says:

Good review. I’ll be watching this channel more. I’m glad YouTube threw it up for me.

Riddim says:

Thank you for this review. I tested it at a local bike shop yesterday. I ride a 56cm Felt and I tested a M (medium) size. I need a ML to feel more comfortable. It rode well, but I have reservations about it because of the cable routing and the horrid brake system management on the stem. It takes a lot of space, to a point where my hands were in contact with the cable tips. Forget putting on accessories. Who @ Giant approved this? Giant seems to be the only one doing it, where they figured out a way to use their branded components with Shimano brakes to drive down the price. The result is very off putting….

Karm Asutor says:

domane vs defy?

Zadius895 says:

not a fan of that routing look, looks so ugly

ThompsonCarpetCleaning says:

I would agree. I’ve just got one and it’s super comfortable. It feels a bit heavy on the climbs and slightly slower on the flat. But it’s a lovely bike to ride for miles.

Michael Fahy says:

Classic bike this. Strange cable routing on the front imo. Is 34 the new 32?:)

jom_ aca says:

Good strong young heart, lungs and knees is all you need

Edward Middlecamp says:

does anyone like the trend of the lower seatstays a lot of manufacturers are going with?

Jesús Cruz says:

Great review.

MuppetAlex1 says:

Nice review Cam. Yeah, the Defy is a nice bike. As I said the other day, its a good all rounder for commuting, endurance or Orlax. Its not going to be the fastest, since there are pure race jobbies that do it better. But it is a good all day bike for eating up the miles and its quick enough for that. What next Cam?

DG Masand says:

Any chance of you review the defy adv pro 0 the top spec bike with power meter, integrated cockpit etc. Need to make a decision between this or tcr

Ron OBlack says:

This year I bought a 2018 Defy Advanced Pro 0 and I couldn’t be happier. That being said, I find the ride very stiff on gravel or rough pavement. Then-again, I’m comparing it to my other bike, a 2015 Specialized Diverge Comp, with 30mm tires, which is quite comfortable on rough pavement or gravel.

Alan Smeaton says:

Spot-on review, I have one of these and have knocked up about 250km on it so far. I find it really smooth and it feels like I could ride on it forever, and ever, and ever.

Paul Wiegand says:

Paint jobs on new bikes are so boring. Can’t they paint bikes in colors? Black and grey are sooooo boring.

frederick sta ana says:

great frame.. but cable routing is disgraceful looking

Matt Birdwell says:

What is a good bike to go with for crit racing? Im new to it and have a $1,500 dollar budget to begin. Whats the best bang for buck?


I Love Your Roadbike. It’s Very Clean And Nice Color!

Luis E. says:

nice bike, don’t like the cables at the stem….

Chi Zhang says:

you can always bend your elbow to lower

Angel Mauricio Zepeda Bajonero says:

hey, this channel just stole your review

AkuHayabusa07 says:

What was that song?

Matt Birdwell says:

How’s the contender 1 for crit racing?

Speed Wobble says:

I have a 2018 defy advanced 1 and couldnt be happier with it.

Marwan Ghubein says:

guys Giant defy xs frame size is it equivalent to 50 size ?

Thomas L.S. says:

It’s a sad world we live in when you have to pay thousands of dollars for a bicycle. Not me. NEVER !

lilth501 says:

I’m thinking of getting the giant defy pro 0 I’m not doing any racing and I want a good all rounder

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