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Andrew Halpin says:

You used a ‘stick’ to hold the bike up for that 1st shot mmwwwhaaahahahaha cheapskates. Good review

Adrian Martinez says:

This looks like a cheap dollar store toy

Wayne Softy P says:

I understand this conceal everything look and integrated everything, but as pointed out it is not a practical bike. Everything is proprietary so you can’t adjust or change anything or fit accesories. Great if the bike off the floor suits you perfectly, but this mostly is unlikely. I suggest you buy a bike you can adjust and get yourself into the most comfortable aero position, this will give you bigger gains. Also the concealed cabling, saving how many watts??? WTF!

yas96225 says:

Amazing how you can build such a great bike and then mess it up so badly on the final touches. The stem and paint jobs are ridiculous.

cannon1156 says:

I was fortunate enough to get the blue version as a shop had stripped off the Di2 and power meter for another build. It was put back together with the latest mechanical Dura Ace at a great price. I have now been racing this frame for about 2 months. My thoughts? … The look of the bike grows on you. Others racing think it looks aggressive. It looks better with the top cap if you are not running many spacers. I stripped the Giant tyres for a set of Pirelli clinchers .. a great decision. AS for its racing performance? … this bike is FAST .. you can feel it. It handles well on all types of courses and I have not encountered the skipping mentioned in the review (possibly tyre choice). The seat comes with a number of spacers for the seat clamp so it is very easy to adjust the seat up and down should you require. The Giant wheels are fast and have DT internals and they are very quiet. The bike came with two sets of axles .. one flush and one with the lever. I have always used stepped rim heights so the 42 front and 65 rear do not put me off in the looks department. And the review is correct .. the Giant seat is very comfortable. Hope this helps

Joshua Foster says:

It beats the spesch venge. But I’d like to see how it compares with the madone. Better brakes Vs aero advantage/ISO speed. Or Ollie’s new foil. (Think if the colours and black are reversed it would look a lot better.)

Chris York says:

the giant tyres are not great. the 25mm is very narrow. poor in the wet as well.

forbzy2 says:

well if its so areo why aint giant sunweb using it??

Nigel Crane says:

Great review and a nice bike. Only trouble with it is the name. In Singapore, Giant is the name of the local supermarket chain. It’s a bit like your super bike being called an Asda’s or a Tesco’s!!! Doesn’t work for me.

chris twardzik says:

I mean so close!!! The headset and handlebar look is atrocious!! Who signed off on this? Is there a way to put on another stem and bar combo?

Glenn Daly says:

Given your thought on the wheels/ would be good to see a comparison with different wheelset and larger tyres for different situations. PS good review….rounding bolts…never good!!! Cockpit just doesn’t appear practical but I’m sure it’s fine if your a pro and the mechanic takes care of it.

Fai says:

ugliest bike

TheGitolek says:

Weight around 7kg? In my opinion it is not possible.
I bet 7,8-8kg without pedals.

P-O Wide says:

Great review!
This bike It’s not my cup of the though!

Wayne Softy P says:

Blowout! Tubeless are still clinchers!

Plant Fuelled says:

Yeah but 70% of aero comes from body position. Put clip-on TT bars on a climbing bike and you’ll be quicker.

MishMash says:

The colour scheme looks like the sort of tacky thing you’d get on a 10-year olds walmart bike..

Jura Stanić says:

Wheels are shit!
They are aero at all with that width.

htdtr says:

I had an ISP frame once, never again.

Pretty interesting that none of the sunweb team really use the propel much

Allen McGlew says:

Just bought then bottom level Propel. This the best bike I’ve ever ridden. It’s does it all, climbs, is lighting fast on the flats and descents. The bike is stiff and all of your power goes into the wheel, but it still very comfortable to ride , not sure how Giant pulled that off. I’m more into functionality than looks so the looks don’t bother me. My wife likes the bright red as it adds safety to my ride, you can’t miss it.

gamecat says:

They really dropped the ball on those wheels, they are only 17mm internal width, so any tyre wider than about 23 will make the aero performance worse. Sure you can run wider tyres for comfort, but you will lose the aero benefits of the rim.
Also, asymmetrical wheels look ugly.


They’re using the TCR because it’s a superior racing machine! Just ask durian rider lol.

Evan Williams says:

blahahaha….”spew out like intestines”…..Priceless!

Black Mesa says:

Beautiful bike!

NoNotReally says:

Aero gains aren’t tangible stop lying to yourself.

HenryJ says:

Please can you help me. Im not old enough for a Facebook account to share my videos. my dad created and uploads to YouTube for me. My dad says if I get 1000 subscribers he will buy me my own GoPro and Xbox one X. How do I do this?

on2a says:

That blowout sounds horrendous… a bit like the top cap! Great honest review tho. Ollie one of the most honest bike reviewers/commenters on YouTube

Mud Bone says:

The rider limit on a Giant carbon bike is 95kg where as the rider limit on a Specialized is 109kg. I weigh 88kg and would never ride a Giant because I feel it is too weak. Also, the Specialized frame sports a lifetime guarantee for the original owner. Therefore, in my opinion, there is a ton of quality in that extra 1kg.

Darren Yearsley says:

The TCR Adv SL is an amazing bike. Ride one and you will see why most of the giant team choose it.

adriboff1 says:


They Live We See says:

most aerodynamic brick in the world

Stephen Wepener says:

Current owner and traveler with the top of the range Propel (Choice of colour only blue). Upgraded from my 2015 model. An upgrade it is. Very true comments and solutions to everything. If I went for looks then I would not have bought it, but I am about durability and comfort on long rides. My next tire selection would be going to the Mavic range of tyres and in a years time probably a set of Mavic disc tubeless aero rims. (Stick with the experts in this field). Taped the cables together above the top tube and all sorted. Nick name for my new Propel is “Fat Head”. I don’r really care what the Pro’s are doing, I do not have a team of mechanics, physio’s and heath nutritionists behind me. Just me doing 18 – 20 000 Km a year.

Eduardo Chikui says:

This is the most beautiful bike that I have ever seen. In love with

David Garrett says:

Excellent review. It is great to hear the high and low points as well as an informed opinion after a longer term test rather than just your typical press day event. Looking forward to more like this.

Brian Willaman says:

4 ads in 8 minutes!!! I stopped watching at that point. Come on.

ShawnFenty2 says:

There are many disadvantages to disc brakes on road bikes, which despite the continuous pressure from manufactures to adopt them have caused their slow embrace by both professional and recreational racers: cost, weight, and wheel change compatibility to names a few. Disc brakes on road bikes only offer a functional advantage on long, steep, technical descents, especially in the rain. Disc brakes on an aero road bike are unnecessary verging on stupid, because you would only be facing such conditions in mountainous areas, where you would prefer to be on your TCR because it’s a lighter, more comfortable all around bike.

fradd says:

Indurain ftw, how to look good on a bike! oh and Lemond also

steamroller72 says:

The supposed “high end” proprietary components Giant and other big brands are now pushing is discouraging. I gotta drop 5-7 grand and then upgrade the wheels right away? I don’t think so…

josorzo11 says:

The last one felt like shit in the climbs….

James Dean says:

Next thing they will put in the stem is an air bag!

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