Giant TCR Advanced 2 – Road Bike of the Year 2018 Winner

Our annual search for the best road bike is over, and the Giant Advanced TCR 2 has come out on top. Not only did it prove to be the best bike under £2000, it also impressed us more than any other bike in the other price groups too.

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scott henderson says:

Fantastic video. Just read all the reviews in issue 340 and now made my mind up. Having completed Etape Loch Ness 2018 in a Felt V85, I am now going taking the next jump to the TCR. Great read this month and fantastic detailed video.

Huang Jalen says:

got my 2019 TCR Advanced 2KOM dope 😀

Dom says:

What’s the tcr models? I know there is a advance and a advance pro. But then… I’m hearing advance pro 2? Maybe this is for models in a certain country? Usa I have a giant tcr advance KOM.not a pro and has disk brakes.

ConcreteTV Ron says:

The bike shown in the video is a Giant TCR Advanced “Pro” 2. Not the TCR Advanced SL 2.

Dom says:

I wonder if the TCR advance 2 is more snappy compared to the disk? Since the disk is more weight. I live where its all flat . I have the 2018 TCR advance disk KOM but wondering about this advance 2.

De Cnijf Kris says:

sleek. Giant sells more in Belgium now.

Kenneth Howell says:

I have a Giant TCR, it is a killer for the price. Their is nothing like them.

ZBarwin says:

Does it fit a 28mm tire?

Jason Prior says:

nah!!!!!!!!!!! synapse

Joe Joe says:

I freaken love, love my Advanced SL!

ExMachina says:

what’s with the tuk tuk at 1:20 ? your man is terrified of him, can’t shake him

gongo787 says:

If the CaaD12 is $1,699 and 18.6lbs and the Giant TCR is $1,735 19lbs. Why get the TCR? Isn’t this a case of better to have a good quality aluminum than a low grade carbon?

I did ended paying $1,300 brand new for the CaaD12 including pedals and shoes.

Charles Gagnon says:

That’s a great bike! I wonder when it will come with the new 105 R7000 components?

surfside says:

I wish you had published this two months ago. I bought the Specialized Roubaix Comp 2018 at $3,200 based on your review which I hate because it has a sluggish ride and I don’t like the gearing. How can you go from Roubaix Comp 2017 as road bike of the year and now you rate Giant TCR Advanced 2 as bike of the year for 2018 which is about $1,400 cheaper?

Charles Gagnon says:

The 2019 looks amazing with the new 105 Groupset!

Kris Hawes says:

Brilliant review! Maybe enough to sway my decision 😀

Andrew Hoffman says:

Over the lifetime of the bike I’d happily pay the extra £400 quid for the disc brakes.

Rodolfo Nieto says:

choose between a caad 12 replica and this giant tcr 2 which is the best option

Cansın Memiş says:

tcr feels great it is stiff and great for racing but not for daily ride not healty for your back. (experienced tcr rider)

ConcreteTV Ron says:

I wish Giant did two things better/different: colors (they suck) and they need to consider making a TRC Pro made with lightweight military-grade carbon.

John Montgomery says:

I appear to be a Bike of the Year collector-but on year in arrears-bought a B’Twin Ultra720AF last year-didn’t know it was 2016 B.O.Y.-Just ordered a Specialized Roubaix Expert-didn’t know that was last years winner until I saw the video……..

Bruce Froman says:

Just found this vid. Wife and I got into cycling July 2017. Bought hybrids and enjoyed them. Decided January this year to step up our game. Bought this bike and the sister Liv Langma version in February! We’ve got over 2200 miles each on them now.. Absolutely love them. Especially as our first serious entry into the sport.

Andriy Levin says:

I bought Giant Propel because it won the same award 4 years ago and absolutely love it. Then I bought GT Grade 105 carbon for the same reason. Now i’ll get TCR. Thanks BikeRadar for the most professional yet unbiased reviews!

Stephanie Hughes says:

I agree with you. Love the TCR. Love your review.

Fisherman says:

I’m in Australia and I don’t think we get this neon pink colour I think it looks cool.

I own a 2013 Defy Composite which I love dearly and is set up as aggressive as a TCR but I would love this version of the TCR.

I believe aesthetics has alot to do with whether you enjoy riding. You have to enjoy looking at it too

Chris Dagnall says:

Bought a TCR based on the review, and I wanted a bike with a “race feel”,also went for the disk version. Been riding and I must admit the ride position is not racy at all, I was surprised by this the bars do seem high, I am 5’10” with a medium size. Also when I stand up to accelerate the disks rub so the frame cannot be that stiff. It feels like a Gran Fondo type bike as opposed to a race bike and is flexy so somewhat disappointed.

Hot Dog says:

I bought this but broke my wrist before I could ride it?!

Now 8 weeks later I hope to ride it this weekend lol

Jeremy Hansen says:

Now I have a TCR cheers

rettfree says:

i just picked up a TCR Advanced pro 1 disc last week and i love it. The bang for buck and great reviews like this made me decide on on TCR and i’m glad i did.

Outdoor Soul Adventures says:

I bought this bike this year before this video and award. Special order too. Love the bike but hate the matte colour. It picks up all the dirt and bleeds into the frame. Always cleaning. Lol.

Bokkepruiker Records says:

that colour though

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