Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Road Bike Review

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In our early season review of the 2016 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 we show off this incredible all-around race road bike in it’s natural environment: twists, turns, descents, and climbs. The TCR Advanced Pro 1 is nimble and reactive – a great sprinter and unreal climber. It was a pleasure to hit some fast turns and feel the firm connection this bike has to the road. The Giant TCR frame was fully redesigned for 2016 with a new advanced composite construction, redesigned Variant seatpost, and Giants own SL1 carbon wheelset. Believe me when I say this bike stuck to the road and was a rocket when you put the hammer down.

One of the most incredible things about the TCR Advanced Pro 1 is how Giant was able to maintain their position of Best In Class for stiffness to weight ratio. That means that given the weight of the frame it transfers more power to the road than any other bike on the market. What’s the takeaway? This bike is light, fast, and super reactive. It will be a pleasure to ride.

If you’re a data driven purchaser you have to check out the test results Giant summarizes on their website. Not to put a test ride down – they’re the end all of research – but when you see the numbers it’s hard to think badly of the TCR Advanced Pro 1.

Stop in a Bikes and Life store and test ride the 2016 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 for yourself to feel the incredible performance they pack into this very reasonably priced $3200 bicycle. Take care and have fun!


drewmorg says:

Incredible scenery and bike! I’ve got the TCR Advanced SL 2 and I LOVE IT!

sayid redha says:

this or venge elite?

carratt says:

Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome review. I was in the market for a new road bike and after seeing your review I went and gave one a test ride. Needless to say I walked out of the shop with one of these machines and a huge grin from ear to ear.

Alex Knight says:

This is not a review – at all. This is just a marketing video pandering to Giant in the hope they’ll let you trial future stuff. Name me one thing in this video that isn’t in the sale blurb on Giant’s website. Any drawbacks? If I don’t race the pro peloton I’m sure I can still ride a bike for less than $3200 – how is it good value then? Why should I buy the 2016 model over the 2014 model – surely its a significant saving?

Come back when you actually have a review

Michael Beheshtaien says:

this jackass gives FIVE STAR to everything he reviews.

gattowilli says:

This Giant is a fantastic bike !

xflipguyx says:

great quick review.

Michael Plis says:

Awesome video. How was high speed braking? What is the largest tire you can fit?

Paul Mouton says:

looks awesome, but I’m leaning more to the defy advanced pro 1.

Todd Murrell says:

Fantastic video

swites says:

Damn that colour scheme is awesome! Looks a great highly tuned minimalist frame. Look like you get a lot of bike for the money

Mustis1524 says:

How many watts are you pushing here approx? Looks like your flying by, yet you barely seem out of breath.

Bryan Siegfried says:

Nice review – just as an aside, were you at NYCE Wheels before?

Gerry y says:

Peter – Very very good work 🙂 !! Quality ***** stars, Congratulations.

irgendwieundsowieso says:

check out my giant with a few specs

Anthony Chapa says:

Will you all at Bikes + Life review the new 2017 line? I’m really looking closely at the TCR Advanced 2. It’s got a fantastic value for a full carbon compact road frame with 105.

adriboff1 says:

Great video combined with great music! I already own the 2011 TCR 0 which is made from their SL Alluxx and even that is a fast great ride. I can only imagine how good this one is!

Biopace Man says:

Is it just me, or does the video look animated/like a video game? huh… good video , though!

buen marc says:

please review the giant tcr advanced 1

ELebron77 says:

Wow! How are you achieving these shots? Awesome shots!

Tour Rider says:

Hey. Great review. I’m looking at the 2017 model. Any advice for bike size. I’m 5’8 , 30 inside leg. 59kg. The geometry and size charts for this bike are throwing me off a bit. Thanks.

Sany Nava says:

This is a great review. Guys, keep up the good work. Beautiful location too… Looking forward to more road bike reviews!

Juan Leonardo says:

I looking for 2017 tcr advanced sl2 Kom in xs frame

Hellebaard Ridder says:

gaint bike’s look good. But all colors sucks, if this one was full black it was a winner.
and yes there is a black verion but not in my country ;( (only USA)

High Carb Cycling says:

great video! love it.

insert cool name says:

What size frame are you riding in the vid?

Daryl Wu says:

tcr advance pro1 is a good choice to buy or advance SL?

MotorheadRedo says:

How are you able to get great audio while riding?

Tony Kazulin says:

What happened to the Synapse review?

Bikes and Life says:

It’s hard to cover it all in a quick review. Let me know if you have specific questions about the Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1. Thanks for watching! -Peter

J Gonzalez says:

What’s the difference between the pro 1 vs sl 2?

irgendwieundsowieso says:

bought it yesterday, great Bike!!

Andrea Forcella says:

How tall is the rider and what size was the bike ?

Mitch Getson says:

What shoes are you wearing? They look awesome!

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