Halfords Carrera TDF road bike review

A quick review of the Carrera TDF road bike from Halfords (UK)


Chad Millington says:

You can buy a high specification matching jersey from Suarez clothing for £49 to match this bike. They even call it the Carrera TDF! 

mikecat23 says:

My son got one the other day 14 yo . He hasn’t been off it yet. He even went on a run in his dreams the other night. The pedals are crap but he had that looked into (thank google) and had the same as this guys fitted when he collected it. 5 star starter bike for sure.

bikerboi1983 says:

Had 43mph on the tdf on strava think theirs a bit more in there.

On the other hand the stock brake pads are useless!

Ethan McDaid says:

1.02 Hahaha, great video by the way!


I have this bike and it is such a head turner. Just be careful where you park it though. Specially here in oxford

Arsenal 2013/2014 says:

Un relevant but I like this bike btw. I’m just saying today that some guy in a car shouted you stupid prick pa some road tax he was in a Toyota fire which doesn’t pay road tax what a bell end.

crzybtch1000 says:

sorry i dont know the advantages but i do know this bike is 11.5kg 🙂

Ray Foster says:

Just got one myself a couple of weeks ago and it’s great for the price……

RCN says:

I’m 9 and I ride clipless pedals on a road bike

mixindave1 says:

carrera bikes arent that good really, when they say they are reduced from £500 of what ever. halfords are full of shit lol. had a carrera, after a year the left crank arm fell off and the bolt warn out, it wont stay on at all now with a new bolt and right torque . seems totally knackered.

mixindave1 says:

only to work 3-4 miles a day. nothing bad. ive seen these issues before though.

brunanburh says:

Yep, had a chain lock that got cut off with bolt cutters. They left me the broken lock behind!

brunanburh says:

This bike is good for the money. If you get into cycling though you may want to upgrade after a year or so!

wprsuper green speed says:

1.3 big cock ha ha

brunanburh says:

I think the Triban 3 looks great. When I got this it wasn’t available but I will consider it in the future!

Joe Mann says:

Hhahhaha big cog

TheFlyingPineapple says:

You accuse this guy of being poorly educated and a having low IQ? Really? Do you not read your own comments before posting them?

Chris W says:

very useful thanks

Rob Jinkerson says:

Just got one of these- first thing I did was to change the pedals!


You can get a reasonably priced double sided pedal which may be of help to you. Its an SPD on one side and a a grippy platform on the other. This way you have the choice of climbing in the rain with your fit clipped in or riding around town in traffic on the platform or you can have one in the clip and one on the pedal when you feel the need. I bought a set of pedals the like of which I have just described for my wife who is a keen cyclist.and she really likes them. Just make sure you practice a bit on a road which is quiet before clipping your feet in the pedals and falling off at a bus stop with a long queue, like  I did when I first started using them. The ones I bought my wife are Shimano.
Hope this helps.


Try cycle to work scheme. The best

brunanburh says:

They were fine, very smooth. Hard to say now- the bike got stolen a year and a half ago!

bren furness says:

Useful review, thanks!

Colshy TheComedian says:

hi i just took up cycling 3 months ago and bought the 2012 edition of this bike. It’s virtually the same except for the brakes.
I agree with your summary of the bike. However, i have found the gear changes very clunky and the suspension is nil and void when you go over a pothole, so be prepared to have a sore bottom if thats done.
I got it up to 46MPH down a -7%Gradiant and although i worried about the brakes, they actually worked fine.
The bike does look more expensive than it is

zoltansocrates says:

sounds like youve ridden it to death, thats the thing carreras are entry level bikes, ride them to death and you know you need something a bit higher spec but at least they get people into the sport without too much expenditure – and you can always upgrade parts meantime

David Bonnett says:

a couple of people have said the rat-trap pedals are a bit shoddy.
good review 🙂

York Cyclist says:

Nobody pays road tax anymore , it’s called vehicle excise duty…

brunanburh says:

Ha ha..my bike got stolen from a locked car park at my work!

Will Davison says:

Did it have a lock on and was it cut off or somthing?

Josh Bathurst says:

My sister has this bike it’s so heavy

ziggy iqbal says:

hi what and how easy are the gear changes?

Gabi wood says:

I got the 2015 version brand new 230. This version comes with carbon forks. I have been slowly upgrading it. Spd 1 sided peddles, much better brake shoes, rs501 wheels(which enables 7speed 11-28 cassette instead of the old 7s 14-28 freewheel) 25mm gatorskins, saddle, carbon seatpost, better size steering stem. My first road bike and loving it. Well worth spending a little more on the bike.

Sahin ahmed says:

Did you fit in your pedals yourself ?

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