How to Maintain Your Road Bike

Maintaining your bike is critical in cycling. Learn how the pros take care of their beautiful bikes in this video.


rick la says:

What kind of bike is that

StrangeGamer says:

i have a giant and when i drop the wheel it makes a odd rattle noise, wuddo i do plz help 🙂

costa200 says:

Actually many EU countries do not follow that standard. In my country for example, right is back and left front, in all bikes sold.

Paul Atkins says:

This is from the fact that back in the day we had the gear levers on the down tube, with the rear changer on the right and going in to sharp bend where you needed to change up or down one or two sprockets you could still brake with the front brake on the left. My new bike is still freaking me out with it the wrong way round but now I can brake and change gear so I am going to try to get used to it….but still yanking on the wrong brake occasionally.

elitehuntsman says:

i have that bike!

milanvdv says:

I have an old Peugot and a scott MTB in Belgium, EU. My front brake is on the left and rear brake is on the right 😉

GeoffreyLeonardAU says:

This isn’t maintenance at all

Jerry O. says:

Very nice!!

KeF Mak says:

damn cool bike,i hope can get a used one

minnsminns says:

I can do that easily. In fact I very rarely even touch the rear brake.
But your logic is also flawed in that in the UK we don’t only turn left, and in America people don’t only turn right.
And before you say that you should only indicate with one arm, studies have shown that 0% of drivers have any idea what the cyclist is doing when s/he does the weird bent arm indicate thing, so much so that it isn’t taught in the UK and we’re advised by the highway code to indicate with the appropriate arm.

nafism6969 says:

that’s a sexy bike dawg,

DutchKid121 says:

I don’t get it, why would he take off the reflectors? Is it a race thing?

Suraj Shah says:

What bike ?

TMike says:

is a Trek 12 Speed Road Bike a good first bike?

Sargis Poghosyan says:

how much does this or a bicycle like this cost? thanks

Maciej Moczynski says:

As far as I know the only country in Europe that uses left – rear right – front is UK …

FructusSum says:

That seem awesome. I good with video editing and have a 60d that i use for videos. If you want a hand with anything and are around Dublin give me a shout. More than happy to help out with something like that

قناة الشرطة والأمن says:

First time I watch a video about bikes.. Very informative. Thanks!

pedalman says:

Turning across the traffic is what I meant with one hand off the bars signalling.

Raj Patel says:

Great tips for before a ride.
That bike looks so awesome in 2016!

pedalman says:

It depends which side of the road you use as to which side your brakes are on.
In UK its front right rear left…..this is because when turning right you indicate with your right arm your left hand slows you down on the rear brake.
In the united states or countries that use the right side of the road when turning left you indicate with your left arm so your right hand is on your rear brake.
Its a safety thing …..try stopping safely with one hand on the bars braking on the front wheel.

Phil Waud says:

What has this to do with maintenance?

Haowen Guo says:



ill steal your bikes

Schae Booskie says:

My brake is on the left along with my first second and third gear

bottmar1 says:

First thing to do is put fenders on it. The roads are wet way too often. Don’t like that idea? Then you will get your cute little helmet and spandex outfit a nice dirt racing stripe.

Rene Ramirez says:

excelent video!

Flav Man says:

To me it looks like what a rich boy rides on sundays at the track wearing his tight, spandex, muse showing disguise, the kind that drives to the track…. but I would still love to have one lol
I got a old Trek 950 and a Turbo MX; its mountain, steel frame with front suspension and a very fast 24 speed sis, made in Mexico. I use mine all day every day, rain, snow, sun don’t stop me from riding!!

FructusSum says:

As do I, I My Helmet is even High-vis which is awesome

uk-o says:

You dont need the lightest most expensive bike to be fast.
Tour De France teams spend kkkkk`s just to be 20 seconds faster over the whole tour. Lighter bikes break easier.

rajesh rajesh says:


Balian says:

Lance Armstrong

iRotiz says:

How much does that bike go for?

Steve Thompson says:

I own a GMC Denali It has a heavy aluminum frame & a heavy Steel fork great for Electric Bike conversion.

Steve Thompson says:

That Bicycle looks like one of them expensive little toy Bikes that Dudes around here ride, where My Bicycle looks like a big Ocean liner but It Is comfortable.

Gennaro Coppola says:

in italy front brake on the left.

FructusSum says:

I have my reflectors left on, I take the off racing but seen as I train sometimes at night better to have them just in case.

DrivableJonatan says:

I live in Sweden, and here it’s front-left. Doesn’t really sound like there is any EU standard(?).

milanvdv says:

I have an old peugot and a scott MTB in Belgium, EU. My front brake is on the left and rear brake is on the right 😉

Ernesto Ramirez says:

i miss my Trek alpha series 2002,aluminun carbon fiber fork,very light,MADE IN THE USA!!!

soccerpeve02 says:

Worst seat-post design ever…

wes luke says:

was this filmed on a potato?

Kalvin Patel says:

Is there a way I could put these street tires that are on this road bike on my mongoose bike?

bob bobs says:

good for you. track bikes are usually fixed. if we’re talking velodromes, they are fairly few and far between in the UK, so driving 150 miles is reasonable. riding on track with a skin-suit saves seconds, if you are professional it will have an effect on your earnings.
enjoy your trek.

Melkor says:

How to maintain your bike: Don’t ride wheels with paired spokes unless you want cracked rims in the future.

milanvdv says:

I have an old peugot and a scott MTB in Belgium, EU. My front brake is on the left and rear brake is on the right 😉

David M says:

He forgot to mention he checks if his doping levels are up to par to everyone elses… There goes the million dollar corporation to fill Lance’s pockets, curious how much of the money people donate actually goes to Cancer… and not to lance.

Joe Michael says:

He sounds like forest gump

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