Just Landed: Cervelo S5 – The most aero bike in the world? | Cycling Weekly

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The Cervelo S5 is said to be the most aero bike in the world, designed to make you go faster, easier. It will be used by MTN Qhubeka in the Tour de France and hs just arrived here at Cycling Weekly.

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이상혁 says:

it’s to expensive;

Neo*UPR*2022 says:

What about the new TREK Madone ? In my opinion he’s the best aero bike.

Gregory Hodges says:

Picked up my new Di2 – equipped S5 a cpl weeks ago and have been pleased beyond expectations. The road harshness I expected through the bars is wonderfully (surprisingly) muted. Overall the bike is certainly more comfortable than I had anticipated – and I’m running 23s, not 25s. No reservations for using the bike on all-day events. Bike handles and descends great and responds to accelerations very well. And it’s a looker!
Two thumbs up. Well done Cervelo!

James Silva says:

direct mount brakes suck lol

PascalGame indonesia says:

Trek madone

Jody Presti says:

Svelt AF!

Zipp 2001 says:

Nowhere near the most aero bike in the world. My 1993 Zipp2001 bike is far more aero than this modern day dinosaur. Now with the Dimond bike coming from the Zipp’s  dna  Cervelo is father down the list as most aero bike in the world.

adriboff1 says:

Getting tired of seeing and hearing about BICYCLES that cost the same price as a car! These manufacturers are making extraordinary profits from the legions of wanna be pro cyclists who really don’t need all this high end NONSENSE!

Gregory Hodges says:

Hi James, glad you are enjoying your S5, I continue to love mine. The descents I was/am referring to are generally 4-7% and range from sharp, decreasing radius hairpins (such as the bottom of our Mt Diablo) to bombing down the sweeping high speed descent of our local Del Valle Reservoir.
A cpl comments:
1. I am running Enve 4.5s instead of the HEDs. That may be part of the equation.
2. My previous bike was a Giant TCR Advanced SL. To me the TCR may be a better deacender but I found its handling to be a little too quick for my liking at high speeds.
3. I enjoy descents but really try to stay within my limits. You may well be a much better rider and pushing the bike harder on your descents than I do.
Hope that helps.

Konrad Pfister says:

Unless you’re a pro racer this is a total waste of money…

Serge Z says:

Nice bike do they come in other colors?

Fahed Darwish says:

Where can i buy this bike?

Wouter Jeuring says:

are the cheaper versions the exact same frame? Or is there also some difference in frames just like cannondales Hi-mod

Doctor Spence says:

lol right off the bat 20 second in, obviously not mot aero bike if the front brake is mounted in front of the fork. more aero by mounting the brakes behind fork.

wabi sabi says:

I’m not loving that head post. Is it just me?

gilo green says:

sinister. should promote funeral service

Sills71 says:

Dumbest bike, ever…   Listen up morons, if you can ride fast enough to take advantage of an aero bike frame (which is tiny) then you have to ride what your sponsor provides…  If you ride this bike you are a poseur…

Innis Mor says:

Yikes !! HED wheels !?!Rest is great !!Oh, and there should be some kind of law against putting Ultegra on a frame like this.

K. M. says:

A Focus sh**t bike, painted as Cervelo. That’s what Cervelo’s are, these days…..

Jay Pasquarille says:

That’s my bike

Anthony HT says:

This bike looks like shit compared to the New venge, so many cables around the bike, the stem is rubbish, integrated brakes pleaze…

Sills71 says:

ugly, stupid bike

olternaut says:

Why aren’t motorcycles designed like this? Before I die I would like to design a motorcycle using this design language and technology similar to or superior to that of the Akira bike and the Lightcycle from the first tron movie NOT the legacy sequel.

Life Of Two Startups says:

I just bought this bike and took it out for my first ride ~30 minutes ago. I am not a very fast rider but RIGHT AWAY I was going +2mph faster. I was also holding my old top speed for a lot longer with EASE. I see a lot of hate in the comments saying aero bikes dont help much and all I can say is you haven’t ridden an aero bike then. This thing has already made a huge difference in my riding and I broke 9 strava records without even trying!!! my legs are dead from yesterday and i still broke 9 records!!

The God Effect says:

Not according to Giant Propel and VeloNews lab tests.

George Gilles says:

The cervelo S 5 is one of my favorite bikes

Jonas De Meyer says:

*claimed the most aero bike in the world

Aالله A says:


Sharon Sadeh says:

i’m a proud owner of the SLC-SL for the last 6 years, a fine machine which looks exactly like the S5….well done CERVELO

typhoid77 says:

Has this bloke seen the Trek Madone 9 series????

Michael Upchurch says:

I’d drop the cash right now on this bike

Just Me says:

NRG cycles sell this bike at very good prices with after sales that replicate most very good car dealers…i have no affiliation with NRG other than i have bought from them and have friends looking at bikes from them after mine.

Nepo35 says:

cervelo is really expensive, for a non-italian, american company who makes bikes in China (not taiwan).

josorzo11 says:

No it’s not t giant propel is !!

Andy Hindle says:

its beautiful

T Wat says:

Why is the rear brake release open? 1:00 Looks like some berk has thought it’s a gradual adjuster for when your brake pads wear down…

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