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This video is a review of my GMC Denali bicycle.

My GMC Denali bike has over 1,200 miles and is my dedicated gravel bike now. I used to ride it on paved trails and the streets.

The GMC Denali has a more aggressive road bike geometry so you find yourself leaning forward and down, but the handlebar shifters are grip shifters similar to what you may find on a mountain bike.

As a commuter bike, the GMC Denali has relatively wide tires (32mm or 35mm depending on the model year), mounting holes for fenders or a rack, and a price point that will leave you less uncomfortable about locking it up outside while you are away.

The frame is aluminum, but the fork and handlebars are steel. Overall the bike weighs around 30 pounds in the 57cm size.

The componenets are of modest quality and older tech. I consider this bike one step up from a big box store bike.

Issues I had with this bike in stock form included poor brake pads that needed replacing, a brake caliper that needed replacing, and trouble shifting. If you are thinking about purchasing the GMC Denali you might consider upgrading the freewheel because I’ve read that can help with the shifting.

I think the GMC Denali is a good buy for someone unsure they will cycle much or are just getting back into it. Obviously the more fun the bike the more likely you are to ride it.

After 6 months with the GMC Denali I decided I wanted to continue riding full time, and upgraded to a new bike. Starting from the lower end of the market makes you appreciate the finer bikes. And the GMC Denali is a good stepping stone for hesitant or budget conscious newcomers on their way to obtaining their dream bicycle. 🙂

The full specs on my GMC Denali are on my website here

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Stuart Perry says:

He was on a budget when he bought this bike a year ago and he has five other bikes? A year ago I was riding a comfort bike and I wanted to be able to ride further to see relatives who lived 20 miles away as a new route. I was also on a budget so I asked the bike mechanic at the bike repair shop that I used ; should I buy this bike. He said that no, I would have to upgrade components and with repairs that it would be cheaper to just wait and save for a average entry level bike at a LBS or order one online through Performance Bike. He was not trying to get any thing from me for this advice since he really did not sell bikes. Actually he would of made money for my repair work on the GMC. I took his advice and currently ride a Fuji Sportif 2.5 that I got from Performance 10 months ago for $250 more with no maintenance costs other than tires and tubes which you need no matter what kind of bike you ride. The initial adjustments were part of the first year warranty.

TheLuvelution says:

Hey just wondering what kind of repair stand that is you are using and how do you like it?

O Can says:

I have this bike and it rides really good. Smooth and very dependable.

Roc City Bike Doc. says:

Walmart special right there lol I respect that it was your first bike but this thing is pitiful man! Btw I’m not surprised you were having trouble shifting with that cheap set up. That’s why if your trying to stay within a budget get a name brand used and in good condition. So atleast your still able to get a budget bike without sparing on quality as much. I love your videos and have a lot of respect for your simplistic life style! You can have a quality bike and stay within a budget tho! Just sayin lol

Christopher Pack says:

I got one of these and the gear cluster on the back broke off after 450 miles. I paid to get that replaced, and around 100 miles later four of my spokes on the same back tire broke. Granted that could of have been from me hitting something hard on the road.

Ivens desulme says:

That’s a mountain bike with dropped handlebar. I saw them at Walmart . They come with mountain bike groupset so they could keep the price low.

Jerry Simpson says:

my boss offered me a similar model to this i always had bmx bikes as a kid now I’m 28 and have too much fun just cruising around town and back and forth to work

thomas allen says:

Its a thingamabob

Dan Lehmkuhl says:

Hey Bike Blogger, i love your channel. I found you about a year ago when i looked into cycling as a commuting option. I commute 20 miles round trip on a Schwinn GTX hybrid commuter bike. I get about 14-17mph average out of it, but i really want to try out a road bike, i am considering going with an $800 trek. I don’t want to buy a cheap frame and put the $600 into it that would make the bike the same cost as a trek, but still have it under perform compared to the trek. What do you think i should do?

Wild Outdoor Living says:

I did quite a few centuries and other low key races on one of these when I first got into cycling as a teenager. A pretty slow rig but surprisingly good for a wal mart bike and it got me going. I still have it and would love to turn it into a cross bike.

White Fox says:

you should remove your dork disc lol

Bryan Swanson says:

Hey Man,

I am 6’2″, would you suggest a 22.5 in frame or 25 in frame for this bike?

Frissdas1207 says:

is that a solid frame MTB? Are fkin insane lol? Doesn’t your back and arms kill you after!?

Drew Mccollough says:

so the gmc denali road bike comes with hybrid tires stock?

I think therefore I err says:

BikeBlogger  can you do a video on adjusting wheel size for bike computer please?

DudeGuyBro says:

Hey,  I have owned this bike for a few years.  I have actually only ridden about 100 miles on it, but our city recently built a new bike trail (paved) near my house and I want to start riding routinely. I was wondering if there were any tweaks or upgrades that you’d suggest for this bike if I just wanted to put a little ($200 or so) money into it and give it some TLC? Thanks!

littlegoobie says:

interesting how things escalate. now your crank cost more than that entire bike.

riffmaj7 says:

Did you repaint the frame? or did the logs fall off your $100 bike?

James Robinson says:

Indiana has an annual ride they call RAIN, you can look it up. It’s a one day ride across the state, 160 miles in one day.

trevorduvall says:

Is that the Topeak Joe Blow Sport or Sport II Floor Pump?

Ivens desulme says:

you should’ve look for a vintage trek or specialized road bike for your 200 hundred buck, you would be happier. those gmc denali, road master, mongoose, next, some swimch and genesis bikes are trouble, they’re made of cheap parts. cheap crankset that will get rusty and cheap deraileurs

Mitchell Zabel says:

Do you know how to raise the handle bars?

trevorduvall says:

On the floor upside down or leaning up against something all these years just isn’t doing it for me anymore so I was wondering what stand you have in your shop? And by the way I finally got the Joe Blow Sport II pump just over a week ago now. It is my first pump ever! I just love it! No more gas station runs or asking at the bike shops for air!

Canadian Rider says:

Hey, I’ve got that same workstand!

Septembrist says:

Wtf where u bought it!!

djkenny says:

Very cheap parts. Junky road bikes, more like a bike like curiosity. Best bet is either get yourself a nice well made $100 Schwinn road bike from the 80’s or something… or save up for a good preowned bike that might be $1000+ for under $600 a few years old well taken care of. The people who build these bikes are not real mechanics. The shops often have them arrive with issues and need $70 or re putting back together. Please remember, a bike is an AMAZING piece of machinery, and paying under $200 should concern you A LOT. When buy from a shop new or even used, it has been looked over, tunes, put together properly, often free adjustments for months or even a year. Get a real bike. Get a bike shop grade bike. Bikes should only come from bike shops, NOT big box stores. Everything on it is lower quality.

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