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From Scott with love. New top of the range Scott Foil Premium Disc 2018. Subscribe to Cycling Weekly here:

Hi and welcome to this weeks vlog. Today is #newbikeday! The greatest day of the year (for a cyclist). I have just got my hands on a Scott Foil Premium Disc which I am hugely excited about and can’t wait to ride. As I explained in the “how we make money” vlog I am keen to be honest with you the audience, so I am keen to explain that we decided to look for a bike sponsor on the vlog in order to gain some revenue. We approached Scott first and fortunately they were keen on the idea and liked the content we were making. This means you will be seeing the new bike in lots of content I make in the near future. As ever stay tuned till the end for this weeks competition.


Insta post of me riding the new bike in Majorca ––uNUZiWUSr4I68hoID4cdDMomcExXZAX89qrO6QXQQMPaWFsMdYOG6yeEfBiAlHhdnl

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James Swart says:

Black betty

Stuart Milne says:

I’d have to go with Vader for the bike name

Костя Савостин says:

Where is link on aero testing which you mentioned at beginning

Vlad 'Dcyclist says:

I absolutely love the Scott Foil

Brown 266 says:

Bike name: Luscious Liz

Yang Guan Tang says:

The headset looks rather tall

Stefania Gatti says:

While I think naming a bike or car is about as classy as brushing your teeth on the bus, nevertheless the winning answer… Aggressive, aero, stealth… American, it’s ‘the oligator’ thank you goodnight!

Lior Saad says:

The Wott Machine

Laddie-147 says:

‘Some’ dignity as opposed to none at all

ffairlane57 says:

I hope that is my next bike when I get the money. The 2018 color is matte metallic dark blue with a bright red SCOTT logo. I have a 2017 Scott Addict ( Shimano Tiagra) version , but I added Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels which I think are worth slightly more than the bike.

Scott Buchanan says:

As others have said I also went to look at possibly getting one of these bikes….. it’s fooking £11,000!
I’m not against expensive bikes as I have a £5k budget but this video is a completely pointless willy waving exercise. Have crossed Scott bikes off my short list.

Mihai Nicolescu says:

bike name: “S-Oil”

Stephan Zorn says:

The only possibility is: BLACK MAMBA

CnE says:

Bike should be called Sheila.

Joe Joe says:

I would have gone with the 2018 Propel, instead.

Jim C says:

You mention installing a 32mm on the rear – if this foil can fit tires that wide I’m sold (have some bad tarmac and hard patched dirt connecting roads near me) In the video it looks like the front 28 doesn’t have much room to spare.

Paul Robertson says:

i knew id seen him somewhere before.

Ankur Dhankar says:

My 2nd N+1 will be Scott foil

Profit mate says:

Bike name -fast expensive bike

Patrick Dixon says:

This comes with a 30 on the back anyway

peter wyatt says:

sooo jealous of your new steed, well all the other I’ve been jealous of anyways. For a name how about “Wally” as in William Wallace, a great Scot(t). keep up the good work, have been a cycling weekly reader for over 30 years and your Vlog has been without doubt the best thing the “comic” has ever done

Len Caulder says:

The Panther

Joel Johnstone says:

Bike name: Darth Foil

aWildTomAppeared says:


Bruno Von Santos says:


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