NEW Trek Emonda – Lightest Production Road Bike

Trek have launched an all-new road bike, the Emonda, which is claimed to be the lightest production frame in the world.
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The top of the range Emonda is a staggeringly light 10.2lbs, and Trek have created a number of products from scratch to make sure the bike gets to this weight.

GCN were at the launch and caught up with our good friend from Velonews, Caley Fretz who’d put some hard miles on the bike just that day, and Trek Road Brand Manager Ben Coates who’d helped to mastermind the project, to get the low down.

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Garzata .R.K. says:

What happen to his neck?

Andrew Hoffman says:

I like the concept but not sure about that carbon fibre seat and ‘direct brakes’ preferring weight trade off with discs.

wickedout2010 says:

Nice bike. Just ordered me the Trek SL-8 with Shimano DA 9000! I’M SUPER EXCITED!

Winniefred b'vera says:

dude what happened to your neck?

qpae123 says:

3:20 Profesional trolling :)) The guy holding the bike can’t even tell the reporter was trolling :))

Ross Cadogan says:

So what weight is it?

premton says:

OK…Let’s be realistic here. Tune and THM deserve the credit, not Trek. If you put the same components on a RCA or other  light weight stock frames you will get the same results. Builds like this are all over road-bike forums with real EE brakes not knockoffs like this ones. “WW’s” have been using similar setups in the past with equal and lighter results.
Buy a pair of Tune SkyLine wheelset, THM fork/crank, “real” EE brakes and your ride will be just as light.

Rahadian Putra says:

Beast woaa

BACA says:

What a beauty:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max White says:

I like that they show off their engeneering skills and what they are capable of. But I dont like they sell it to a broad audience. Even if you are riding a “normal” top if the line carbon bike – and you are not a pro tossing the frame after one season-  I think you are kidding yourself if you dont think there´s an increased chance of mechanical failure. I hope the UCI sticks to the weight limit and bike brands start to value reliability over crazy light weights…

Juan0003 says:


What’s with the anagrams?

oisiaa says:

The frame isn’t that much lighter than other bikes. If you put the same components on any top end frame it would weigh about the same + 100 grams or so. 

Greg Fredrickson says:

Guys, I love your commentary, the details and the crazy comparisons that always spur debates after rides. So for long rides that won’t favor any particular type of riding. Enough hills and flats that it averages out. What bike would be more efficient, light weight or aero. Basically Emonda vs Madone? There is probably a 2 lb weight difference. Does the aero make up enough time that the 2lbs negate the heavier weight? I suspect that only GCN could do justice to this question!

Dmitry Karimov says:

If anyone watching is used to the NORMAL measuring system, the bike weighs 5.5 KG.

Rami Bachar says:

cost more than pinarello/colnago with Super record EPS and 2000$ wheals, Why ???? weight ? loose weight its cheaper and you can get a better frame than Drek

MrToon1991 says:

Please do a video on Jurgen Van den Broeck new ridley bike in vintage colours in the Tour de France 🙂

Nicholas Stathos says:

Dude what happened with your neck?

Marc Ifurung says:

Uh oh there’s fluff on the chain! There goes .001 seconds on a 40km stretch.

jim dandy says:

I would need to see it on the scale and see what components they used to basically cut 2 pounds from an already superlight bike- sounds kind of low in weight to ask me

My 2007 system six is 13.6 with pedals and I have changed everything but the seatpost- yes the System six frame is 1150 grams so switch to the Evo and I save close to a pound so then I have about 12.6 but 10.2 I need to see the 2 pound weight difference in components and not saving much weight with that handlebar set-up alone 

DAVIDTM187 says:

were can I ride one and do a review for youtube?

frizstyler says:

16k for a bike. these companies are getting away with overpricing the bikes. these frames are made with incredibly lower cost than their price

Miguel Angel Mendoza Mariscal says:

wow que increible bici 😀 :O 

Anthony Ellison says:

Looks like a Merida Scultura 907

lescomolina says:

SuperSix Evo HiMod will smoke this bike. Lol

Thomas L says:

The bike is ugly and not worth anywhere near those insane prices. Get real !

Jeremy Anglesea says:

3:08 Rule #49!

Joshua Edwards says:

Hiw much does it weigh?

SoSickWidit says:

What is the cost of production to build this bike? Estimates even?

Ashish Dewan says:

More than a bike I was more concerned about his neck. I was like what happened to his neck.

Balian says:

How the hell does that guy have such strong lower arms? 

jomie orbino says:

forget to mention $15.000 who actually goes to a bike store and yeah can get that on size 54 or maybe 52 ..hahahahahaha

Imisterloluser12 says:

Watch the guy just laugh at his broken neck. LOL rewind to 0:29

高陆洋 says:

Who is that one guy who gave this bike a thumb down????????

BaptiseLeGrand says:

I am sitting here, literally hurting because I want this thing so much and can’t afford it! Fuck!

Dmitry Anisimov says:

I would be nervous descending in any type of cross wind on this bike. 

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